"Haha, that is great! I'm sure everyone will be excited to learn that you are joining the meeting." Laughing happily after hearing Xuan Hao agreeing to participate in the meeting, Elder Song pretended like nothing had happened before signaling for one of the Core Formation Realm Elders standing guard close to the entrance of the meeting hall to prepare an extra seat for the meeting.


Seeing this, Xuan Hao could only let out a somewhat reluctant sigh as he made his way back into the meeting hall in the direction of Feng Chen and the rest of the elderly.

Considering that he was now going to participate in the meeting, he wanted to at the very least get a better understanding of what the meeting would be about. Even if he couldn't get an in-depth explanation given that it looked like the meeting was just about to start from what he could see, he at least wanted to know when it would be possible for him to sneak away without causing any commotion after his introduction.

"Well then, let's get going to the Grand Meeting Hall."

However, before he even had a chance to attempt a conversation with Feng Chen or any of the other elders present, Elder Song happily announced this before leaving together with the rest of the elders. Leaving Xuan Hao frozen on the spot for a short time before ultimately turning around to follow after Elder Song and the rest of the elders.

Following behind the rest of the elders as he caught up with Feng Chen, Shu Yao and Zu Fei who were walking somewhat in the back of the group of elders while chatting with each other, Xuan Hao managed to learn a bit more in-depth information on the meeting itself and what Elder Song hoped to archive with it.

At the same time, he also managed to learn that the Grand Meeting Hall mentioned by Elder Song was a brand-new building located at the base of the Seventh Star Peak with the sole purpose of serving as a place for the elders of the sect to meet with the representatives of the different sects, family clans and other powers inside the Star Shattering Sect's territory.

After all, although it wouldn't be a problem to hold the meetings inside the main sect at the Seventh Star Peak at the moment, it would undoubtedly become hard to do when the size of the Star Shattering Sect's territory expanded to incorporate tens of thousands of smaller powers.

In a sense, even the Grand Meeting Hall that had been constructed at the base of the Seventh Star Peak was not a permanent answer to this future problem and could only be considered a temporary solution until a much larger facility for the management of the different powers got constructed in the growing city at the base of the Ninth Star Peak.

The main reason why the structure that would be used for the management of the different powers under the Star Shattering Sect would be located outside the Shattered Star Peaks was rather simple, as there would be a lot of people not from the Star Shattering Sect constantly moving around inside such a building.

Although the Star Shattering Sect didn't really have to worry too much about enemy spies at the moment, as the sect didn't really have any real enemies targeting them inside the Sky Empire, this might not be the case in the future. Especially considering the fact that there was no way that the Star Shattering Sect would be limited to the border territory of the Sky Empire…

Well, considering that Elder Song is preparing to land a final blow on those large kingdoms, it won't be long before the Star Shattering Sect's territory borders the core region of the Sky Empire…

Shaking his head as he thought about this, Xuan Hao could not help growing a bit nervous when he realized that the Star Shattering Sect might soon end up falling out with the Sky Empire.

Even if the large empire didn't care much for what power under them was in control of their border territory, they would undoubtedly start to worry when the entire northern border of their empire was suddenly under a single power that was also starting to expand into their core territory.

At that point in time, it would honestly be surprising if the Sky Empire didn't start to consider the Star Shattering Sect a hostile entity.

As for why he was feeling nervous about this even though his strength had already surpassed the ancestor of the Sky Empire, that was due to the existence of the three religions that existed in the capital of the Sky Empire.

Religions and sects had always been hostile to each other across the continent for as long as history was recorded. Although the reason for this was attributed to different things, like the different cultivation paths, one preaching of serving a higher power, while the other wanted to go against the heavens that the higher power in question had some degree of control over.

But this was far from enough for them to reach the current level of hostility that naturally existed between them. After all, those from the different kingdoms and empires also walked the path of cultivating the dao most of the time.

"Maybe they tolerate the kingdoms and empires because they can still gather faith from them, and their strength is not at a level where it threatens them.

From what little I actually know about the different religions on the continent, they might not be so friendly to the empires and kingdoms at the core of the continent who has cultivators above the Soul Ascension Realm…" Falling a bit to the back of the group as he muttered this to himself while gazing down towards the large building that had appeared at the base of the Seventh Star Peak, Xuan Hao could only to try and guess the reason behind the seemingly inherent hostility between the different sects and religions on the continent.

Maybe when he went to the core of the continent in the future, where the different religions were located, would he be able to find an answer to this question. At the same time, he might also get a chance to find out just how strong the gods that these religions preached about were. At least, he felt certain that they should have exceeded the Earth Immortal Realm.


Just at this moment, Shu Yao, who had been pushed away by an all too eager Zu Fei, who wanted nothing more than to use this precious opportunity to chat with Feng Chen, slowed down until she reached Xuan Hao.

Seeing Shu Yao suddenly appearing beside him, Xuan Hao turned his attention away from the future clash with the religions of the Sky Empire and instead turned to look curiously at Shu Yao, wondering if there was something she wanted.

"Hehe~ No need to look at me like that, I'm not going to bite you~"

"Ahm- Is there something I can help with?" Almost feeling himself choking at the sudden flirtatious comment, Xuan Hao awkwardly smiled as he asked this. Partly praying that she had not come to him just because she was bored and wanted to poke fun at him.

"Oh~? I do indeed have a little something that requires your assistance~" However, Shu Yao didn't listen to his inner thoughts as she teasingly asked this with a small smile on her face.

"… What is it…?" Not knowing what to do in this kind of situation, Xuan Hao could only let out an internal sigh before saying this. From what he had seen happen to Feng Chen or the other elders who had been targeted by Shu Yao when she wanted to tease someone, he understood that it would be best not to say anything and just go with the flow.

"Buuu~! You are no fun Elder Xuan!" Frowning visibly as she said this, Shu Yao quickly gave up on teasing him as her expression became a bit more serious compared to before. "Any way, I did want to ask you about something, the blue deer that you left me to take care of has grown quite a bit and I was wondering if you had any plans for it or intended for me to continue taking care of it.

Ah! I don't mean to say that I don't want to take care of it, it's just that it has grown quite a bit compared to before and I wanted to know if it would be fine for me to build it a bit more permanent home if I am to continue looking after it in the future."

"Huh? Blue deer- Ah! Yeah, you can continue to look after it!" Hearing what Shu Yao said, Xuan Hao froze for a short second before nodding his head in approval. Having briefly forgotten about the blue deer he had left in her care…