Observing the Fourth Stage Domain Lord Realm Expert that seemed to have snuck inside the Shattered Star Peaks together with the rest of the smaller powers participating in today's meeting, Xuan Hao began to turn his attention towards the people standing beside him. Hoping to find out what force he belonged to among the smaller powers, but upon closer inspection, he realized that the people standing beside the Domain Lord Realm Expert was not people. Instead, they were very well-crafted golems that imitated the appearance of what he could only guess to be a group of representatives from some of the smaller powers who had been invited to join the meeting.

As for the outcome of the people who had been replaced by these golems… Xuan Hao could only hope for their own sake that they had just not managed to reach the sect in time and the Domain Lord Realm Expert happened to learn about this and ended up taking advantage of this to sneak inside.

Now that I think about it, I might need to set up a few extra safety measures around the entrance to the sect to ensure that Feng Chen doesn't end up letting someone like this enter the sect by mistake again…

Shaking his head as he only now realized this obvious flaw with the chaotic qi formation protecting the Shattered Star Peaks, Xuan Hao could not help feeling grateful that it was only someone in the Domain Lord Realm who had managed to sneak inside.

If it was someone in the Soul Ascension Realm- Or maybe even the Earth Immortal Realm who managed to sneak inside, the situation would have been far worse. After all, although the power of the chaotic qi formation would not be affected and he could still use it to isolate the person who had forced their way inside, it would be far harder and would inevitably end up causing a certain level of damage to the sect as a result…


Seeing Xuan Hao had discovered the suspicious person, the rabbit demon beast let out a cute squeal before sneakily crawling over his arm and on to the desk in front of him where a small tray of snacks was located-


And before anyone among the smaller powers or elders from the Star Shattering Sect had a chance to see anything, the snacks placed on top of the table with Xuan Hao and the rest of the Star Shattering Sect's higher ups disappeared without a trace.

Among everyone present, only Xuan Hao noticed this happening…

"How troublesome…" Muttering this to himself as he glanced down towards the place on his robe where the hidden pocket that the rabbit demon beast had decided to make its home was located, Xuan Hao could not help smiling wryly at its behavior.

At one point, it was interested in everyone present and looked like it was about to jump out to examine them in person, while the next moment, it used all of its strength to dash forward and take away all the snacks on the table in front of him before escaping back inside his robe to hide away inside the hidden pocket where it then began to gobble down on the stolen snacks.

The proud and curious behavior from earlier had completely disappeared when faced with a few snacks. Even if they were made using spiritual fruits and other high-quality ingredients, it was a bit much to react like this…

"Hm? Where did the spirit flower cake go?"

At this time, the surprised exclamation from Shen Xuefeng could be heard beside him, as she discovered that the cake, she had just been in the process of eating had disappeared.

Different from the rest of the elders present among the higher ups of the sect, she was in a similar state of boredom like himself and had instead focused her attention on eating the snacks present on the table while ignoring the ongoing discussion. Leaving it to the more senior elders who were far more experienced than her.

"Wait… Where did the rest of the snacks go…?" For this reason, she was the first person to discover that not only her spirit flower cake, but all the snacks placed on the table had seemingly disappeared into thin air. The only thing left being the decorative flowers that didn't taste like anything and would be rather uninteresting to eat on their own…

"Is something wrong?" Sitting beside the young Shen Xuefeng, who was currently in a state of both confusion and sadness over the disappearance of the only thing that made the meeting bearable for her, Meng Lingxin, another elder from the former Spring Flower Sect who had also managed to become a core part of the Star Shattering Sect over the past few years, quietly asked her what was wrong. Not wanting to interrupt the ongoing discussion about the spirit stone mine that seemed to be about to reach a conclusion.

"The snacks disappeared! All of them! Gone!"

"Haaa… Didn't I tell you to eat in moderation earlier? I will call a few of the servants and get more…" Hearing what Shen Xuefeng said, Meng Lingxin could not help rolling her eyes as she said this before discreetly picking up a communication talisman to call for a few more snacks from the servants who were on standby throughout the Grand Meeting Hall.

"That is not what I mean, I didn't eat them! They disappeared on their own, like "puff" and they were gone all of a sudden!" Feeling that she was not taken seriously, Shen Xuefeng did her best to explain how she was not the one who had eaten the snacks and they had in fact disappeared on their own.

"Sure, sure…" Something that didn't sound the slightest bit convincing to Meng Lingxin, who just informed the servants on standby to bring out a few more snacks before turning her attention back towards the ongoing discussion. Although she was not participating in it herself, she was curious about who would ultimately end up getting this spirit stone mine. Mainly due to the fact that it would show which of these 10 smaller powers would end up with the highest chance of producing someone in the Nascent Soul Realm in the future.

"Hmph! Then I will just figure it out on my own!" Feeling quite offended, Shen Xuefeng decided to investigate the situation herself now that her big sister didn't believe her.


Soon enough, she began to suspiciously glance around at everyone present among the Star Shattering Sect's higher-ups. Trying her best to find out who it was that stole her snacks and more importantly, who had the gall to steal her half-eaten cake!


Watching this happening, Xuan Hao had no idea how to explain the rabbit demon beast's actions to Shen Xuefeng. So, without thinking too much about it, Xuan Hao decided to ignore the matter and leave Shen Xuefeng to herself.

At least she had something to do now…


Turning his attention back on to the Domain Lord Realm Expert who had snuck inside the sect, Xuan Hao directly used his divine sense to carefully examine him without being noticed. Trying his best to find anything that might help in figuring out where this person had come from.


However, after thoroughly searching him with his divine sense for a little over five minutes, Xuan Hao could not help frowning to himself.

Be it the interspatial ring that he had hidden inside his pocket or small teleportation talisman that he was hiding in his right hand for an emergency escape, there was nothing on the Domain Lord Realm Expert that helped him in understanding his identity or where he had come from.

On the other hand, it only made more questions appear, as the teleportation talismans hidden in his hand were not something that someone in the Domain Lord Realm should be able to get their hands on. Even if they had reached the Peak of the realm!

With his understanding of the Dao of Space, he could tell that the teleportation talisman was far more powerful than a simple short distance teleportation and should have the power to directly teleport a distance that was equivalent to the entirety of the Sky Empire when activated.

Of course, this was considering that it didn't encounter any obstacles in its path. Given that this Domain Lord had already entered the chaotic qi formation, there was no way for him to escape even if he activated the teleportation talisman.

In the end, this was also one of the main reasons why Xuan Hao didn't feel a need to make a move to catch him immediately- With the chaotic qi formation around, where could this person escape to? Even someone in the Soul Ascension Realm would be unable to break through the chaotic qi formation, let alone someone who had only reached the Domain Lord Realm.

A small teleportation talisman would make no difference, as the formation also sealed the space to prevent someone from just teleporting inside the Shattered Star Peaks.