With all of this in mind, Xuan Hao decided to just quietly observe the Domain Lord Realm Expert as the meeting continued without any interruption. Intending to wait for him to reveal anything that might point towards who was behind him and more importantly, give him a chance to find out why this power had suddenly decided to target the Star Shattering Sect for seemingly no reason.


Outside of the rabbit demon beast occasionally leaving his robe to look for more snacks and further confusing Shen Xuefeng, who had no idea where her snacks went, nothing out of the ordinary happened during the rest of the meeting and the different locations with resources was distributed among the hundreds of smaller powers present. The most notable of which was a rather large spirit stone mine that went to a sect called the Gold Fortune Sect.

The Gold Fortune Sect could be considered a relatively new sect that had emerged under rather similar circumstances to the Star Shattering Sect, with two different sects merging together. Instantly allowing this new sect to propel itself to become one of the strongest subordinate sects under the Star Shattering Sect. Boasting a total of two elders in the Nascent Soul Realm, with one of these Nascent Soul Realm Expert even having reached the Seventh Stage of the Nascent Soul Realm.

Now that they would be supported by a large spirit stone mine, it should allow their strength to reach a new level. Maybe even allowing the Seventh Stage Nascent Soul Realm Expert to reach the Peak of the Nascent Soul Realm.

Of course, these benefits were mainly a way for Elder Song to try and secure the loyalty of these smaller powers and show off the benefits they could receive in the future. After all, if not for something like this, there was no way a large spirit stone mine would have been given to one of these smaller powers to manage.

"…. And this marks the end of the meeting. In the future, we plan to construct a new building in the city below the Ninth Star Peak where the main management of the territory will take place. After its construction is done, it's expected that each of you will send a representative there."

Listening as Elder Song as the meeting officially came to an end with all of the new and future resources that would be available after the fall of the remaining major kingdoms were dispersed among these smaller powers to manage, Xuan Hao continued to keep his eye on the Domain Lord Realm Expert who had remained hidden in the back of the Grand Meeting Hall without saying anything during the entire meeting.

The only thing he did during the meeting was control some of the golems to join the discussion and win over a few mines and spiritual fields for the sects that the golems were disguised as. Outside of this, he only listened to the conversations taking place. Making Xuan Hao even more curious as to what reason this person had to sneak inside the Star Shattering Sect.

After all, the information on who got their hands on what resources would be relatively easy to gather after the end of the meeting and didn't hold any real significance when it came to the Star Shattering Sect's battle against the different major kingdoms.

At most, the information could be used to sabotage some of the resource spots mentioned before these smaller powers could get their hands on them, but doing something like this would at most delay things for a bit and wouldn't do any real damage to these smaller powers, let alone the Star Shattering Sect.

"Xuan Hao! Thank you for joining today's meeting. Hehe, look over there, quite a few of those smaller sects are awed at your presence and looks quite satisfied having seen all the higher ups of our sect today." Interrupting his train of thought, one of the two Wang brothers, Wang Hu, happily walked over as he said this while pointing towards some of the people making their way out of the Grand Meeting Hall while constantly turning around to glance in his direction filled with awe.

Indeed, like Wang Hu said, another reason why these different smaller powers had shown up was not only due to resources that they could get their hands on but was also to see the people who were now essentially in control of them and their territory. Among which, all of them wanted to catch a glimpse of Xuan Hao, who was considered the strongest person in the Star Shattering Sect.

Not only because they felt curious about him, but also because they wanted to ensure that none of their disciples or elders ended up accidentally offending him in the future. After all, different from someone like Elder Song or Shu Yao, who were active outside the sect and were easy to identify, Xuan Hao never appeared outside the sect… And when he did appear for a short period of time, like when dealing with the powerful demonic cultivators at the border of the Azure Sky Kingdom, he would disappear just as fast. Not giving anyone enough time to get a proper look at him.

Because of this, many of these smaller powers thought that only by entering the Star Shattering Sect did they have a chance to catch a glimpse of this illusory Grand Elder of the Star Shattering Sect… And having understood this, Elder Song had ended up making Xuan Hao join the meeting to satisfy the curiosity of these smaller powers that would now be working under them.

Similar to these smaller powers, Elder Song didn't want an incident where someone from these smaller powers ended up doing something stupid that would end up offending Xuan Hao. Not because he cared that much about these smaller powers, but because he didn't want to deal with the aftermath that would come following one of these smaller powers being destroyed by someone who was an elder of the Star Shattering Sect. At the moment, he already had enough work to do…

"Wang Hu… I have something to do, so I will be taking my leave first."

"Huh? Not staying around for the-"


Not waiting for Wang Hu to finish his sentence as he noticed the Domain Lord Realm Expert who had snuck inside the sect making his way out of the Grand Meeting Hall, Xuan Hao directly stood up and teleported out of the Grand Meeting Hall before hiding himself with his domain as he silently followed the Domain Lord Realm Expert who beelined directly for the Ninth Star Peak where the path out of the Shattered Star Peaks was located.

This could be considered the first time that he did something different from the rest of the smaller powers, who were all staying around the outskirts of the Grand Meeting Hall chatting with each other about the meeting and discussing the future together.

Of course, more important than this, was the fact that none of them wanted to leave the Shattered Star Peaks due to the rich qi present everywhere that made it far easier to cultivate. If these experts from the different smaller powers really had the chance, it was doubtful whether or not they would want to return to their sect again after experiencing the wonderful effect of the chaotic qi formation…

Needless to say, Xuan Hao didn't care too much about these smaller powers who just wanted to increase their own strength.


"Hm? He turned around?"

Continuing to follow behind the Domain Lord Realm Expert who had been making his way towards the Ninth Star Peak in a relatively relaxed manner that didn't arouse any suspension from any of the disciples or elders walking along the path as well, Xuan Hao was taken aback when the Domain Lord Realm Expert suddenly turned around and headed back in the direction of the Seventh Star Peak.

However, different from before, he had now completely hidden himself with some kind of artifact that made it hard to notice him. Even with his cultivation base at the Intermediate Stage of the Dao Domain Lord Realm!

Not only that, but the golems disguised as representatives from some of the smaller powers had been absorbed back into the interspatial ring of the Domain Lord Realm Expert. Making it seem like he had already left the sect in case anyone asked about his presence in the future.

Hehe, I wonder what you are up to…

Not at all feeling uneasy at this turn of events, Xuan Hao instead felt a bit excited about this turn of events. After all, from the behavior of the Domain Lord Realm Expert, it was obvious that he was about to show him why he had dared to sneak inside the Star Shattering Sect… And with the chaotic qi formation around, he didn't have to worry about him escaping nor causing any sort of trouble for the elders and disciples of the sect.