However, before the Domain Lord Realm Expert had a chance to leave the Fifth Star Peak, an invisible barrier suddenly appeared in front of him and blocked his path. Not only that, but he could also clearly feel a similar barrier all around him that was slowly becoming smaller with each passing second.

"This- Where did this barrier come from!?" Panicking at this sudden unexpected development, the Domain Lord Realm Expert froze for a short moment in front of the barrier before realizing his current dangerous situation-

"I have to get out of here!"

And without wasting a single second after coming to this realization, he directly chose to use the precious teleportation talisman that he was still holding on to in case he was caught with no way out.


The moment he used the teleportation talisman, the space around him was violently torn apart before a powerful suction force emerged from torn space. Dragging the Domain Lord Realm Expert inside before the barriers surrounding him had a chance to capture him, allowing the Domain Lord Realm Expert to just barely escape.

"Hah… That was close…" Feeling a sense of relief upon feeling himself shuttling through space far away from the Shattered Star Peaks, the Domain Lord Realm Expert felt himself relax as he understood that there would be no way for anyone in the Star Shattering Sect to chase after him after he had used the teleportation talisman.

Even if there was someone who could trace the direction of the teleportation talisman, due to the distance that it covered, he would be long gone by the time someone from the Star Shattering Sect appeared.

"But… What was that just now? Did the formation covering the Shattered Star Peaks perhaps get activated just now?" Feeling reassured about his own safety after convincing himself that there was no way for the experts of the Star Shattering Sect to chase after him, the Domain Lord Realm Expert could not help muttering this to himself as he looked back in the direction of the Shattered Star Peaks.

Although the only thing he could see was the black empty void that seemed unchanging even as he moved through it at a terrifying speed, a shiver still ran down his spine when remembering how close he had been to getting caught just now.

If not for the fact that he had the teleportation talisman, he would undoubtedly have been caught just now!

When I return and tell master about this, I have to thank him for the teleportation talisman…

Thinking about this as he remembered how he had told his master how he didn't need something precious like a teleportation talisman when infiltrating a small sect located at the border of a low tier empire, he could not help feeling a sense of embarrassment.

In hindsight, his master had been right in giving him the teleportation talisman, as the small border sect in question turned out to be far stronger than he had first expected upon hearing about it from his master.


"Looks like this is as far as the teleportation talisman takes me…" Feeling the space around him start to shake violently as a bright light appeared in front of him from a tear leading out of the empty black void, the Domain Lord Realm Expert could not help muttering this to himself as he understood that the teleportation talisman had run out of power and couldn't transport him any farther.


Not a second later, he passed through the tear in space in front of him and found himself inside a small forest. Not too far away, a few deers could be seen looking over towards him filled with both surprise and terror.

"A normal forest without any demon beasts? This really is a low tier empire… Hah… Whatever, I should return to master as soon as possible!" Shaking his head as he muttered this to himself, the Domain Lord Realm Expert didn't think too much about the place he had appeared in and pulled out a small compass artifact before flying in the direction that the compass was pointing towards.

Unaware that, a few minutes earlier when he had first activated the teleportation talisman, Xuan Hao had decided to follow after him to try and find out more on the power behind him. Able to follow along the path that had been carved through the void by the teleportation talisman before it repaired itself.

After all, travelling a distance equal to the entire Sky Empire in a few minutes was not something that was doable for Xuan Hao at the moment with his current comprehension of the Dao of Space. Maybe in the future, but for now, doing something like that would still take a few hours considering he also had to avoid certain dangerous areas due to not having learnt any form of long-distance teleportation yet.


Appearing just a few seconds behind the Domain Lord Realm Expert who had already run away, Xuan Hao curiously examined his surroundings.

"I wonder where I ended up…" Muttering this to himself as he used his divine sense to get a better grasp of where he had ended up, it did not take long to find out that his current location was somewhere just outside the Sky Empire's border located in the opposite direction of where the Star Shattering Sect was located.

If I'm not wrong, this should be the Blue Sea Empire…

Not taking too long to figure out what empire he had ended up inside of, Xuan Hao could not help feeling a shiver run down his spine as he remembered what little information, he had managed to learn about the Blue Sea Empire in the past.

Different from the Sky Empire that could be considered among the worst empires present on the continent, the Blue Sea Empire was a truly powerful empire that stretched far into the core of the continent and could even be considered to be one of the most powerful empires.

However, the main thing that the Blue Sea Empire was famous for was not its strength, but the massive inland sea located at the center of the empire. The inland sea was by far the largest body of water on the Ewaria Continent and was also the main reason why the Blue Sea Empire was powerful to begin with, as the inland sea contained countless treasures and other resources that had helped the empire reach its current position.

In a sense, a powerful empire like this should not have shared its borders with a small empire like the Sky Empire located at the edge of the continent, but it just so happened that a large river connecting the inland sea to the ocean ran straight through a large part of the Sky Empire, causing this small empire to end up sharing its borders with this far more powerful empire.

Even with his current strength at the Intermediate Stage of the Dao Domain Lord Realm, he wouldn't be considered among the strongest inside such a powerful empire that undoubtedly had experts in the Earth Immortal Realm…

"But… Why is someone from such a large empire sneaking into the Shattered Star Peaks?" Muttering this to himself as he glanced in the direction that the Domain Lord Realm Expert was escaping in, Xuan Hao could not help feeling even more confused as to what the identity of this Domain Lord Realm Expert was.

At least he was sure that it shouldn't be someone too powerful inside the Blue Sea Empire, as there would have been no way someone like that would have bothered to have someone sneak inside a sect located at the border of a low tier empire like the Sky Empire.

Or maybe there is some kind of internal struggle taking place…

Smiling wryly as he thought about this, he sincerely prayed that he and the Star Shattering Sect wouldn't end up getting caught up in some sort of power struggle taking place inside the Blue Sea Empire.

Although he had already been caught up in the power struggle of the Sky Empire to some extent, it wasn't a problem due to the fact that his current strength outstripped anyone else in the Sky Empire.

"Haaa… I'm worrying too much about this, I haven't even confirmed that he is really someone from the Blue Sea Empire yet…" Stopping himself before he could continue along this train of thought, Xuan Hao turned his attention back towards the Domain Lord Realm Expert who was continuing deeper inside the Blue Sea Empire without slowing down in the slightest.

For now, he had to decide on whether he should continue secretly tailing behind him or just capture him now before he had a chance to make it any farther inside the Blue Sea Empire.

After all, for all he knew, the master that the Domain Lord Realm Expert had mentioned to himself, could very well be someone in the Earth Immortal Realm… And if that was the case, he would be in trouble…