I'm already inside the territory of the Blue Sea Empire and this is still far away from the core where the powerful experts should be residing, it won't hurt to follow the Domain Lord Realm Expert for a bit longer and see if I can get a better idea of his identity…

Continuing to look in the direction that the Domain Lord Realm Expert had disappeared in as he thought about this, Xuan Hao ultimately decided to continue following him deeper inside the Blue Sea Empire. In any case, he was indeed far away from anywhere important where there might be someone in the Earth Immortal Realm present.

At most, he expected to encounter someone in the Soul Ascension Realm patrolling the border between the Blue Sea Empire and the Sky Empire. After all, the difference between the two empires was like that of a small lizard crawling on the ground and a majestic dragon perched on top of a large mountain.

No matter how the Blue Sea Empire looked at an empire like the Sky Empire, they posed no threat to it and didn't warrant any powerful experts guarding their only existing border with this kind of weak empire who at most had a handful of Soul Ascension Realm Experts present inside of it.


Just as he decided to follow the Domain Lord Realm Expert deeper inside the Blue Sea Empire instead of catching him immediately to try and get as much information out of him as possible, the sound of something cutting through the air heading directly towards him could be heard across the small forest that he now found himself inside of.

"Hm? Someone is here…?" Narrowing both of his eyes visibly as he realized that the sound came from someone rushing towards him, Xuan Hao prepared himself for battle. After all, for the other party to have noticed him faster than he could notice him, it was obvious that the other party should at least have reached the Fifth Tribulation of the Soul Ascension Realm. Maybe even stronger than that!


Not a second after Xuan Hao had prepared himself for a possible fight, a middle-aged woman dressed from head to toe in a heavy armor landed on the ground a few hundred meters in front of him, destroying the surrounding trees and other small plants in the process.

"What is your purpose for entering the Blue Sea Empire? Anyone in the Soul Ascension Realm and above are required to register before entering!" Not wasting a single second after landing on the ground as she said this, the woman looked like she was just about to draw the large heavy sword on her back to cut him down… And if he didn't give her a satisfactory answer, he didn't doubt that this would happen…

"Greetings, I'm someone from the Sky Empire and just happened to enter the territory of the Blue Sea Empire by accident when following behind someone who broke into my abode and used a teleportation talisman to escape when discovered. If I'm not wrong, you should have also sensed the Domain Lord Realm Expert who appeared here a few seconds before me."

Not at all wanting to take any chances and lie to this person who was very likely the person from the Blue Sea Empire in charge of guarding this part of the large empire's borders, Xuan Hao decided to just tell her the truth. In any case, he was sure that she wasn't with the Domain Lord Realm Expert he was chasing.

If that was the case, he highly doubted she would have bothered to talk with him in the first place and he would most likely be locked in a deadly fight right about now…

"Hm… Teleportation talisman…?" Muttering this to herself as she thought about what he said for a short moment, the woman's eyes didn't leave him for even a second as she examined him from head to toe at the same time.

"Hah… If that is the case, I understand that you wouldn't be able to register before crossing the borders of the Blue Sea Empire. Not to mention, I did indeed sense a spatial abnormality earlier and saw the little fellow you mentioned…

For now, I can look past the transgression of entering the Blue Sea Empire unregistered. However, I will have to register you and make sure of your identity if you want to continue chasing after the little fellow you are chasing." Saying this after having thought things through, the woman relaxed her guard ever so slightly.

"Thank you! What would you need for me to register myself?" Feeling a sense of relief that he didn't have to fight the woman who had clearly reached the pinnacle of the Soul Ascension Realm, Xuan Hao retracted part of his dao domain to show that he didn't mean any harm.

As for registering with the Blue Sea Empire? He didn't really think too much about it, as there would be a lot of people entering the Blue Sea Empire at all times and he could always give a false identity instead of his real identity. At most it would result in the person possibly behind the Domain Lord Realm Expert discovering some links between a powerful expert entering from Sky Empire and the death of the Domain Lord Realm Expert.

Considering that he planned to use a false identity, this wouldn't end up affecting the Star Shattering Sect and had a higher chance of affecting the Sky Empire who would have to bear the burnt of this powerful expert possibly showing up to investigate the matter by himself.

After all, the current Star Shattering Sect was still located around the border of the Sky Empire, and it would still be some time before it started expanding into the core territory of the Sky Empire… And when that happened, he should have been able to become strong enough to face off against someone in the Earth Immortal Realm!

"Good, I will ask you a few questions and you just have to answer them. After this, I will register your aura to make sure you don't end up changing your identity in the future and cause trouble inside the Blue Sea Empire!" Feeling relieved that Xuan Hao was so cooperative, the middle-aged woman covered in armor from head to toe also let out a sigh of relief as she said this before walking over to him.

Although she hadn't shown it outwardly, she had also been on edge ever since she saw Xuan Hao who had suddenly appeared out of nowhere a few thousand kilometers inside the Blue Sea Empire. Not only because of his sudden appearance, but also because she couldn't see through his strength.

Considering that she herself had already reached the Peak of the Soul Ascension Realm, this could only mean one thing… Either he was also someone at the peak of the Soul Ascension Realm or he was someone who had reached the Earth Immortal Realm!

No matter what it was, it was not someone she had wanted to fight if she could avoid it. In turn, this was also the main reason why she didn't just directly attack Xuan Hao when he had first appeared so far inside the Blue Sea Empire. After all, standard procedures would have her kill anyone daring enough to enter the Blue Sea Empire above the Domain Lord Realm without first registering with the border guard stationed at the countless small checkpoints all around the Blue Sea Empire's borders.

"First of all, you are from the Sky Empire…"


"Okay, what power do you belong to in the Sky Empire? Imperial Family, independent power like a sect, Explorer Union-"

"Explorer Union, my title in the Explorer Union is Bright Sword." Not planning to give away his identity as someone from the Star Shattering Sect, Xuan Hao instead decided to make use of his identity from the Explorer Union.

Although he had never used this identity since the time, he needed to find the spiritual herb required to awaken Qing Yi's special physique, it was indeed a real identity that there weren't any mistakes with.

As for him not having used the identity more than once and the Explorer Union only having Bright Sword registered as someone either in the Core Formation Realm or Nascent Soul Realm… This didn't matter to Xuan Hao. After all, what did the Explorer Union's mistaken information have to do with him?

"Hm? Explorer Union? Haaa… I see, now I just need you to place your hand on this artifact and your aura will be officially registered. If you do anything to harm the Blue Sea Empire, we will find you!" Nodding her head as she took out a strange looking artifact in a somewhat threatening manner, the middle-aged woman signaled for him to put his hand on the strange artifact and let it register his aura.


Not intending to fight her, Xuan Hao did as he was told and placed his hand on top of the strange artifact. Allowing it to absorb part of his aura.