"Hm? What is that..."

Following the river back in the direction of the Sky Empire, Xuan Hao was suddenly shocked to discover a large wave of water hundreds of meters tall heading in his direction. Not only that, but upon closer inspection, large chunks of flesh larger than even the tallest building back in the Star Shattering Sect could be seen in the water. Coloring parts of the water a distinct reddish color that stood out from the normal darkish blue water of the river.


Moving higher into the air to avoid the incoming wave of water, Xuan Hao was surprised to discover that on the other side of the wall of water, there was an enormous snake barreling directly towards him.


Only able to let out a somewhat stupid sound when suddenly faced with an enormous snake flying directly towards him, Xuan Hao quickly realized the seriousness of his situation-


Allowing him to just barely use his movement technique to move out of the way before the massive snake slammed into.



Continuing through the air, the large snake smashed into a small mountain range located beside the lake. Instantly reducing the mountain range to rubble, while also causing a massive earthquake that destroyed everything within the area that it landed.

On the positive side, this part of the Blue Sea Empire did not have a lot of people living in it, outside of the massive city he had been to. Meaning that the only once to suffer were the few unfortunate cultivators wandering around the small mountain range and the different demon beasts and other animals living around the area where the enormous snake had ended up landing.

If something like this had happened in the middle of a more populated area, it would be easy to imagine just how many deaths the simple earthquake would have caused, let alone the ones unfortunate enough to be crushed beneath the enormous body of the snake.


At the same time Xuan Hao was lost in his own thoughts staring down at the massive snake that had completely erased the small mountain range and any living creatures within a few hundred kilometers, the snake in question suddenly let out a loud roar filled with killing intent.

It can speak…?

However, the most surprising thing to Xuan Hao was not the fact that the snake was still alive and moving, but the fact that it could speak like a normal human.

Not only that, but it was also at this moment that Xuan Hao finally managed to get a real feeling of the snake's strength… And to put it simply, he was terrified, as the strength displayed by the snake was obviously above that of the cloud demon beast he had encountered back in the mystic realm.

"So, this is the ancient demon beast the border guard was talking about…" Allowing him to finally put two and two together, as he realized that the snake on the ground not too far away from him, was none other than the ancient demon beast that the border guard had mentioned to him.


Not even a second after he had realized this, a person appeared in the air above the snake before a golden fist almost twice as enormous snake manifested above him and began rapidly descending towards the snake that was in process of getting back up-


As a result, a massive crater was created with the snake at the center where the rubble from the mountain range had been just a second earlier.

"Ah! Nooo!"

"W-what is happening!?"


The few cultivators and other demon beasts who had been lucky enough to escape earlier, were ultimately swept up by the terrifying fist attack and almost all of them ended up dying. Only a few Domain Lord Realm cultivators and demon beasts had been able to hide beneath the ground managing to escape with their lives.


"So, this is the power of someone in the Earth Immortal realm…" Feeling his hands shaking as he felt the terrifying power from the aftershock still coursing slam into his dao domain. Soon causing it to start showing sign of cracking apart under the pressure, Xuan Hao could not help feeling shocked at just how much stronger the senior from the Blue Sea Empire was compared to himself.

Although it had just been the aftershock of the attack just now, it had almost ended up destroying his dao domain!

Even if he reached the Peak of the Intermediate Stage of the Dao Domain Lord Realm, he doubted that he would be able to face the fist attack just now head on. Only after reaching the Late Stage of the Dao Domain Lord Realm would he have a chance to survive such a terrifying attack.

As for fighting the other party… That would depend on how much stronger he would be after reaching the Late Stage of the Dao Domain Lord Realm…

"Ssss! YOU DARE ATTACK LIKE THAT AGAIN!? PREPARE TO DIE ARROGANT HUMAN!" Seemingly not affected by the attack just now, the snake demon beast sprung up from the massive crater and opened its mouth wide as its two hill sized fangs bared down on the tiny Earth Immortal from the Blue Sea Empire.

"Hmph! To think your scales are this tough… Haaa… Looks like I won't be able to attend the Explorer Union's auction this time around…" Not at all worried or fearful of the giant mouth that was about to swallow him whole, Senior Peng just let out a disappointed sigh filled with frustration as he complained about not being able to attend some kind of auction. Making it rather clear that he was annoyed with the snake's tough scale that made it hard to kill.


The next second, Senior Peng's aura violently exploded all around him as he conjured two massive hands with his qi before using them to forcibly grab the two large fangs. Stopping the snake before it had a chance to swallow him.


The next moment, he raised the snake up into the air before starting to violently slam it into the ground again and again, creating massive earthquakes, while at same time also destroying the surrounding terrain. Killing a few of the lucky Domain Lord Realm demon beasts and humans who had managed to hide underground in process.


Not knowing what to say as he saw this one-sided battle play out, Xuan Hao understood that there was a very clear difference between Earth Immortals. Even if the snake demon beast didn't die and managed to hold on to its tough scales and great defensive abilities as a demon beast, it was obvious that it was only a matter of time before it would lose…

Maybe I should leave them alone and get on my way. After all, there isn't much to learn from this one-sided battle. Not to mention, I really don't want to accidentally end up offending that Earth Immortal…

Thinking this to himself as he continued observe the one-sided beating of the snake demon beast that had already started to painfully cry out whenever it was slammed into the ground, Xuan Hao came to the decision that it would be best for him to leave before the battle came to an end or he possibly ended up catching the attention of the rather annoyed looking Earth Immortal from the Blue Sea Empire.


Not wasting any time after coming to this decision, Xuan Hao directly used his comprehension of the Dao of Space together with his movement technique to rapidly escape from the place before any of this ended up happening.

At the same time, he vowed to never take a single step inside the Blue Sea Empire again before he had at least reached the Late Stage of the Dao Domain Lord Realm. Before that, he simply did not dare to return.

After all, outside of the Senior Peng whom he had just encountered, there should be at least seven other people at the same level as him inside the Blue Sea Empire according to what the border guard had told him about the Eight Immortals of the Blue Sea Empire that this Senior Peng was a part of… And that was not mentioning the fact that these Eight Immortals were not part of the imperial family. Meaning that there were likely even more terrifying experts present inside the Blue Sea Empire. Maybe there was even someone above the Earth Immortal Realm!

Just thinking about this made a shiver run down his spine. Not to mention someone above the Earth Immortal Realm, he didn't even have any confidence to face someone in the Earth Immortal Realm!

To face someone above the Earth Immortal Realm, he would likely have to reach the Peak of the Dao Domain Lord Realm or maybe even ascend the Immortal Soul Tribulation before he stood a chance against someone like that!