Scanning the area around the battle, Xuan Hao discovered that three Soul Ascension Realm Experts had already shown up and were nervously watching the terrifying battle from afar. Upon closer inspection, it became obvious that these three Soul Ascension Realm Experts were related to the Sky Empire. However, given that he didn't really know much about the Soul Ascension Realm Experts of the Sky Empire, outside of the old ancestor from the imperial family, he could only guess where these three came from.

Of course, the most obvious being that they belonged to either the noble families or one of the three religions. The only problem with this was how they had managed to reach the border so quickly. After all, the capital city of the Sky Empire was nowhere near the border of the Blue Sea Empire.

Well… their identities don't really matter; they are far too weak to interfere in the battle between the snake demon beast and the Earth Immortal from the Blue Sea Empire. If they had been at the Peak of the Soul Ascension Realm, they might have been able to lend a hand in killing the snake demon beast.

Shaking his head as he thought about this after having finished examining the strength of the three Soul Ascension Realm Experts, Xuan Hao focused his attention back on the chaotic battle taking place. The strongest among the three Soul Ascension Realm Experts had only barely reached the Second Tribulation of the Soul Ascension Realm. Nowhere near strong enough to interfere in a battle between Earth Immortals…

"Look, someone new appeared from the Blue Sea Empire! I can't sense his cultivation either, is he perhaps another expert above the Soul Ascension Realm!?"

"Maybe… It might be best for us to retreat a bit further away in case the battle moves deeper into the Sky Empire…"

At the same time Xuan Hao examined the three Soul Ascension Realm Experts from the Sky Empire, they had also noticed him appearing from the Blue Sea Empire's side of the border. Making them guess about his identity and strength, while at the same time retreating further into the Sky Empire to avoid the battle that was slowly inching deeper into the Sky Empire with each passing second.

Compared to Xuan Hao who could still somewhat easily resist the remnant power that was thrown all over the place as a result of the snake demon beast and Senior Peng clashing with each other, these three were far too weak to do something like that and were forced to retreat to avoid getting killed by this remnant power.

The reason why they didn't run away from the battle was rather simple, as they cherished this opportunity to watch a battle between powerful cultivators far beyond themselves. Different from Xuan Hao, who was still young and hadn't experienced any real bottleneck so to speak, they were all close to reaching the time of their next tribulation and were eager for any opportunity that might help them improve their strength enough to survive the tribulation.

It was also because they witnessed how Xuan Hao was unaffected by the remnant power of the battle that they thought he was someone in the Earth Immortal Realm like the two currently locked in a deadly fight. After all, the three of them had felt just how terrifying the remnant power was and understood that there would be no way for someone like themselves to survive it.

Not thinking that he might be someone who had just reached the Later Stages of the Soul Ascension Realm due to not at all being familiar with the Later Stages of the Soul Ascension Realm. Not too surprising considering that the strongest person in the Sky Empire had only reached the Fourth Tribulation of the Soul Ascension Realm… And that was not even considering the fact that this person had never really shown off his power before he was forced to face the people who had been called over from the different religions to deal with him…


Having focused his full attention on the battle between Senior Peng and the snake demon beast, Xuan Hao could not help turning around to look in the direction of the Blue Sea Empire after sensing a terrifying presence no weaker than the two rapidly approaching.


As the terrifying presence grew closer, the snake demon beast and Senior Peng also seemed to notice that someone was approaching, causing both of them to momentarily stop their fight as both of them turned to look in the direction of the terrifying presence.

"Hahaha! I didn't think you would show, here to help me deal with the oversized worm before it becomes too late for the auction back at the capital?"

However, before Xuan Hao or the snake demon beast had a chance to guess the identity of the terrifying presence rapidly approaching, Senior Peng suddenly began laughing out loud as he called out in the direction of the Blue Sea Empire that the terrifying presence was approaching from.

"Peng! You know full well that you are the one holding most of the spirit stones for the upcoming auction, how am I supposed to go there without any spirit stones!?"

Not a second later, an angry roar echoed out across the now desolate wasteland that had been created by the battle between Senior Peng and the snake demon beast over the past few minutes-


Following this loud roar filled with anger, a tall woman close to two meters in height appeared in the air a few hundred meters away from the desolate wasteland, her gaze completely focused on Senior Peng while she ignored the panicked expression that had made its way onto the scaly face of the snake demon beast after it realized that another Earth Immortal had appeared. Especially after it realized that this Earth Immortal was on the same side as its opponent!


Thinking fast and knowing that it would end up losing if the two Earth Immortals from the Blue Sea Empire started working together to fight it, the snake demon beast used all of its strength to escape from the battle. Not wasting a single second before diving into the large river and escaping in the direction of the ocean where it knew it would be safe from anyone chasing after it.

"Oh? It looks like your little friend is taking the opportunity to escape… Are you not worried that it might cause problems in the future?"

"And whose fault is that…?"

"Yours, of course!"

"… Just, help me deal with it…"

Knowing that it would only take longer to catch the snake demon beast if he continued arguing with the tall woman, Senior Peng decided to just ask for help before he turned around and dived into the river to chase after the escaping snake demon beast.

Although it wouldn't make much of a difference when it came to speed, he would at least be able to better sense the snake demon beast inside the water, while at the same time having a better angle for attacking.

"Hehe, quite a troublesome one, I guess I will help out." Shaking her head as she muttered this to herself while looking at the enormous snake demon beast slowly disappearing in the horizon together with Senior Peng as they moved deeper inside the territory of the Sky Empire, the tall woman didn't continue standing around for long before she similarly chased after the escaping snake demon beast.

"Hm? Isn't that the direction of the capital city…?" Curiously looking in the direction that the three had disappeared in, Xuan Hao could not help muttering this to himself after realizing that the three were moving directly towards the capital city of the Sky Empire.

Only after trying to recall information on the part of the large river in front of him that ran through a part of the Sky Empire did Xuan Hao realize that the river passed close by the capital city at some point before going directly past it and into the neighboring Onyx Empire.

Even without being able to follow behind the three rapidly approaching the capital city of the Sky Empire, it was not that hard for him to imagine the panic that they were going to cause.

"W-w-what is that?!"


"Who is that fighting the giant snake!?"

"More importantly than all of that, why are they heading directly towards us!?"

At the same time, in the capital city of the Sky Empire, a large number of people noticed the enormous snake that had suddenly emerged from the river and begun to fight with the two Earth Immortals from the Blue Sea Empire.

Unfortunately for the Sky Empire, these two Earth Immortals just happened to catch up with the snake demon beast just outside the capital city of the Sky Empire. Meaning that the old ancestor of the Sky Empire could only activate the guardian formation of the capital in an attempt to minimize any damage that the remnant power of these powerful cultivators and demon beast might end up causing, while silently praying that they would get any closer to the capital city…