Not aware of what had happened in the capital and how chaotic the Sky Empire was going to get, Xuan Hao managed to make his way back to the Star Shattering Sect in less than a day. Spending a few hours longer on the journey back to the sect because he avoided any of the dangerous places on the way. Not wanting to end up stuck in a situation similar to what ended up happening to him when he went to the Great Poison Swamp in the past. No matter how much stronger he had grown since that time, he didn't feel like trying his luck at potentially ending up inside the ruins of an ancient sect again.

Especially after remembering the large squid like demon beast related to the Dao of Corruption that he had encountered inside that ancient sect. Even if it was dead, it would have been far more powerful than just the Soul Ascension Realm when it had been alive. Meaning that if he ended up encountering one alive, he would most likely end up in a rather helpless situation, similar to how he had escaped from the ancient battlefield with the large golem that ended up being controlled by the Dao of Corruption…

As he thought about this while descending down towards the Ninth Star Peak, Xuan Hao could not help wondering what had ended up happening to the golem that had been taken over by the Dao of Corruption.

Although it had been sealed away inside an ancient battleground, it was more than strong enough to tear apart the fabric of space that kept the ancient battleground sealed with if given enough time. At that point in time, it would either end up getting destroyed in the void between worlds or end up finding a safe path.

Knowing this, Xuan Hao sincerely hoped that it would not be able find its way out of the ancient battleground. The main reason for this being the fact that even its weakened state after taking over the golem had already far surpassed the strength of someone in the Soul Ascension Realm. If it managed to fully utilize the strength of the golem… Just thinking about it was more than enough to send a shiver down his spine. Especially after remembering how he had essentially caused it to lose one of its arms when it had been trying to catch him.

If it really ended up coming to the Ewaria Continent, it would undoubtedly come looking for him for revenge…

"G-Grand Elder Xuan!?" As he was lost in his own thoughts thinking about the potential future enemy he would have to face, one of the disciples in charge of guarding the Ninth Star Peak noticed him before rushing over. "I-Is there anything I can help with…?"

"No, I'm just coming back after a short trip." Noticing the nervous disciple who had come rushing over, Xuan Hao decided to throw the matter of the golem to the back of his mind as he tried to calm down the nervous disciple in front of him.

"I-I see, I-I-I will take my leave then!" Hearing what Xuan Hao said, the nervous disciple didn't say anything more as he turned around and ran away like a terrifying demon beast was chasing after him.


Earning a rather awkward smile from Xuan Hao, who had no idea why the disciple was so terrified of him. Not at all thinking about the current difference in status between them as he soon began walking along the path leading back to the Seventh Star Peak. Not feeling too hurried about starting to cultivate, as he understood that he wouldn't be able to relax for a long time after he began cultivating to reach the Late Stage of the Dao Domain Lord Realm.

Well… That was not entirely true, as he would still need to set aside some time to teach his disciples and improve his understanding of the different professions that he had ended up falling behind in over the years…

If he wanted anything right now, it would be for the system to give him a quest to help improve his lacking professions like it had done in the past. At least this way, he would not have to spend so much time on trying to improve all of his professions by himself.

"But there is no way something like that would happen…" Muttering this to himself as he walked past the Eighth Star Peak, Xuan Hao nonchalantly glanced through his status, something he had not done since he had broken through to the Intermediate Stage of the Dao Domain Lord Realm.

Name: Xuan Hao

Dao Domain: Dao of Ice (Small Success), Dao of the Sword (Small Success), Dao of Corruption (Small Success), Dao of Fire (Small Success), Dao of Space (Elementary)

Sword Intent: Nascent Sword Soul Realm

Talent: ????

Bloodline: Three Immortals Bloodline (Half-Awakened)

Physique: ??? (66% Awakened)

Realm: Intermediate Stage Dao Domain Lord (Comparable to Fifth Tribulation of the Soul Ascension Realm)

Professions: Alchemist (Artisan), Formation Master (Expert), Blacksmithing (Expert)

Sect: Star Shattering Sect

Status: Grand Elder of the Star Shattering Sect

Disciples: Qing Yi, Chu Yang, Bai Ning, Mui

Pet: Lazy Winged Lion (Ninth Stage Domain Lord Realm), Rabbit Demon Beast (Third Tribulation of the Soul Ascension Realm)

Looking through his status for the first time in quite some time, Xuan Hao didn't notice any major changes compared to after he had broken through to the Intermediate Stage of the Dao Domain Lord Realm. The only real change was that the awakening process of his physique had actually gone up by a single percent.

Although it might not sound like a lot, this was the first time that his physique awakening process had improved without him breaking through. Meaning that his cultivation should have reached a level where the physique could start awakening on its own!

Even if he had no idea how long exactly it would take for his physique to awaken on its own, it was still better than nothing. At least he could now throw out his earlier though of first having to break through to the Earth Immortal Realm before his physique could awaken fully.

Outside of this visible change, there was also another change to his cultivation realm, as it was now kind enough to display the realm that his current strength was comparable to. Not that it really mattered, as he was well aware of how strong he was compared to someone in the Soul Ascension Realm.

Then again… It might be useful for when he reaches the Late Stage of the Dao Domain Lord Realm, as the status should display whether or not he was comparable to someone in the Earth Immortal Realm. Sparing him the effort of finding an Earth Immortal to compare his own strength against.

"Ah! Grand Elder Xuan! I was looking for you!" Just as he was looking through his status for any other changes that might have taken place, an excited voice called out to him before a small figure blocked his path.

"You are… Shen Xuefeng…" Recognizing the petit young woman as none other than one of the most promising elders for reaching the Domain Lord Realm in the future that he had seen during the meeting that had taken place only a few days earlier before he had ended up chasing the core disciple of the Heavenly Dragon Temple all the way to the Blue Sea Empire, Xuan Hao could not help examining the young woman in more detail.

From her short stature and cute appearance, it would be easy to misinterpret her as a young disciple who had only recently joined the sect, that was… If one didn't see the giant hammer that she was carrying around with her like some kind of oversized toy.

The comical sight even made Xuan Hao wonder why she didn't just keep the hammer in her interspatial ring while walking around the sect.

"Ah! I forgot to put it away! Sorry, I rushed over from training in the combat hall and forgot…!" Seeing how Xuan Hao was eyeing up her hammer, Shen Xuefeng suddenly became aware of its presence as she quickly put it away with an embarrassed expression on her face. "Ahm, the thing I wanted to say was that senior sister Shu asked me to bring you over."

"Shu Yao? Did something happen while I was gone?" Hearing that Shu Yao was looking for him and had even sent out Shen Xuefeng to pick him up the moment he returned to the sect, Xuan Hao could not help fearing that the Heavenly Dragon Temple had learnt about what happened to their core disciple and decided to exact their revenge.

"No, nothing of notice happened, I think it's just something regarding the next step for the sect or something along that line. At least from what I could gather after listening to parts of the conversation between senior sister Shu and Elder Song." Shaking her head as she said this, Shen Xuefeng tried her best to put him at ease.

"I see… Let's get going then, I'm quite curious about what Shu Yao wants to talk about…" Feeling himself relax as he said this, Xuan Hao and Shen Xuefeng soon made their way back towards the Seventh Star Peak together before heading directly for where Shu Yao was waiting.