Having clearly sensed the disappointment from Mui the moment he said that his opponent had not been in the Soul Ascension Realm and was instead just a powerful Domain Lord Realm demon beast, Chu Yang did his best to try and win back the admiration of his junior sister over the next few hours as he continued to elaborate on the things he and Qing Yi had gone through during their time inside the mystic realm. Even starting to make up a few different scenarios that sounded especially interesting to both Mui and Bai Ning.

During the entire process, Chu Yang not only managed to win back the admiration of Mui, but also managed to gain the admiration of Bai Ning, who was filled with excitement upon hearing about the underground part of the mystic realm. Especially after mentioning the special rock that he and Qing Yi had run into while escaping from the mole demon beast.

For some reason, Bai Ning wanted to know everything he could about this weird exploding rock… And not one to disappoint his junior brother, Chu Yang tried his best to tell him anything he had managed to learn about the strange exploding rock before he and Qing Yi escaped from the seemingly endless tunnels of the mole demon beast.

Luckily for him, although he didn't know a lot about the strange exploding rock, it was enough for Bai Ning, as the boy began starting to mumble something about wanting to go explore the underground part of the mystic realm in the future when he got stronger.

Not thinking too much about hearing his junior brother's sudden drive to enter the mystic realm that he had clearly described as a death trap filled with countless Domain Lord Realm demon beasts, Chu Yang just thought the boy felt inspired after hearing him talk about how he and Qing Yi had fought off several demon beasts far more powerful than themselves.

At least, that would have been his reaction if he had been in the same situation as Bai Ning and heard about all of this.

Not to mention, even if Bai Ning wanted to explore the mystic realm, Chu Yang understood that he would first have to get the approval of master before being allowed to go there… And considering that Bai Ning was still in the Core Formation Realm, there was no way that their master would allow him to enter a dangerous place like the mystic realm.

Nodding his head as he thought about just how dangerous the mystic realm was, Chu Yang suddenly froze on the spot.

Wait… Not to mention the Core Formation Realm, that place is deadly even to someone in the Nascent Soul Realm!

Recalling the rather large number of high-level Nascent Soul Realm demon beasts and Domain Lord Realm demon beasts that he and Qing Yi had ended up encountering inside the mystic realm, Chu Yang suddenly came to the realization that the mystic realm was in no way safe for someone in the Nascent Soul Realm.

Not to mention someone at the earlier stages of the Nascent Soul Realm like himself and Qing Yi, he doubted that someone at the Peak of the Nascent Soul Realm would be able to survive more than a few days inside the mystic realm.

After all, when he thought back on his and Qing Yi's journey through the mystic realm, he realized that there would have been no way for them to survive without the help of the talismans that their master had given them before entering the mystic realm.

The time where they didn't need the help of their master's talisman, was only when they were stuck exploring the edges of the mystic realm and even back then, they could be considered rather lucky to not have encountered any powerful Nascent Soul Realm demon beasts.

"Bai Ning, Mui, Chu Yang…? What are all of you gathered for?"

As Chu Yang was busy thinking about how dangerous the mystic realm really was, while Bai Ning and Mui had begun chatting with each other about the different demon beasts he had talked about, a familiar voice suddenly sounded out behind him.

"Huh? Qing Yi!? You recovered already!?" Turning around and seeing the familiar face of Qing Yi standing at the entrance leading inside the palace, Chu Yang could not help letting out a somewhat surprised exclamation upon seeing her.

Not only because she had been in a deep sleep just a few hours earlier when he had woken up, but also because he was clearly aware of just how exhausted her soul had been when she had fallen asleep together with him after being saved.

Given her state, it should at least take another few weeks. Maybe even months before she could wake up again, yet… Now she was standing directly in front of him without a single sign of being exhausted from having pushed herself far beyond her limits.

Is this perhaps because of her divine physique?

Reaching this conclusion, Chu Yang could not help looking at Qing Yi filled with amazement. Feeling a bit jealous that he didn't have something amazing like that himself.

"Ha? What do you mean? And why are you looking at me like that… Are you perhaps not happy to see me?" Having no clue about the thoughts going through his head, Qing Yi could not help frowning after seeing Chu Yang's surprised reaction.

Not only that, but she also felt that he had begun to observe her in a rather weird manner…

Feeling that his senior sister was starting to form some kind of weird misunderstanding, Chu Yang quickly jumped forward and clarified himself "This… I just thought that it would take you a few more weeks to recover and was surprised to see that you already managed to fully recover and-

"Big Sister!" "Senior Sister!"

However, before he had a chance to clarify himself, Bai Ning and Mui came running as both of them realized that Qing Yi had shown up.

"Bai Ning, Mui, how have you two been doing? Did the two of you get along in our absence?" Unfortunately for Chu Yang, Qing Yi chose to ignore the matter and turn her attention towards Bai Ning and Mui.

"Yes! Big Brother Bai made sure to show me around the sect and even introduced me to a lot of interesting elders- Ah! He also taught me blacksmithing, but… The furnace started exploding every now and then when I practice my blacksmithing.

I don't know why. Maybe something is wrong with the furnace or maybe the materials… Ah, no matter what it is, I have to show you and Senior Brother Chu some of the artifacts I made! Hehe, they are quite amazing compared to the ones I made when master first took me in!"

Not wasting a second after hearing what Qing Yi said, Mui jumped over excitedly as she began talking about what she had been up to during their journey into the mystic realm. Making sure to show off some strange black balls that had been made from melting countless different metals together.

"Hehe, these are the great destruction balls! They are my most powerful artifact so far. Even with my strength in the Second Stage of the Foundation Establishment Realm, they are difficult to carry, a testament to their power!"

"This… Amazing! You are so awesome Mui!"

Hearing Mui's description of the weird black balls that looked like they had been made from scrap metal being forced together into a ball shape, Qing Yi froze on the spot for a split second before showing a bright smile on her face as she praised Mui.

"Hehe~ Here, you can have one big sister~"

Smiling from ear to ear after being praised, Mui happily handed over one of the black balls as a gift.

"T-thank you…"

Forcing Qing Yi to accept the strange metal ball with a grateful smile.


Observing this scene, both Bai Ning and Chu Yang did their best to stop themselves from laughing at the interesting position that their senior sister found herself in.

This was even more so for Bai Ning, who had personally witnessed the creation of these metal balls.

Not only did their creation end up taking up over a dozen different metals, but it also ended up including three different kinds of spiritual metals that Mui had somehow managed to get her hands on without his knowledge.

Although he had wanted to stop her from wasting these precious spiritual metals, by the time he found out about them, it was already too late, as they had been thrown into the furnace…

In a sense, the reason why the black metal balls were so heavy that even someone in the Foundation Establishment Realm would have a hard time carrying them was because of these spiritual metals that had been included in the weird metal mixture Mui had come up with when creating them.

A mixture that Bai Ning hoped he would never see any blacksmith use ever again…