Following Elder Song learning about the fact that Xuan Hao was in the Soul Ascension Realm, it did not take long before this information began spreading throughout the major kingdoms still standing against the Star Shattering Sect. Not only that, but at the same time, Elder Song also utilized some of the people he had sent out to infiltrate these kingdoms to instead focus on trying to split the different powers inside these major kingdoms up.

The main reason he did this was not just to split up the different powers inside these major kingdoms but was also because he understood that there was a rather high chance that these major kingdoms wouldn't believe the information about the Star Shattering Sect having a Soul Ascension Realm Expert. After all, Xuan Hao had not personally appeared to fight against them. For them to believe that the Star Shattering Sect did indeed have someone in the Soul Ascension Realm, a little help was required from some of the spies inside these major kingdoms.

A few rumors spreading among the major forces of these major kingdoms and the Star Shattering Sect going out to announce Xuan Hao reaching the Soul Ascension Realm should be more than enough to fully convince them.

Hopefully allowing the Star Shattering to smoothly take control of these major kingdoms without too many problems. After all, with the information that they were fighting against a sect with a Soul Ascension Realm Expert, some of the strong forces in these major kingdoms would inevitably have second thoughts about continuing to fight with the Star Shattering Sect.

In the end, all Elder Song wanted to do was add a little more motivation and help the major kingdoms surrender faster without wasting too many of the Star Shattering Sect's resources in the process…

"This… How is this possible!? Soul Ascension Realm!? Who would believe such an obvious lie! Even if this Soul Ascension Realm really exists, there is no way that the Star Shattering Sect would have someone like that, the strongest person in the sect should only have reached the Domain Lord Realm a few years ago!

Even if they want to lie to get us to surrender, they should at least have come up with something better than just trying to convince us that there is someone in Soul Ascension Realm in the Star Shattering Sect!"

"Hehe, if there really is a Soul Ascension Realm Expert in the Star Shattering Sect, there is no way they would have allowed us to stay alive after fighting for so long!"

"For them to spread this kind of information… Is the Star Shattering Sect perhaps running out of resources and is looking for an easy way to deal with us? If that is the case, isn't this the best time for a counterattack!? Maybe we can even take down the Star Shattering Sect in one fell swoop."

Like Elder Song had expected, the different rulers of the major kingdom all reacted with disdain and contempt after hearing the news of there being a Soul Ascension Realm Expert in the Star Shattering Sect.

In their eyes, this was nothing more than a vain attempt to make them surrender without doing anything.

Of course, there was no way that the rulers of the different major kingdoms would be fooled by something like this. Instead, some of them felt that this was a sign of weakness from the Star Shattering Sect. Potentially hinting at the fact that the Star Shattering Sect was running out of resources to keep up their continued expansion, a weakness that they might be able to take advantage of.

Although they doubted that they would be able to destroy the Star Shattering Sect, even with the secret technique, they still hoped that they would be able use this chance to stop them from expanding any further and keep their kingdoms intact. After which they would be able to buy themselves enough time to produce a Domain Lord Realm Expert of their own.

At least… That was what most of the major kingdoms believed. Having put their hope on possibly being able to use the secret technique that had been given to them to break through to the Domain Lord Realm without dying a few days later.

Somewhere inside the capital of one of the major kingdoms still resisting the Star Shattering Sect, a group of four people belonging to the different major forces in the kingdom had gathered together inside a small restaurant to talk about the recent developments in the defensive war against the Star Shattering Sect-

"Did you hear? Apparently the Grand Elder of the Star Shattering Sect broke through to the Soul Ascension Realm, I heard that he appeared on the battlefield of the Mist Sky Kingdom and killed all of the old ancestors of the royal family in a single attack.

If you doubt my information, I can say with certainty that the person who informed me about this is a close friend of mine and I personally don't doubt him."

However, instead of keeping to the topic of how well their kingdom was currently doing in resisting the Star Shattering Sect, one of the four suddenly spoke up as he mentioned some information that he had recently managed to get his hands on from one of his most trusted informants.

"Wha- Really!? No wonder I didn't hear anything from my friends in the Mist Sky Kingdom when we were supposed to meet up a few days ago. Looks like they all ran away after the fall of the royal family…" Not showing the slightest hint of doubt after hearing what was said, another one of the four exclaimed loudly as he told the three others about how he hadn't been able to contact his friends in the Mist Sky Kingdom before drawing up his own conclusion as to why this had happened.

The fact that the Mist Sky Kingdom had been attacked and essentially destroyed by this powerful Grand Elder from the Star Shattering Sect seemed to fit in perfectly with how his friends had suddenly stood him up without informing him beforehand.

"Indeed, it looks like it won't be long before the Star Shattering Sect finishes up the remaining kingdoms. At that point in time, we will end up under the control of the Star Shattering Sect if we are lucky and dead if we aren't…" Nodding his head in approval, the third also agreed with the other two and concluded that it was only a matter of time before the Star Shattering Sect appeared and finished things.


As a result, the other three quickly frowned as they all understood how dangerous their current situation was. If they didn't want to end up dying when that powerful Soul Ascension Realm Expert from the Star Shattering Sect appeared, it might be a good idea to run away while they still had the chance. At least that way, they would be able to stay alive.

Although… Doing something like that would inevitably end up damaging their forces. Not to mention, there was no guarantee that they would even be able to find somewhere to set up base again after leaving.

After all, the strongest among them had only reached the Nascent Soul Realm… And it was doubtful whether or not anyone would willingly allow them to settle down inside their territory.

As for leaving the Sky Empire… This was never something any of them considered, as they all understood that this would be the same as a death sentence for their families and those below the Nascent Soul Realm.

There was a reason why only those stuck at the peak of the Core Formation Realm or those who had at least reached the Nascent Soul Realm dared to leave their native kingdom to travel the continent, one of these reasons being the countless powerful demon beasts and bandits roaming the place.

"Maybe… Maybe we could try and ally ourselves with the Star Shattering Sect before the kingdom falls? If that is the case, we should at least be able to remain without needing to escape. At most there will be a change in the person above…"

"This… Are you-"

"Wait now, I think he has a point. Not to mention, what has the royal family ever done for us? Even now, my family's disciples are acting as the frontline while most of the soldiers from the royal family looks on from afar…"

"Indeed, at least it looks like there might be a way out for us if we decided to ally with the Star Shattering Sect before our kingdom surrenders. Not to mention, it might be better for us in the future. After all, we will have the backing of a sect with a Soul Ascension Realm Expert in it!"

"Then… Let's do that, we will secretly inform the Star Shattering Sect together before the Grand Elder shows up!"

As the four came to a decision that would ultimately spell the end for their kingdom, similar things were happening across the other major kingdoms still fighting against the Star Shattering Sect.

Unknown to all of them, everything they heard had been fabricated by the Star Shattering Sect's information network, the only thing true was the fact that the Mist Sky Kingdom had been destroyed.

How this had happened on the other hand was a completely different story…