"I have no time to waste, those people should already be on their way… And if they show up before I breakthrough and destroy the formation, I won't stand a chance even after reaching the Soul Ascension Realm…" Muttering this to herself as she fully decided on breaking through to the Soul Ascension Realm, Yi Min didn't waste a second as she made her way out of the room before heading in the direction of the room she had prepared for her break through to the Soul Ascension Realm.

Outside of feeling like she could still improve herself a bit more before trying to break through to the Soul Ascension Realm, she had already taken care of everything else that was needed for her breakthrough.

Among all of these, the most important was the large storage of spirit stones that would supply the formation during her breakthrough to the Soul Ascension Realm in case anyone decided to attack her during this time.

Although… Given that her enemies were in the Soul Ascension Realm, she doubted that the small mountain of spirit stones that she had gathered for this would be able to hold on for more than half a day. Maybe even shorter depending on how many people came to try and get rid of her.

"Haaa… No use worrying about this. For now, I should focus all my attention on breaking through to the Soul Ascension Realm." Shaking her head as she muttered this to herself while making her way through the long corridors of the palace, Yi Min soon reached the room she had prepared and stepped inside without a second thought.

Inside the room there were several different healing potions and pills that would be helpful during her tribulation. Other than this, the ceiling of the room was also opened up so as to allow the tribulation to descend, while also giving her a chance to fly out of the room to face the tribulation head on in case it started damaging the palace.

"It's finally time…" Quietly whispering this to herself as her eyes wandered across the room for a short moment, Yi Min put on a determined expression as she walked into the middle of the room before sitting down and closing her eyes. Focusing her full attention on trying to break through to the Soul Ascension Realm.

During the entire process, she didn't inform any of her servants or subjects about her plans to break through to the Soul Ascension Realm. Fearing that there might be a spy among them that would inform her enemies in the capital about her attempt to break through the Soul Ascension and in turn make them rush over before she had a chance to break through.


Soon enough, a few hours passed as the first tribulation of the Immortal Soul Tribulation, the tribulation of fire-



At the same time that Yi Min had begun the process of breaking through to the Soul Ascension Realm, Xuan Hao's two youngest disciples had gathered together not too far away from the room he was cultivating inside of.

Although he had been gone for more than a few weeks at a time, this was the first time Bai Ning and Mui had seen him enter secluded cultivation.

Not to mention, it was also the first time they had seen anyone enter secluded cultivation, only having heard about it from other disciples, whose masters entered secluded cultivation. Making them curious as to when their master would come out again and what he was doing all alone inside the relatively small room for such a long period of time.

Given that Bai Ning focused most of his attention on blacksmithing and Mui was still only in the Foundation Establishment Realm, neither of them knew a lot about the process of entering secluded cultivation, as only the elders would do something like this when they encountered a bottleneck that they couldn't break through no matter what they did.

"I wonder when master will come out again, it's already been a few weeks now."

"Indeed, master has never been in secluded cultivation for that long before. Not to mention, he hasn't even come out to eat anything and I haven't seen Zhi Ruo bring him anything either-"

"Wha-!? Master hasn't eaten anything for weeks!?" Hearing what Bai Ning said, Mui didn't even allow him to finish as she asked this in a panicked voice before turning her attention towards the door to her master's meditation room.

"Don't tell me… D-Did master starve to death!?" Quietly muttering this to herself as she stared directly towards the door with an even more panicked expression on her face as she looked like she was about to rush over and open the door at any moment-

"Hm? Bai Ning, Mui? What are you two doing here?"

Chu Yang suddenly appeared around a corner not too far away as he called out to the two. Wondering what they were doing in front of their master's cultivation room.



Seeing her senior brother appear, Mui decided against her plan of rushing inside her master's cultivation room as she instead rushed over to her senior brother to ask him about the situation. "S-Senior brother! Do you know when master will come out again? Is he going to be okay without eating anything for so many weeks?!"

"This…" Seeing the panicked look on his little junior sister's face, Chu Yang paused for a moment before a look of understanding appeared in his eyes. "He is going to be fine, Mui, after someone reaches the Nascent Soul Realm, they only need to absorb the qi between heaven and earth to stay alive. Your master isn't going to starve to death unless the qi disappears."

"Don't need to eat…? Survive on qi between heaven and earth- Ah! So, master can eat the qi instead of normal food!"

"Well… I guess you could say that…" Listening to Mui's conclusion of the process of using the qi between heaven and earth to sustain the body instead of normal food, Chu Yang could not help chuckling a bit as he gently patted her head.

Even if the description given by Mui was a bit off, it was not that wrong as it could be considered eating in some odd way.

"I see… So, after reaching the Nascent Soul Realm, I can begin to eat qi instead of normal food. Hm… I wonder what qi tastes like, does the taste change depending on the element of the qi…?" Showing a look similar to an enlightened scholar, Mui curiously began whispering some rather interesting things that Chu Yang had never thought about before.

And not long after that, Mui rushed back to her room to continue cultivating. Intend on reaching the Nascent Soul Realm as fast as possible so she could find out what qi tasted like… And more importantly, how delicious it was compared to normal food.

Leaving behind a somewhat confused Chu Yang and Bai Ning, who were left rather baffled by their junior sister's reason for reaching the Nascent Soul Realm. Not for strength or to increase her lifespan, but instead because she wanted to find out what qi tasted like.

Having woken up from his state of comprehension due to the ruckus caused by Mui just outside his room, Xuan Hao could not help showing a somewhat wry smile on his face as he glanced in the direction that Mui had left in.

Looks like she managed to motivate herself to work hard on improving her strength even without me doing anything. Although… Her reason for wanting to reach the Nascent Soul Realm is rather… Special…

Shaking his head as he thought about this while using his divine sense to spy on Mui who was now sitting down in her room focusing all of her attention on gathering the qi around her to build the third foundational pillar in her dantian, Xuan Hao felt that it shouldn't be that much of a problem as long as she had a goal to work towards. Even if the goal was not something ordinary, at least it motivated her to improve.

Hm? Now that I think about it, I wonder how that grand elder from the Half Spirit Race is doing, he should be able to reach the Domain Lord Realm soon. Especially now that he also has a guide similar to the Codex of the First Four Mortal Realms for the Domain Lord Realm…

Remembering how he had handed over the information on the Domain Lord Realm that he had gained from the inheritance of the elder from the Mirage Sect inside of the mystic realm to Elder Song a few days after entering secluded cultivation, Xuan Hao could not help looking forward to more Domain Lord Realm Experts appearing inside the Star Shattering Sect.

Not only that, but the information would also be helpful to those that had already reached the Domain Lord Realm, like Feng Chen, Shu Yao, and Zu Fei. Helping them improve even faster.