Seeing Chu Yang and Bai Ning leaving a short time after Mui had left, Xuan Hao retracted his divine sense and focused his attention back on comprehending the Dao of Space again.

Although he had not yet managed to break through to the Small Success Realm, he could feel that he was getting closer with each passing day. At his current rate of improvement, he expected to reach the Small Success Realm in around two months.

Normally, two months could be considered extremely short considering the sheer difficulty that was associated with increasing one's comprehension of a certain dao. However, due to the fact that he had already reached the Peak of the Elementary Realm of Comprehension and also had a far deeper connection with the Dao of Space due to his special physique, it could be considered a bit more normal that he only needed to spend two months to reach the Small Success Realm.

Of course, the Dao of space was never one of Xuan Hao's concerns when it came to reaching the Late Stage of the Dao Domain Lord Realm. Instead, it was the fact that he had to comprehend a new dao all the way up to the Small Success Realm.

More difficult than this, he also had to somehow reach the comprehension realm above the Small Success Realm, the Large Success Realm, a realm that he hadn't even gotten close to touching with any of his Daos...


Not thinking about any of these future problems, Xuan Hao quietly used the partial collapse of space ability that he had gained from his special physique to tear small holes into the space around him. Allowing him to use the small tears in space to get a better look at the structure of space and deepen his understanding of the Dao of space at a speed far faster than just sitting down and mindlessly trying to comprehend it.

Having learnt from his time in the mystic realm that doing this would increase the speed at which he could understand the Dao of Space.

Although the power required to use the partial spatial collapse was still rather significant, it was not too much if he kept the affected area limited and only used it to observe the structure of space instead of trying to use it in combat.

In turn, it allowed him to indefinitely keep the tear in space created by the partial spatial collapse open without the world repairing it. Only when he stopped using the partial spatial collapse ability would the fabric of space repair itself and return to normal again.



Back in the iron Sky Kingdom, Yi Min let out a loud pain filled cry as part of the fire that had descended during the tribulation suddenly exploded violently in her face-


As if to trigger the next phase of the tribulation of fire, the fire that had only been trying to reduce her to dust so far, began violently gathering together into small fireballs before exploding. Forcing Yi Min to fly out of her cultivation room and into the sky to avoid accidentally destroying her palace during her breakthrough.

Soon enough, everyone in the capital city of the Iron Sky Kingdom became aware of the tribulation that was taking place. However, this no longer concerned Yi Min, as she understood that there was nothing, she could do to hide the fact that she was going through her tribulation in her current state.

Even if she had the strength to suppress the power of the tribulation earlier on, she was far too weak to do that now. Especially when considering that she had to use all of her power just to ensure that she could stay alive under the constant bombardment of the fireballs condensed from the fire that had descended to kill her.

"When is this going to end… The fire tribulation shouldn't last for more than a few minutes…"

However, as time passed, and the fire tribulation showed no signs of stopping and instead began ramping up in strength, Yi Min could not stop herself from growing nervous. No matter how much stronger she was when compared to other Peak Domain Lord Realm Expert, her strength was limited, and she could not continue resisting the fire forever.

If the fire tribulation really continued for much longer, she would likely end up as a pile of dust on the ground below, her body and soul being consumed by the terrifying fire as what would be left of her qi would scatter and return to the world.

Not only that, but the fire left behind by the tribulation would most likely end up destroying the capital below her.

After all, even if she died, the fire created by the tribulation would not just disperse after her death. Instead, it would burn the ground below until all the power of the tribulation was used up completely. This was also one of the main reasons why the first tribulation of the Soul Ascension Realm was so dangerous.

Even if you weren't the one taking on the tribulation, you might end up suffering from it all the same if the person taking on the tribulation failed, and you happened to be close enough.

Not to mention, it would be even worse if the person affected by the failed fire tribulation was someone at the Peak of the Domain Lord Realm, as it would end up triggering their own fire tribulation the moment, they ended up coming into contact with the remnant fire from the failed fire tribulation.

In the end, if something like this happened, it would almost certainly be a death sentence for the unlucky Peak Domain Lord Realm Expert affected, as they were likely nowhere near strong enough to take on the fire tribulation and have a real chance at reaching the Soul Ascension Realm.

Although… There was always exceptions to this and there were a few lucky people who just barely managed to pass through the fire tribulation that had been accidentally triggered by a failed fire tribulation. Unintentionally resulting in them breaking through to the Soul Ascension Realm on the spot.


Not intending to have her fire tribulation turn into a failed fire tribulation that would end up causing death and destruction to all of the people below, Yi Min frowned visibly as she used all of her strength to fight back the fire while at the same time swallowing close to a dozen different healing potions.

All of them being worth far more than the total wealth of an ordinary Peak Domain Lord Realm Expert. Showing off just how wealthy she was with the support of her blacksmithing and the support of a massive spiritual metal mine.


As a result of this, her appearance began drastically improving. Allowing her to regain some energy in the fight against the fire tribulation, while at the same time momentarily forcing the flames back a few meters. Giving her a chance to recover the parts of her body that had been burnt by the flames or been blown off when the flames were compressed into small explosive fireballs.


Over the next five minutes, Yi Min went through all of the healing potion, pills and special spiritual herbs she had gathered for her attempt to overcome the fire tribulation, causing everyone watching the struggling taking place in the sky above the capital city to feel a sense of awe at the sheer power displayed by their leader.

Even if they had no idea how strong she was, they could clearly sense how terrifying the flames were…


It was just at this moment, when everyone had their attention focused on her, that Yi Min used all of her strength to forcefully disperse the last bit of the fire tribulation before rapidly rushing back into the palace before activating all of the defensive formations in the palace.

Although the people watching the scene had no idea what had happened and just saw that Yi Min had dealt with the fire that had suddenly appeared in the sky above them, the spies controlled by the different major powers in the Sky Empire were not the same. All of them understood that Yi Min had successfully managed to break through to the Soul Ascension Realm!

Not only this, but they also understood from the countless formations now covering the palace, that Yi Min already knew about their existence to some extent and had decided to hide inside the palace while stabilizing her cultivation base. Not wanting to risk getting attacked during this process.

After all, even if the spies were far too weak to kill her, they were more than strong enough to jump in and force her to use her unstable cultivation base to deal with them.

In the end, doing this would further destabilize her cultivation base and make it take far longer for her to stabilize her cultivation base at the Soul Ascension Realm.

Rather than dealing with any of this, Yi Min concluded that it would be far better for her to just seal herself away inside the palace while stabilizing her cultivation base so she could face off against the Soul Ascension Realm Expert that would undoubtedly show up to try and take away her spiritual metal mine.