Having focused all of their power on trying to break through the formation as fast as possible, it did not take more than three hours before the formation started to show signs of breaking.


Countless small cracks that had automatically been repaired before now covering the entire formation showing no signs of disappearing. Instead, these cracks slowly began to grow bigger under the constant attacks from the three Soul Ascension Realm Experts.

Even if the formation still had an ample supply of spirit stones available, it could not keep up with the pace of the three Soul Ascension Realm Experts and had thus started to break far faster than Yi Min had originally expected. Giving her far less time to stabilize her cultivation and take control of the formation before it broke.

After all, if the formation ended up breaking, she would no longer have any way left to defend herself.

If she was lucky, she might be able to escape with her life, but this would also mean that she would have to give up on the Iron Sky Kingdom and allow the three Soul Ascension Realm Experts from the capital city of the Sky Empire to destroy it.

Considering that she had spent her entire life creating and strengthening the Iron Sky Kingdom, this was the last thing she wanted to see happen!

Even if she deep down understood that she would have a chance to rebuilt it again in the future now that she had broken through to the Soul Ascension Realm, she still didn't want to just watch her life work get destroyed if she had the strength to prevent it from happening.

Not to mention, she had no way to take any of her people with her when escaping… And she doubted that the three Soul Ascension Realm Experts would allow any of them to leave alive.


Feeling that the formation would at most hold for a few minutes in its current state, Yi Min got up before flying into the air above the palace.

"Looks like I have no choice but to try and fight them like this…" Looking over in the direction of where the three Soul Ascension Realm Experts were attacking the formation as she said this, Yi Min closed both of her eyes as she used her still unstable power to merge together with the formation and take control of it before it was destroyed.


Following Yi Min taking control of the formation, a terrifying aura began to spread out from the Iron Sky Kingdom before engulfing all three of the Soul Ascension Realm Experts violently attacking the formation with all of their strength.


"This is-?!"


And before any of the three had any time to react, the killing formations that had been inactive to ensure the formation being able to defend against the three Soul Ascension Realm Expert without Yi Min around, activated.

Even if these formations had only reached a strength comparable to someone in the Peak of the Domain Lord Realm, when stacked together, they became more than strong enough to fight back against the three Soul Ascension Realm Experts who were only around the First Stage of the Soul Ascension Realm.


In an instant, the three Soul Ascension Realm Experts were forced to stop their relentless attacks as they had to defend against the attacks from the dozen or so powerful killing formations that had been merged together with the massive formation covering the Iron Sky Kingdom.

Only the cardinal whose strength had surpassed the First Stage of the Soul Ascension Realm had the power to continue attacking the formation under the attack of the dozen or so killing formations.

"Both of you, focus all your strength on defending, she shouldn't have fully stabilized her cultivation base yet. No matter how strong she seems now that she has taken control of the formation, she won't be able to continue this for too long.

For now, we just have to wait until her unstable cultivation base grows more chaotic and inevitably ends up either killing her or messing up the formation. At most it should take two to three days…"

Seeing that his two companions were left in a difficult situation as they struggled to reach the formation again under the constant stream of attacks bombarding them, the cardinal emotionlessly said this before focusing his attention on both defending and attacking at the same time.


Hearing what the cardinal said, the two Soul Ascension Realm Experts who had been struggling to try and get close enough to attack the formation again quickly let go of this as they focused all of their power on defending themselves against the attacks from the killing formations.

Considering the fact that these attacks were only comparable to someone in the Peak of the Domain Lord Realm attacking them, they didn't suffer any real damage after doing this.

Now, all that was left for them to do was patiently wait for Yi Min's cultivation base to grow chaotic enough that she either ended up destroying the formation or killing herself.

Although they highly doubted that she would go so far that she ended up killing herself in the process of trying to keep the formation intact.

Even if the formation was destroyed, she should still be able to escape from them as long as her state wasn't too bad.

After all, they had no plans of chasing after her considering that the people from the other empires might appear at any time to attack them. All they wanted to do was ensure their control over the spiritual metal mine so they could use the next few weeks to force out anything of value in it before the surrounding empires decided to attack the Sky Empire.

As for Yi Min showing up to get revenge in the future… None of them thought much about this when they already had to deal with the Soul Ascension Realm Experts of the surrounding empires in the future.

Not to mention, what could Yi Min possibly do? She had only just reached the Soul Ascension Realm and they had no plans of leaving the capital city where most of their important people were located.

Only when the situation in the Sky Empire finally stabilized would they have to deal with her, something that would likely take hundreds of years without the old ancestor of the imperial family returning or someone equally powerful appearing to fill the gap. Even worse, there was also the chance that one of the surrounding empires decided to risk it all and fully destroy the Sky Empire…

As the Iron Sky Kingdom was besieged by the three Soul Ascension Realm Experts, Yi Min did not take long to realize what they were planning, causing her to curse at all three of them.

Deep down, she had hoped that she would have been able to scare them away by using all of her killing formations at once, but from the looks of it, her plan didn't work and the three had decided to remain.

Not only that, but from the fact that two of them had given up on attacking and focused all of their energy on defending, it was obvious that they understood that she hadn't managed to fully stabilize her cultivation base.

If she had managed to stabilize her cultivation base in time, she would have been able to keep the stalemate going indefinitely, but… Now that her cultivation base was still not fully stable after her breakthrough to the Soul Ascension Realm, it was only a matter of time before it went out of control and ended up causing her control over her qi to dwindle before ultimately making it turn into a chaotic mess that would damage her whenever she tried using it.

In the worst-case scenario, she might even enter qi deviation and lose her cultivation base…

"Am I really forced to give up on the Iron Sky Kingdom…?" Muttering this to herself as she felt her qi slowly heading in this direction, Yi Min could not help frowning visibly as she stared towards the three Soul Ascension Realm Experts outside her formation filled with killing intent.

"M-Master, why don't you try asking that person from the Star Shattering Sect for help?"

Just at this moment, one of her trusted people and the second strongest person in the Iron Sky Kingdom, a large muscular man covered from head to toe in a beautiful set of armor appeared in the air a few meters away from her. Showing off the fact that he was in the Domain Lord Realm.

"The Star Shattering Sect…? Why am I supposed to ask them for help? What can someone in the Domain Lord Realm do against three people in the Soul Ascension Realm?" Hearing what the man said, Yi Min could not help frowning as she asked this. Not understanding why, he had mentioned the Star Shattering Sect all of a sudden.

"Ah! That's right, you might not have heard because of your focus on reaching the Soul Ascension Realm over the past few weeks, but Grand Elder Xuan managed to reach the Soul Ascension Realm not too long ago-"

"He- WHAT!?"