Having felt the dozens of terrifying auras no weaker than itself that suddenly appeared, the rabbit demon beast who had hidden away inside of the hidden pocket in his robe, poked its head out as it looked back towards the dozens of crystal fish emerging from the water as they dived into the rocky ground like it was the same as the water in the lake behind them.

Although slower than in the water, they did not lack speed when compared to the current Xuan Hao who couldn't use his movement technique.

However, compared to Xuan Hao, the crystal fish had one very clear advantage over him… And that was the fact that the qi left inside of Xuan Hao's dantian was far too low for him to continue escaping like this over an extended period of time with the spatial anomaly still present.

The only real chance he had to escape from the crystal fish who seemed bent on catching up to him, was to get out of the area covered by the spatial anomaly and start using his movement technique again. If he could do that, there would be no way for the colossal crystal fish to catch up with him. On the other hand, they would have to worry about him, as he would be able to easily attack them without them being able to do anything about it.


Not understanding any of this, the rabbit demon beast calmed down after realizing that the crystal fish weren't able to catch them and instead began to curiously observe the strange almost completely transparent fish chasing after them.


After observing the approaching crystal fish, the rabbit demon beast could not stop its mouth from watering when it noticed a particular large shiny thing inside the body of the first colossal crystal fish to appear and also the one Xuan Hao had knocked away before escaping to the mountain range.

For some reason, in the eyes of the rabbit demon beast, the large shiny thing inside the body of the colossal crystal fish closest to them, seemed awfully a lot like one of the spirit stones that Xuan Hao had given to it in the past.


Not able to control itself when faced with such a large meal waiting to be eaten, the rabbit demon beast jumped out of Xuan Hao's robe before the latter had any time to react and flew towards the colossal crystal fish in the Third Tribulation of the Soul Ascension realm just behind them-


And before the crystal fish had any time to notice the existence of the small rabbit demon beast whose cultivation base was rather hard to spot due to it having done its best to hide it, a loud sound of something sharp cutting through flesh echoed out, as the small rabbit demon beast easily pierced through the crystal fish's skin and entered its body.


Feeling something suddenly enter its body before starting to cause havoc as it began digging its way towards its vital organs and the place where its dantian was located, the colossal crystal fish stated panicking, as it came to a stop and tried using all of its strength to deal with the rabbit demon beast that was now inside of its body.

Unfortunately for the crystal fish, even though they were both at the Third Tribulation of the Soul Ascension Realm, the rabbit demon beast was already inside of its body and there was no way for the crystal fish to use its full strength to deal with it, as doing this might end up destroying its own body. Inevitably killing itself in the process of trying to get rid of the rabbit demon beast inside of its body.


Ignorant to the fear that the crystal fish was feeling as it tried everything it could to deal with the rabbit demon beast now inside of its body, the rabbit demon beast in question let out an elated squeaking sound as it found what it was looking for.


Not wasting a single second to break it free and happily start making its way back out the colossal body of the crystal fish.


At the same time that the rabbit demon beast broke the thing free, the colossal crystal fish let out a terrifying roar filled with pain, as it collapsed unconscious on the ground. Making the approaching crystal fish freeze for a moment with terror in their eyes as they watched the small rabbit demon beast emerge from the body of the crystal fish covered in the blood of the crystal fish.



However, this only lasted for a short moment, as they instantly began roaring filled with anger and killing intent. No longer moving towards Xuan Hao who was staring at the odd scene taking place, but instead moving towards the rabbit demon beast who was happily carrying some sort of strange object as it happily bounced back towards where Xuan Hao was standing. Either ignoring the dozens of colossal crystal fish filled with killing intent rushing towards it, or simply not caring about them.



Seeing the small rabbit demon beast stopping in front of him with a proud expression plastered all over its small face before starting to show off the strange object that it had dug out from the body of the crystal fish, Xuan Hao had no idea what to say.


However, the sound of the large number of crystal fish swimming through the rocky ground in his direction soon woke him up, as he grabbed the rabbit demon beast and continued to run away. Not daring to stay around and face all of the crystal fish. Especially now that all of them had been enraged even further by the rabbit demon beast's sudden strange action of digging into the body of one of them and extracting some kind of strange object the size of a small apple.


No matter what it was, Xuan Hao decided to store it inside one of his interspatial rings for now-


Much to the dismay of the rabbit demon beast who had been planning to eat the strange object after safely returning to the hidden pocket inside Xuan Hao's robe. Only able to complain for a short moment before being stuffed inside Xuan Hao's sleeve.


Over the next few seconds, Xuan Hao did his best to avoid the long distance of the crystal fish chasing after him, as he finally managed to reach the peak of the first mountain of the mountain range.

"Huh!? This… the fog covered mountain range!?"

However, after reaching the peak of the first mountain, he discovered that he was still inside the fog covered mountain range with the massive forest that he had found himself trapped inside of before entering the Third Celestial Gate.

To be more precise, he was located in the opposite direction of where he had first entered the fog covered mountain range, with the massive forest filled with Peak Soul Ascension Realm demon beast now directly in front of him, or what remained of the massive forest after the terrifying clash between the cloud demon beast and the guardian formation of the mystic realm came to an end.

In the end, it looked like only a small part of the once massive forest had managed to survive, with a few of the mountain peaks having directly melted into molten rock that now filled up a large part of the burnt down forest. No signs of the Peak Soul Ascension Realm demon beast or the cloud demon beast was present in the eerily quiet path of forest still left directly below him.


Hearing the loud roars of the crystal fish behind him, Xuan Hao didn't bother to think too much about what had ended up happening to the Peak Soul Ascension Realm demon beasts or the cloud demon beast, as he rapidly descended down towards the small part of the forest that had been left intact. Hoping that he would be able to escape that range of the spatial anomaly after reaching the forest, as he had never felt any kind of spatial anomaly preventing him from using his movement technique inside the massive forest.

Even if the formation surrounding the forest itself kept him from escaping, it didn't restrict his use of the Dao of Space inside of the formation itself. Not to mention, Xuan Hao doubted that the formation had managed to survive the clash between the guardian formation and the cloud demon beast, as the formation would have been standing in the way of the guardian formation and prevented its attack from easily reaching the cloud demon beast.

Although he felt like this should be the case, he had no way to be sure and had to risk possibly ending up trapped inside the formation again to be able to properly use his movement technique again.

In the worst case scenario, he would always be able to try and find the celestial gates again and use them to hide inside of until the crystal fish left.