Hovering around for a few minutes after dealing with the group of demon beasts that had been turned into ice sculptures, Xuan Hao finished examining his surroundings for any signs of the strange creatures before giving up and continuing to make his way out of the fog.

In the end, he could not find a single sign of the strange creature or any clues as to where they might have disappeared to and just guessed that they should have hidden away or escaped from the fog when the clash between the cloud demon beast and the guardian formation of the mystic realm took place. No matter what, Xuan Hao didn't plan to spend any longer inside the mystic realm and just wanted to leave the place before the winged lion demon beast ended up eating all of the Nascent Soul Realm demon beasts that he had ordered it to watch over.

Of course, this was considering that the winged lion demon beast hadn't eaten all of them in its attempt to breakthrough…


Rapidly moving through the fog with the now far more powerful Drifting Cloud Steps as he thought about this, Xuan Hao didn't notice a pair of eyes eerily following him from behind. Slowly, with each step he took in the direction out of the fog, it got closer and closer, until-


Xuan Hao broke through the fog and officially left the fog covered mountain range just before the owner of the pair of eerie eyes following behind him could catch up.


Coming to a stop on top of a small hill a few thousand meters away from the fog covered mountain range, Xuan Hao narrowed both of his eyes fearfully as he turned to look back towards the fog that now hid most of the mountain range hidden inside of it.

Although he did not sense that he was being followed at first, he did notice it when he was about to leave the fog.

Originally, he wanted to stop and find out who or what was following him, but his survival instincts kicked in the moment he started to spread out his divine sense to find out what was behind him and made him continue forward until he was safely out of the fog before using his divine sense to prevent possibly alerting the creature following behind him.

Even if just for a split second, the moment he was about to use his divine sense to see what had been following him, a terrifying killing intent no weaker than the clod demon beast covered him before disappearing when he directed his divine sense down towards the ground. Doing his best to pretend that he was just looking out for any potential attacks from the ground. Not daring to make the creature aware of the fact that he had noticed it tailing behind him.

In the end, he continued moving like this with the creature getting closer and closer to him until he used all of his strength to cross the distance that would normally take two steps in a single one. Successfully leaving the fog one step faster than he would with his normal speed.

As a result, the creature that was following behind him didn't have enough time to reach him before he left the fog and stopped following after him the moment, he left the fog.

What was that?

Looking back towards the fog that didn't show any signs of abnormality, Xuan Hao could not help feeling a shiver run down his spine as he wondered what kind of creature had been following behind him inside the fog.

Inevitably, he began to link the sudden strange and powerful creature that should have reached the Earth Immortal Realm together with the sudden disappearance of the strange creatures that he encountered when entering the fog in the past.

"I should probably find Qing Yi and Chu Yang and leave this place…" Muttering this to himself as his gaze remained locked on the fog covering the mountain range, Xuan Hao realized that if even he found himself in a dangerous situation, his two disciples would be in a far worse situation.

The only thing allowing him to remain calm was the fact that the part of his power that he had secretly hidden inside of their bodies had not yet activated. Meaning that no matter how dangerous their situation was, they were still safe.

However, as he made up his mind to find his two disciples before leaving the mystic realm, he quickly realized that he first had to find them, something that would be close to impossible given the sheer size of the mystic realm.

Outside of the power he had secretly hidden inside of them that would activate when their life was in danger, he had no way to locate them.

Not to mention, for the power hidden inside of them to activate and allow him to track its location, their life had to be in danger, something that would only end up happening when they ran out of the talismans, he had given them to keep themselves safe from the dangers that might be lurking in the mystic realm.

Even if he knew would know where they were after the power surged forth to protect them, it would also mean that they had run out of ways to protect themselves and would be in an extremely dangerous situation. Especially if they happened to encounter a powerful Soul Ascension Realm demon beast that wouldn't be killed by the power.

In such a situation, the power would only serve as a protective shield to buy him a short time to reach the location of his two disciples before the power would be unable to hold back the Soul Ascension Realm demon beast…

"Hah… I hope this- Huh!?"

Just as Xuan Hao was feeling a sense of unease at the prospect of his two disciples encountering a Soul Ascension Realm demon beast, he felt the power he had secretly hidden inside of Qing Yi activate-


And without wasting a single second, he turned into a blur before disappearing in the direction that he had felt his power activate to protect Qing Yi. Knowing that he didn't have a single second to waste as he soon felt the power hidden inside Chu Yang similarly activate in an attempt to strengthen the power that had burst forth from Qing Yi.

In an instant, Xuan Hao realized that his two disciples had encountered a powerful enemy that should at least have reached the Soul Ascension Realm, as he used what little control, he had over the power to form a protective barrier around his disciples. buying more time for himself to reach them in time.

Ignoring the burnt down landscape that stretched for thousands of kilometers in all directions around the fog covered mountain range.

"If I'm not wrong, we should have passed through this place in the past when we got chased by the horde of demon beast. From what I can see, we should be able to reach the place where the exit of the mystic realm is located in another day or two."

Having fully recovered and begun to make their way back towards the exit of the mystic realm, Chu Yang and Qing Yi were both filled with relief and happiness as Qing Yi recognized their current location as not too far away from the exit to the mystic realm.

"Great! Looks like we can finally leave this place! Even if it was enjoyable to fight a lot of strong demon beasts, I still feel like I need a break from the constant fighting…"

Even Chu Yang, who had been eager to fight with the demon beasts of the mystic realm when he first entered, just wanted to go back at this point in time. Having understood that it was far too dangerous for them to continue wandering around the mystic realm without the talismans of their master to protect them from the powerful Domain Lord Realm demon beasts that now seemed to be common inside of the mystic realm.



However, before the two could even react, a loud roar came from behind them as a giant demon beast far larger than any demon beast they had ever seen before suddenly appeared in front of them before swiping its large claws down towards them-


Just as the two thought they were going to die without having the chance to activate the last talisman left by their master still inside Chu Yang's storage ring, a powerful qi suddenly erupted from somewhere inside Qing Yi's body as it forcibly blocked the claws descending down towards them before knocking the large demon beast flying.


Unfortunately, the demon beast didn't suffer any substantial injuries and quickly returned to continue its attack. The difference this time around, was that it was filled with far more killing intent compared to before-

Bang! Bang!

However, as the powerful qi that had emerged from Qing Yi's was about to collapse, the same powerful qi emerged from Chu Yang's body before merging together with what was left behind from Qing Yi to form a thick barrier that blocked the attacks of the large demon beast that had suddenly appeared out of nowhere.