Shocked at what had just happened, Chu Yang and Qing Yi could only stare in disbelief as the large demon beast that had suddenly appeared in front of them started violently clawing and biting at the barrier that was now protecting them-


And as the barrier slowly started showing signs of breaking under the constant attack, they both realized that the demon beast would soon break through the barrier.

"W-what should we do…?" Feeling herself starting to panic at the thought of the barrier protecting them breaking at any moment, Qing Yi turned towards Chu Yang as she said this.

"This… I only have one of the talismans left by master. Maybe I can use the talisman the moment the barrier breaks, and we can use the opportunity to try and escape." Hearing what Qing Yi said, Chu Yang could only shake his head as he said this while looking down at the talisman that he had already pulled out and was ready to use the moment the barrier protecting them was broken by the demon beast outside.

Although he did not personally feel too confident that the talisman would be able to buy them a lot of time, as the power contained inside the barrier protecting them was far stronger than the power, he had seen being displayed by the talismans their master had given to them.

Even if it could buy them some time, he doubted that it would be enough for them to escape from the terrifying demon beast that had clearly surpassed the Domain Lord Realm demon beasts that they had encountered so far inside of the mystic realm. The strength of the demon beast was far too high for it to simply lose them after a few seconds.


As Chu Yang was preparing himself for the worst with the talisman firmly held in his hand, a crack far larger than any of the other cracks suddenly appeared on the left side of the barrier where the claws of the demon beast had just landed before starting to spread across the rest of the barrier at a speed visible to the naked eye.


At this moment, both Chu Yang and Qing Yi understood that the barrier was about to break apart as they both began looking around themselves for any possible escape path that might give them a chance to escape alive from the terrifying demon beast in front of them.


Different from Chu Yang and Qing Yi, who were panicking at the sight of the large crack, the demon beast let out a joyful roar upon seeing the large crack that was starting to spread across the surface of the barrier before attacking the barrier even more violently in an attempt to break it faster now that it knew the barrier had already reached a breaking point.



No more than a few seconds later, the barrier finally gave in and broke apart under the constant barrage of attacks from the demon beast-


However, Chu Yang and Qing Yi had both been prepared for this moment, as they rapidly began escaping in the opposite direction of the demon beast who was about to attack them now that the barrier wasn't protecting them.


Seeing the two escaping, the demon beast let out a somewhat playful roar. Understanding very well that the two had no way to escape from it with their current strength.


However, just as it was about to charge forward and put an end to their escape, Chu Yang threw out a talisman in the direction of the demon beast.



Caught by surprise at the sudden appearance of the talisman that seemed completely harmless, the demon beast had no time to react before the talisman seemingly ignited in front of it before turning into a sea of fire that soon engulfed it.


Feeling the terrifying sea of fire engulf its entire body before starting to forcibly try to enter its body and burn it from the inside, the demon beast started panicking, as it understood that it would have to use all of its strength to resist the sea of fire.

As for escaping the sea of fire? The demon beast didn't even think about this, as it clearly felt that the power of the sea of fire was far above its own. If it really did attempt to escape from the sea of fire, it didn't doubt that the sea of fire would take this opportunity to forcibly invade its body and kill it.

Because of this, the demon beast chose to remain stationary inside the sea of fire as it did its best to protect itself from the sea of fire. Understanding that it would inevitably run out of qi to keep itself burning-


Unfortunately for the demon beast, the sea of fire talisman that contained an attack that used Xuan Hao's comprehension of the Dao of Fire also had the ability to forcibly draw in qi from the air around it. Allowing it to burn for far longer than the qi stored inside the talisman would normally allow it to burn. Even if this would only buy a few extra seconds, a few seconds were extremely precious to the current Chu Yang and Qing Yi.


Also realizing that the sea of fire was burning for far longer than it had first thought it would burn given the qi it had sensed when the talisman activated, the demon beast inside the sea of fire could not help panicking as it finally discovered that the sea of fire had the ability to absorb the qi from the outside world to fuel itself and burn for a longer period of time.


Knowing that it could not just stand around and hope for the sea of fire to run out of qi after realizing this, the demon beast, who had no idea how much qi the sea of fire was actually absorbing from the outside world, could only use all of its strength in an attempt to break out of the sea of fire before it used up all of its own qi to protect itself inside the sea of fire.


As the demon beast used all of its strength to break through the sea of fire and escape from it, it landed on the ground next to the fire filled with exhaustion. Understanding that if the sea of fire could continuously burn with the constant supply of qi from the outside world, it would end up exhausting itself to death by staying inside the sea of fire and trying to wait things out.


However, just as the demon beast thought that it had managed to escape from the sea of fire and was about to chase after Chu Yang and Qing Yi who were using all of their strength to escape from it, a loud rumbling sound echoed out behind it.


And turning around, the demon beast discovered that the motionless sea of fire that had engulfed it after the talisman was activated, had condensed together into a single large flaming spear that was aiming directly at it-


Letting out a somewhat helpless roar upon seeing the large flaming spear that had condensed from the raging sea of fire, the demon beast understood that there was no way for it to escape the power of the talisman that had locked on to it.


Wasting no time, the demon beast tried to put up a defense against the fire spear, but the spear in question didn't give it any time, as it flew towards the demon beast the moment it had finished condensing all of the remaining qi left inside the sea of fire.



As the powerful demon beast and the spear of fire condensed from the sea of fire collided with each other, a powerful shockwave swept across the surrounding landscape-



Catching both Chu Yang and Qing Yi by surprise, as they found themselves getting swept up by the powerful shockwave before both of them found themselves flying through the air. Only barely managing to hold each other's hands at the last moment so as to not get separated because of this.




Not too far away, a large group of demon beasts who had been attracted by the fight that had been taking place between the powerful demon beast and the barrier protecting both of them, were similarly swept away by the powerful shockwave.


Even a Domain Lord Realm demon beast who had been hiding somewhere nearby, did not have any power to resist the shockwave, as it was similarly swept away and flung far into the distance. Having been unfortunate enough to stand closest to the place where the fire spear and powerful demon beast clashed with each other. Taking the full power of the shockwave as a result.

On another note, the Domain Lord Realm demon beast taking the full power of the shockwave did weaken it to some degree and made it far more bearable for Chu Yang, Qing Yi and the nearby demon beasts…