Looking down at the large number of elders and disciples that had gathered together at the base of his mountain, Xuan Hao did not feel like explaining what had happened and instead decided to leave together with his two disciples and the around thirty Nascent Soul Realm demon beasts who had managed to survive.


Using his powerful domain to make himself and the large number of demon beasts he was carrying invisible to these elders and disciples before flying in the direction of the Star Shattering Sect. Not at all worried about anyone finding the entrance to the mystic realm, as he had already made sure to seal the entrance with his power.

Although his lack of skill when it came to formations made it far worse than what would be normal given his cultivation base, it should at the very least prevent anyone beneath the Soul Ascension Realm from entering the mystic realm. Even if someone in the Soul Ascension Realm passed by the mystic realm entrance and found a way to forcibly enter like he had done, he would at least be alerted about this through the seal.

As for the strange rumors that would emerge in the future after some of the elders decided to go up the mountain to find the origin of the strange roaring sound, Xuan Hao didn't really think about any of this and even if he did, he wouldn't really care about a few rumors about his old mountain peak.

Returning to the Star Shattering Sect, Xuan Hao handed over the Nascent Soul Realm demon beasts to the excited elders and disciples from the beast taming hall.

However, before leaving, Xuan Hao decided to ask about the happenings in the sect over the past month. Soon Learning about the few important things that had taken place inside the sect over the past month, like the emergence of a new group of powerful disciples who were close to reaching the Nascent Soul Realm and the newest elders who had broken through to the Nascent Soul Realm.

However, other than all of this, the beast taming elder was far more excited about the brand-new hall for the beast tamers that had been constructed at the base of the Seventh Star Peak facing the direction of the Sixth Star Peak.

Transforming the relatively large valley located between the Seventh Star Peak and the Sixth Star Peak to the new living space for the growing number of demon beasts living inside the sect. Giving the beast tamers a far larger space to take care of their demon beasts without having to be worried about the inherent problems that would emerge from keeping a group of powerful demon beasts close together in the small space inside the main sect located at the Seventh Star Peak.

In the end, the elder from the beast taming hall excitedly told him about how Elder Song had been the one to spearhead the construction of the new hall for the beast tamers. Making it rather obvious just how much these beast tamers had begun to worship Elder Song, even though he should have also taken a rather large portion of the spirit stones they would normally get from the sect away from them over the past month.

Elder Song… That old man really knows how to do things, even after losing most of the spirit stones and other resources they had grown used to getting, the beast tamers are still praising him to the high heavens…

Shaking his head as he thought about this to himself while looking at the elder in charge of the new Hall of Beast Tamers almost getting down on his knees to worship Elder Song, Xuan Hao decided to leave after making sure that the Nascent Soul Realm demon beasts wouldn't cause any problems and made his way in the direction of where Elder Song was after leaving his two disciples back in their own rooms to recover.

Other than the clear improvement that the sect's elders and disciples had experienced over the past month that he had been gone, he was even more curious as to how the expansion of the sect had been progressing… And although he could ask the beast taming elder about it, he felt that Elder Song would be a far better person to ask about something like this.

After all, he was the person in charge of the expansion of the sect and would know far more than a Nascent Soul Realm elder who spent most of his time taking care of demon beasts inside the sect.


With this in mind, Xuan Hao soon arrived above a large lecture hall where Elder Song was currently in the process of teaching a group of Foundation Establishment Realm disciples about how to best prepare themselves for the Core Formation Realm.

Even with all the things he finds himself busy with, he still finds time to teach…

Thinking about this as he observed Elder Song teaching the large number of attentive disciples, Xuan Hao could not help feeling that Elder Song was once again overworking himself. However, this was also what caused his reputation in the sect to surpass that of all other elders.

Even Feng Chen as the sect master was less known by these disciples compared to Elder Song who did his best to teach them whenever he had any free time.

"-And that will be all for today's lesson. If any of you have any questions regarding the Core Formation Realm, you can always ask the other elders or your seniors in the Core Formation Realm."

As the lesson came to an end over the next few minutes, Elder Song watched the disciples reluctantly get up and leave before turning around himself and making his way out of the lecture hall in the direction of his courtyard-

"Huh? Xuan Hao!?"

However, before he left the now empty lecture hall, Xuan Hao, who had been waiting for the lecture to end from above, slowly descended from above and landed in front of him.

"Good to see you again Elder Song, I hope you have some time to talk about what took place in the sect over the month that I was gone."

"It's great to see that you are back again as well and of course I have time, let's go to my courtyard for now and I will explain what has happened over the past month." Hearing what Xuan Hao said and the fact that he had returned to the sect again, Elder Song was happily saying this and before long, both of them made their way back to his courtyard to talk about what had been happening both inside and outside the sect over the past month.

Even though not much had taken place in the first two weeks since he was gone, the same could not be said for the final two weeks that he was gone, as Xuan Hao was shocked to learn that the Flame Sky Kingdom and other large kingdoms that the sect was in the process of expanding into had joined forces and formed an alliance to fight against the Star Shattering Sect.

Although the strength of a few kingdoms with at most someone at the Half-Step Domain Lord Realm was not really anything to worry about given the current Star Shattering Sect's strength, the same could not be said after a large number of these peak experts from the different large kingdoms used a forbidden technique to forcibly break through the barrier separating the Domain Lord Realm from the Nascent Soul Realm.

Even if someone who had forcibly broken through to the Domain Lord Realm was far weaker than someone who had broken through to the Domain Lord Realm normally, it would still not be easy for the Star Shattering Sect to deal with the over 10 Domain Lord Realm Experts that had suddenly appeared because of this.

At least, that was what Xuan Hao had thought when he had first learnt about it from Elder Song…

In the end, things had not gone the way that the peak experts from the different large kingdoms had planned and one of the important elders from the Flame Sky Kingdom had apparently informed Elder Song about this over a week before it happened.

As a result, the different peak experts who had forcibly broken through to the Domain Lord Realm and were planning to destroy the different branch sects of the Star Shattering Sect that were located inside their kingdom or around it was met with nothing but empty buildings.

In the end, before the side effects of forcibly breaking through to the Domain Lord Realm ended up setting in, these peak experts could only desperately rush to the core territory of the Star Shattering Sect where Feng Chen and Shu Yao were both waiting for them to show up.

Even if there were more than 10 Domain Lord Realm Experts, they had all forcibly broken through to the Domain Lord Realm and wasn't anywhere near the real strength of a Domain Lord Realm Expert. Meaning that it was no problem for Feng Chen and Shu Yao to deal with them by working together. Especially considering that Feng Chen had also just managed to break through to the Second Stage of the Domain Lord Realm a few days earlier…