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Chapter 1969: The Sage’s reincarnation, Tyrannical Song

The several small realms of the Sixth Stage True Monarch Realm were all linked with one another.

The stronger the Life Wheel that the cultivator managed to condense, the easier it would be for them to break through to the next small realm, the Ten Heavenly Layers.

In addition, the Life Wheel could also be used to attack.

It was similar, in a way, to Fifth Stage monster cultivators spitting out their monster cores to kill the enemy. Moreover, there was no need to fear for the Life Wheel getting damaged or destroyed, as even if it did get destroyed, it would be reborn in the Spirit Lake.

However, there were very few True Monarchs who used their Life Wheel to attack their enemies.

The main reason for this was that the resulting move was a very simple attack that did not boast much attack power. In addition, True Monarchs were generally well-established in the world of cultivation, so most cultivators who reached the Sixth Stage Realm already had a plethora of strong secret techniques and magical techniques at their disposal.

Using the Life Wheel as a means of attack was quite embarrassing for most Sixth Stage True Monarchs.


At this time, the scholarly faction was still in a state of excitement. Everyone’s consciousness was still blinded by the blazing white light.

True Monarch White Crane said, “That move just now, it was from the Throne of Wealth Distribution, right?”

The Throne of Wealth Distribution was a wonderful place, and the fellow daoists of the Nine Provinces Number One Group had a plentiful harvest when they explored it. When it came to the top three prizes, several fellow daoists of the Nine Provinces Number One Group had won them, and the rewards were truly bountiful.


“Indeed, Shuhang’s strike just now should be a technique that came with the Throne of Wealth Distribution.” Senior White’s clone then said curiously, “Wait, doesn’t that mean that the Throne of Wealth Distribution is now in Shuhang’s hands? Interesting.”

Senior White was quite interested in the Throne of Wealth Distribution as he, himself, was quite fond of distributing his wealth. In fact, every time he acquired a treasure, he would share it with the people who were with him when he found it.

Additionally, the power of Song Shuhang’s Pay-To-Win Strike was really to his liking. Senior White’s intuition told him that this move suited him very well.

“In that case, Shuhang will be the one to preside over the Wealth Distribution the next time it takes place, right?” True Monarch White Crane thought for a while, then said, “Do you think Shuhang has the ability to fund the Wealth Distribution?”

Daddy Turtle said, “As the first Sage in a thousand years, he should have a considerable amount of wealth.”

Sixteen lowered her head in embarrassment. She couldn’t just tell Daddy Turtle that Tyrannical Song, the first Sage in a thousand years, was a fake Profound Sage on the verge of bankruptcy. After all, she still had to care for Song Shuhang’s image.

In addition, even if she were to tell others that Tyrannical Song was a fake Profound Sage, there was probably nobody that would believe her.

True Monarch White Crane asked curiously, “What is Shuhang doing now? Why has he stopped moving?”

Sixteen looked at Song Shuhang, who had his eyes closed, and guessed, “Perhaps he’s advancing. Considering how long it’s been, it should be time for him to advance by a small realm.”

“F*ck, he’s leveling up again.” True Monarch White Crane looked up at the sky.

“The next generation really is terrifying.” True Monarch Eternal Fire sighed. He decided to get ready to advance to the Seventh Stage Venerable Realm as soon as he got back home. He really could not bear seeing Song Shuhang catching up to his realm so quickly.

Since he had taken control of the scholarly faction’s world of the golden lotus and received its surplus energy, he was very close to advancing to the Seventh Stage Venerable Realm.

“My Shadow Sanctum…” The sharp-eyed Ruler of Shadows saw that his magical treasure was cracked.

Shadow Sanctum had been overloaded with energy, and it was covered with cracks at this moment. It looked like it would fall apart at any moment.

However, Shadow Sanctum seemed to be very excited, even shaking from time to time.

Every time it shook, the Ruler of Shadows’ heart shook as well, fearing that the bracelet would shatter.

Sister White Dragon was speechless.

Despite the scene being very shocking, it felt as if something similar had already happened to Song Shuhang many times already.

At the same time, the sound of discussion came from the disciples of the scholarly faction in the distance.

[What is the relationship between Profound Sage Tyrannical Song and the Sage? Why did the Sage take on Senior Tyrannical Song’s appearance?]

[Could Profound Sage Tyrannical Song be the reincarnation of the Scholarly Sage?]

[That must be the case! Senior Tyrannical Song, the first Sage in a thousand years, is very powerful, and everyone in the world knows his name. Moreover, the last time he delivered a speech, he delivered one on scholarly topics.]

[Don’t forget about the Impregnating Gaze. Senior Tyrannical Song knows how to use the Impregnating Gaze.]

[When I look at Senior Tyrannical Song’s back, I feel as if I’m looking at the Sage.]

[The reincarnation of the Sage… Tyrannical Song!]

True Monarch Eternal Fire fell silent for a while.

As a member of the Nine Provinces Number One Group, he was acquainted with Song Shuhang and knew that there was no way Song Shuhang was the reincarnation of the Sage. Although Song Shuhang dreamed of being a scholar and had some fate with the scholarly path, he was not the Sage.

However, he had no idea how he should clear up this misunderstanding with the disciples of the scholarly faction. The scene of the Scholarly Sage transforming into Profound Sage Tyrannical Song in the combat space was too deeply ingrained into everyone’s minds.

True Monarch White Crane laughed and said, “I feel that it won’t be long before Profound Sage Tyrannical Song really becomes the reincarnation of the Scholarly Sage in everyone’s eyes. The news is bound to spread throughout the universe.”

True Monarch Eternal Fire thought for a moment and then said, “Actually, this matter shouldn’t impact the scholarly faction negatively, but…”

This news might even unite the various scholarly factions, but it was very unfavorable for Song Shuhang.

Being the reincarnation of the Sage would attract a lot of unnecessary trouble and the eyes of many enemies.

The Sage had suppressed the universe, and everyone had been convinced by his strength at the time.

However, there would always be a few people who would hold grudges.

After all, no matter how great and charismatic a person was, he could not be loved by everyone, with Fellow Daoist White potentially being the only exception.

If the rumor that “Profound Sage Tyrannical Song is the reincarnation of Scholarly Sage” were to spread, it might attract the attention and desire for revenge among those powerhouses.

Little friend Shuhang has done so much for the scholarly faction, so we cannot leave him in this predicament.

True Monarch Eternal Fire said, “On this matter, I will discuss it with little friend Shuhang and see what he thinks. Later, I will try my best to explain the truth to the disciples of the scholarly faction and make sure that they don’t spread the news.”

In addition, little friend Shuhang seems to be short of spirit stones.

Although it’s a bit lame, when the time comes, I’ll try to prepare as many spirit stones as possible to express the gratitude of the scholarly faction.


Inside the combat space.

Song Shuhang suddenly raised his head and let out an earth-shaking howl.

His howl echoed throughout the whole combat space.

All seven of the small Spirit Lakes in his body had successfully condensed a Life Wheel!

The seven Life Wheel were born at the same time, and an indescribable pleasure and euphoria flooded his senses. The feeling caused Song Shuhang to shout at the sky.

He shouted and shouted.

And then… Song Shuhang’s head fell off.

The howling head that was tied to his neck with a silk scarf now hung behind his back.

The horrifying scene was projected all throughout the scholarly faction.

All of the disciples of the scholarly faction were dumbfounded.

Song Shuhang was momentarily at a loss for words.