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Chapter 1970: How can outsiders imagine the joy of cultivation?

Senior White Two’s head-cutting technique was far more effective than what Song Shuhang had imagined.

Even though the pseudo-eternity mode had stitched his head back, it still fell off, and a small bit of shouting was all it took.

He was no longer a “headless horseman” on a physical level as even the laws of the universe were in play now.

Song Shuhang, who was loudly shouting at the sky, had to stop himself. After all, it was not like he could just put his head back on and continue with what he was doing.

Shuhang silently stretched out his hands, and under the stunned eyes of the disciples of the scholarly faction, he grabbed his head and placed it back onto his neck.

Silence reigned supreme once again.

After pondering for a while, Song Shuhang raised his head and expressionlessly let out another round of shouting, finishing what he had started.

He was not doing this to brag as there was nothing to brag about since his head fell off.

He was doing it because when the seven Life Wheels were condensed in his body, a wave of bliss filled his senses, causing him to howl out in joy.

Cultivation truly was quite a blissful thing.

Why were cultivators able to endure the tens or hundreds of years of bitter meditation?


Needless to say, it was because cultivating was a wonderful thing!

One should not immediately assume that closing up and meditating was a very dreary and depressing matter. The joy of cultivating went beyond the imagination of outsiders!

But this time, in order to prevent his head from falling off again, Song Shuhang slightly adjusted the angle at which he shouted at the sky.

At the same time, the virtuous lamia and Fairy Creation appeared, each using one hand to support Song Shuhang’s head and prevent any more accidents.

Looking at this scene, one would feel a certain warmth in their heart.


After being quiet for a while, the disciples of the scholarly faction began applauding vigorously.

This was to relieve the embarrassment.

They believed that Tyrannical Song was the reincarnation of the Sage. Not to mention him putting his head back on and continuing to howl, even if he continued howling with his head missing, the disciples of the scholarly faction would give him face.

Just like dominoes toppling one another, after a small group of people began applauding, all the disciples in the surroundings came to their senses and began applauding for Profound Sage Tyrannical Song enthusiastically.

True Monarch Eternal Fire: “…”

Su Clan’s Sixteen: “…”

True Monarch White Crane asked, “Should we clap our hands as well?”

Sister White Dragon replied, “I’d rather not. It’s too embarrassing.”

Daddy Turtle said suddenly, “This is truly great. Most things that lose their heads are ready to be eaten. As for Tyrannical Song, since he doesn’t need his head, then maybe I can have it.”

Everyone immediately looked at Daddy Turtle in horror.

“Let’s not eat Tyrannical Song,” the Ruler of Shadows pleaded for Song Shuhang. “I recommend the Heavenly Tribulation Grand Banquet made by Tyrannical Song as it tastes great. If you eat the chef, it would be no different from killing the chicken that lays the eggs. If you leave Tyrannical Song alive, we can continue to eat his delicious cooking.”

True Monarch White Crane agreed, “Yes, chickens are also very cute. Let’s not kill them.”

True Monarch Eternal Fire silently looked up at the sky. Although he was a knowledgeable person, he did not want to speak right now.

Inside the combat space.

After Song Shuhang finished shouting, he was finally satisfied. He used his inner sight to see the seven newly born Life Wheels in his body.

The structure of a Life Wheel was related to the golden core, life-bound magical treasure, and Big Dipper.

Its base structure would be that of a wheel, but the specific details would vary according to the cultivator’s cultivation technique and golden core.

Song Shuhang’s first small Spirit Lake was formed from the original nine-dragon-patterned small golden core, and the Golden Core Composition on it was [The Forever Impregnable Holy City].

The Life Wheel on the Spirit Lake was made up of eight serrated blades connected end to end. Each serrated blade was painted with the Impregnable Holy City on one side, while the other side was painted with the All-Destroying Giant.

The wheel of serrated blades was very imposing, and it clearly belonged to the powerful attack-kind of Life Wheels.

The second Spirit Lake was formed from the colorful monster core. The Golden Core Composition on it was [The World-Ending Holy Sword]. The Life Wheel on the lake matched the Golden Core Composition with eight broadswords connected end to end, creating a sword wheel.

Moreover, these eight sharp swords could be disassembled!


These are eight swords in total! And they’re all high-quality swords!

Once he brought out this sword wheel, it would be just like bringing out eight flying swords. Shuhang was sure that it would look really cool.

Similar to the previous Life Wheel, the Golden Core Composition that this Life Wheel was based on was painted on each of the swords.

The third Spirit Lake was formed from the virtuous diamond ball, and the Golden Core Composition on it was [The Once Absolute Voice of the Sage of Ancient Times]. The Life Wheel formed from this Spirit Lake was a wheel of eight sharp metal pages.

The fourth Spirit Lake was formed from the blood demon core, and its Golden Core Composition was [The Limitless Crystal-Clear Water Pavilion].

The Life Wheel formed from this Spirit Lake was quite special. It was a spherical Life Wheel made up of eight strange spiraling swords.

The fifth Spirit Lake was formed from the mechanical core reactor, and its Golden Core Composition, the [Star of Creation and Destruction] was in a four-frame comic format. Its Life Wheel stayed in line with its characteristics as it was formed by eight sharp interlocking gears. In short, it was a gear wheel.

The sixth Spirit Lake was formed from the ancient divine witch blood; one of the most important cores for Song Shuhang as its Golden Core Composition was the QR code.

Its Life Wheel looked the most ordinary. It was an octagonal life wheel, and its special characteristics could not be discerned at first glance.

The last Spirit Lake was formed by the Black Dragon World’s ancient nether dragon soul. Its Golden Core Composition was [The Connected World], and it was a network created by the virtuous lamia.

Its Life Wheel was an extension of the theme of connections. It was made up of eight circles of sharp threads that varied in size. Altogether, it formed a round wheel of threads.

After checking out his Life Wheels, Song Shuhang nodded with satisfaction, the small hands of the two fairies supporting his head as he did so.

After the birth of the Life Wheels, he finally had a few more means of attack.

Today, he finally had a Sixth-Stage-level attack that he could use.

Song Shuhang willed it, and the seven Life Wheels broke out of his body.

The serrated blades wheel, cool swords wheel, metal pages wheel, spiraling swords ball wheel, interlocked gears wheel, octagonal life wheel, and the circular thread wheel.

Other cultivators only had a single Life Wheel as a backup, but Song Shuhang had seven.

Moreover, among the seven Life Wheels, other than the octagonal life wheel, the rest could have their parts separated from one another.

Hehe, I can launch an attack made up of 49 Life Wheels, are you afraid?

Song Shuhang was very satisfied. The only regret he had was that he could not produce another Life Wheel. With another Life Wheel, he would have a nice 50 Life Wheels.

“I’ve finished advancing. Let’s go and look through the spoils.” Song Shuhang waved his hand, motioning for the two fairies to follow him as he went to check if there were any treasures left by the fat ball’s clone after it died.

After he finishes looting treasures, he could go to close up to consolidate his realm.

“Song~ Stupid~” Fairy Creation sang aloud. “It’s not over yet.”