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Chapter 1971: The most miserable Ten Heavenly Layers bottlenecks!

Song Shuhang looked puzzled.

It’s not over yet?

What’s not over yet?

After a while, he realized that the Sage’s energy that had entered his body had not been completely used up yet.

After the seven Life Wheels were condensed, the power of the Sage’s obsession continued to nourish them alongside his Spirit Lakes.

After Life Wheels were the Ten Heavenly Layers.

Under the blessing of the power of the Sage, the seven newly-born Life Wheels began to grow. Then, they charged toward the next small realm, the Ten Heavenly Layers.

The first four layers of the [Ten Heavenly Layers] corresponded to the apertures opened by a cultivator when establishing their foundation, the small dantians of the Second Stage, the mysterious meridians of the Third Stage, and the nine immortal bones of the Fourth Stage.

The first four heavenly layers were layers that all those who ascended to the True Monarch Realm could open without problems.

The only difference was made by the strength of the Life Wheel. When a powerful Life Wheel broke through to the Ten Heavenly Layers, the faster it did so, the greater the efficiency. On the contrary, if the Life Wheel was weak, then the time it took to open the four heavenly layers would be much longer.

As for Song Shuhang’s Ten Heavenly Layers, breaking through them was so easy that he, himself, could hardly believe it.

He did not even have to do anything, his Life Wheels alone were more than enough to do the job.

Other cultivators only had a single Life Wheel, and when they charged into the Ten Heavenly Layers, they had to rely on their single Life Wheel to desperately grind through the layers.

However, Song Shuhang had seven Life Wheels!

When they charged into the Ten Heavenly Layers, each wheel did not remain in its respective Spirit Lake, but they gathered together.

The serrated blades wheel, the cool swords wheel, the metal pages wheel, the spiraling swords ball-like wheel, the gears wheel, the octagonal life wheel, and the thread wheel all came together under Song Shuhang’s call and gathered in his first small dantian.

The seven Life Wheels spun frantically and rushed upwards.

In addition, when Song Shuhang was attacking the Ten Heavenly Layers Realm, there were still some other forces in his body that helped out by strengthening his seven Life Wheels.

For one, the power of virtue of the virtuous lamia.

The power of virtue was to a certain extent, a kind of panacea. Whether it was cultivation, advancement, transcending tribulation, or fighting, it could play a role in all of them.

Another one that helped out was his ghost spirit.

The ghost spirit in Song Shuhang’s body was very low-key, so low-key that even Shuhang would sometimes forget that she existed. However, this ghost spirit would always come out and shine during critical times. A ghost spirit and the cultivator it was contracted to were considered as one entity, and it was nothing short of a cheat in the world of cultivation. Whether it was cultivation, advancement, transcending tribulation, or fighting, it could play a role in all of them.

Then, there were the two sets of the Thirty-Three Divine Beasts’ Combined Magical Treasure.

In a certain way, the life-bound magical treasure represented the cultivator. A powerful life-bound magical treasure could do pretty much anything.

And then were his Sage Seals—the Profound Sage Tyrannical Song Seal, the Demonic Sage Tyrannical Scholar Seal, and the Ancient Sage Tyrannical Dragon Seal.

These three Sage Seals brought Song Shuhang an all-around buff.

All kinds of powers and buffs acted on the seven Life Wheels, strengthening them to the extreme.

These seven Life Wheels turned into the wheels of fate as they rolled forth.

There was nothing that could resist the wheels of fate.

Other cultivators needed to close up and wait patiently to break through to the Ten Heavenly Layers Realm, while Song Shuhang merely had to wait for a short while for his seven Life Wheels to force their way through.

This might just be the most miserable Ten Heavenly Layers bottleneck in the entire history of the world of cultivation.


Song Shuhang’s whole body trembled as a refreshing feeling assaulted his senses—the first layer of the first Spirit Lake’s Ten Heavenly Layers had been broken through.

The area of the Spirit Lake expanded, and Song Shuhang’s physical fitness, mental strength, and overall strength improved.

Moreover, due to the battle between the Scholarly Sage’s obsession and the fat ball’s clone, there were a lot of the Sage’s battle experiences, cultivation experiences, and obsessions that were left in Song Shuhang’s mind.

These experiences would become materials that would aid Song Shuhang in strengthening his will in the future.

After the seven Life Wheels blasted open the Ten Heavenly Layers of the first Spirit Lake, they moved to the second Spirit Lake. They spun again, and then the power of virtue, the ghost spirit, the life-bound magical treasures, and the Sage Seals strengthened them.

Then, it was just a repeat of what happened a few moments ago.


They broke through the Ten Heavenly Layers bottleneck of the second Spirit lake with ease.

The seven Life Wheels did not even need Song Shuhang to actively control them.

After that, they took the initiative to rush to the third Spirit Lake—steamrolling through things was a very refreshing and enjoyable thing, and that was exactly what the seven Life Wheels were doing.

“Boom~” The fourth Spirit Lake’s Ten Heavenly Layers, broken.



The speed at which the Life Wheels broke through the Ten Heavenly Layers got faster and faster.

While Song Shuhang was still immersed in the refreshing feeling brought about by the expansion of the second Spirit Lake, the third, fourth, fifth, sixth, and seventh Spirit Lakes all had their Ten Heavenly Layers broken through.

Song Shuhang’s body trembled from the pleasure.

He felt slightly overwhelmed by the refreshing feeling.

Song Shuhang believed that he had a strong tolerance to pain thanks to his iron will.

However, when it came to pleasure, his resistance was slightly lacking.

This is a shortcoming… In the future, I need to pay attention to this and find a way to increase my resistance!

Senior Scarlet Heaven Sword, who was strapped to Song Shuhang’s waist, said happily, “This is karma. The Heaven’s Will’s retribution!”

The heavens can see everything a man does.

It’s not that it won’t do anything, it’s just that it wasn’t time yet!

Using the ❮Saber-Nurturing Technique❯ twenty times in a row was fun, wasn’t it?

Song Shuhang, this is retribution!

Song Shuhang said softly, “Hiss, this is terrifying.”

In one breath, his Life Wheels had broken the bottlenecks of his seven Spirit Lakes.

It was so easy for the Life Wheels that it seemed that they still had a lot of energy to spare.

Song Shuhang felt that he was in great shape, and the same went for the Life Wheels.

In this state, perhaps they would go past the first heavenly layer and move on to attacking the second layer of the different Spirit Lakes.

Just as the thought came to his mind, the seven Life Wheels began to move once again.

They gathered at the first Spirit Lake, spinning and rolling toward the poor second heavenly layer.

They repeated this action time and time again.

With unstoppable momentum, they soon steamrolled through the rest of the second heavenly layers.

Song Shuhang’s body began trembling again, like how a phone would vibrate when getting a call.


In the eyes of the disciples of the scholarly faction, after Senior Tyrannical Song shouted and howled out loud, he suddenly stood still.

Then, his body started shaking.

What’s he doing?

The scholarly faction disciples did not understand what they were seeing.

However, they could vaguely sense that Senior Tyrannical Song’s aura was becoming stronger and stronger as he kept shaking.

Is this shaking thing that Senior Tyrannical Song is doing a way to make breakthroughs?

Inside the Inner Demon Cave.

“Am I seeing things?” Daddy Turtle asked suddenly. “Did Profound Sage Tyrannical Song just condense several Life Wheels and is currently attacking the Ten Heavenly Layers Realm?”

“Hm, Fellow Daoist, you must have misunderstood,” said Senior White’s clone. “That should be a magical technique that’s just similar to the Life Wheel. That’s why Tyrannical Song can use seven at once. He should have comprehended something during the battle and is now in the middle of creating an offensive secret technique.”

An expressionless face was the face best suited for spouting serious nonsense.

“That makes sense,” Daddy Turtle said.

Tyrannical Song was indeed tyrannical.

When he’s done, I’ll use an Eighth Stage Roaring Dragon Cannon to take revenge for my daughter; it shouldn’t cause much damage to him.