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Chapter 1972: Jealousy made me…

Under everyone’s gazes, Song Shuhang’s body continued to vibrate like a phone.

This vibrating mode that Song Shuhang was in was quite addictive. Once one got into it, they would not be able to extricate themselves from it anytime soon.

Fairy Creation and the virtuous lamia held Song Shuhang’s head with their hands, and their bodies began vibrating alongside Song Shuhang’s.

The two fairies looked happy and seemed to be having a good time as they shook all over.

“Are you not finished leveling up?” asked Senior Scarlet Heaven Sword.

He’s been shaking for quite a while now, hasn’t he? Is his leveling process really taking that long?

Even when it had been struck with 20 consecutive instances of the ❮Saber-Nurturing Technique❯, it did not shake for as long as Song Shuhang did. As an inner demon, it felt unsettled and started to become subject to one of the basic characteristics of inner demons—jealousy.

[I’ve broken through to the Ten Heavenly Layers Realm and gotten past the first, second, third, and fourth heavenly layers. Now, I’m attacking the fifth layer.] While continuing to shake, Song Shuhang sent a voice transmission to Senior Scarlet Heaven Sword.

The reason why he transmitted his voice rather than speaking was that he did not dare to speak out loud. He was afraid that if he opened his mouth, he would start letting out moans and that would ruin his image.

The black Scarlet Heaven Sword was taken aback for a moment, and then it said, “You’ve broken through four heavenly layers in a row? Heavens, how many layers are you planning to break at once?”

Although it knew that Shuhang’s seven Life Wheels had to be overpowered, what they were displaying was far beyond what it imagined they would be able to do. It began to wonder whether or not Song Shuhang was possessed by the Sage.

The Ten Heavenly Layers were just as the name suggested, layers. After a True Monarch condensed their Life Wheel above their Spirit Lake, their Life Wheel would rush upward, and blast its way through the Ten Heavenly Layers.

The Ten Heavenly Layers was a realm where one reaped the benefits of their hard work—the stronger the foundation laid at the Fifth Stage, the farther one could go in this minor realm.

The first four layers were the foundation, corresponding to the roots built by the cultivator from the First to Fourth Stage. As long as they ascended to the True Monarch Realm, these first four layers were pretty much guaranteed to be eventually broken through.

However, the issue here was that for ordinary Sixth Stage True Monarchs, when they broke through these first four layers, it took them years.

Yet, Song Shuhang had cleared his first four heavenly layers in an instant. If an ordinary True Monarch were to hear of this, they might even start crying from the feeling of injustice!

Senior Scarlet Heaven Sword gnashed its teeth and said, “All this jealousy will give me an inner demon!”

Inside Song Shuhang’s shadow, the black-skinned Soft Feather popped out and reminded seriously, “But senior, you’re an inner demon yourself.”

The black Scarlet Heaven Sword changed its wording. “Jealousy has made me pregnant, producing a little inner demon.”

Song Shuhang: “…”

Senior Scarlet Heaven Sword’s words made sense. However, as its voice was high-pitched and cutesy at the moment, it was quite hilarious when it spoke so seriously about pregnancy.

“Pfft~” Pavilion Master Chu’s strand of hair, which was on Song Shuhang’s head, couldn’t help but let out a sputter of laughter.

[I feel that there’s still a lot of energy inside my body. It should be enough to go for at least another two or three layers.] Song Shuhang made an estimate and then sent a voice transmission.

From the fifth layer of the Ten Heavenly Layers onward, it would become time to test how good one’s foundation was.

The fifth layer and above corresponded to the number of dragon patterns that a cultivator’s golden core had.

A golden core set one’s path, and the number of dragon patterns would determine how far they would walk in the future!

After cultivators with four or five dragon patterns ascended to the True Monarch Realm, they would eventually be able to make their way to the fifth heavenly layer. However, their road would stop there. If they did not stumble upon any fortuitous encounters, they would remain in the True Monarch Realm for the rest of their life.

Those with six dragon patterns would be able to make their way to the sixth heavenly layer. But similarly, after that, they would not be able to go further without fortuitous encounters.

After breaking through the sixth heavenly layer, ordinary cultivators could opt to stop attacking the remaining layers and enter the next small realm directly, the Lotus Formation small realm. In this minor realm, they would condense their nascent soul, and then step into the Seventh Stage Venerable Realm.

This was why it was common knowledge that only cultivators with at least six dragon patterns could hope to ascend to the Seventh Stage.

If one wanted to go further, show their divinity and ascend to the Profound Sage Realm, or even set foot in the Tribulation Transcender Realm, then they needed to have a golden core with at least seven dragon patterns.

In the Nine Provinces Number One Group that Song Shuhang had joined, all of the members who had reached the Fifth Stage Realm had golden cores with at least seven dragon patterns.

In other words, every member of the Nine Provinces Number One Group would have the opportunity to become a Profound Sage and a Tribulation Transcender.

If not for Senior White Two drawing dragon patterns for him back then, Song Shuhang and Soft Feather would have drastically dragged down the average number of dragon patterns among the members of the Nine Provinces Number One Group.

If one did not want to limit their future to the Venerable Realm, they needed a golden core with at least seven dragon patterns. Besides that, when they reached the Ten Heavenly Layers, they had to make their way to the higher layers in order to lay a strong foundation for their future cultivation.

The seventh layer of the Ten Heavenly Layers was a pivotal point.

The seventh layer was quite special. If one wanted to break through this layer, they needed to rely on a powerful life-bound magical treasure and the power of their Big Dipper. Moreover, the Big Dipper had to at least be medium-grade, and it would have to work together with the cultivator’s life-bound magical treasure to break this heavenly layer.

The eighth layer could only be broken if one had seven dragon patterns. True Monarchs who had reached this layer could easily escape from ordinary six-dragon-patterned True Monarchs who had ascended to the Venerable Realm.

The ninth layer needed one to have eight dragon patterns, and those who broke through it reaped quite the harvest. Talented True Monarchs who broke through the ninth layer already possessed the fighting power of an ordinary Venerable, only lacking certain unique moves such as the illusory reality.

Moreover, the difficulty of reaching the ninth layer was not inferior to the difficulty that a sixth-dragon-patterned True Monarch had to face while ascending to the Venerable Realm. Those who could persevere to this point were already top geniuses in the world of cultivation.

The tenth layer required a nine-dragon-patterned golden core to be broken through. The True Monarchs who reached this layer were all VIPs.

In the ancient era, those legendary Sixth Stage True Monarchs who could defeat Seventh Stage Venerables had reached this level.

They were all favored sons of heaven, and as long as they did not die due to unfortunate circumstances, it was not difficult for them to become Tribulation Transcenders.

Even when it came to those big shots who eventually stepped out onto their own path and ascended to the Immortal Realm, when they were younger, nine out of ten of them had been this kind of VIP True Monarch.

Of course, this did not mean that those who were not VIPs could not become top-tier powerhouses.

One great example was Demon Emperor Hezhi. With only eight dragon patterns as a foundation, he had to go through many hardships in order to become the Demon Emperor.

Demon Emperor Hezhi was honestly very remarkable.

In fact, in some ancient sects, Demon Emperor Hezhi was used as an example to encourage the disciples.

“You’ve been shaking for quite a while now. Have you already broken through the fifth layer?” Senior Scarlet Heaven Sword asked again.

Even though the jealousy it was feeling made it want to give birth to an inner demon, it could not help but be curious about Song Shuhang’s progress.

Song Shuhang replied, [I’ve already broken through the sixth layer, and I’m preparing to attack the seventh layer.]

After replying, he suddenly had a thought.

Wait. Don’t I have seven spirit lakes?

Should I try to experiment and see if I can make one of them enter the next stage now that I have broken the sixth layer? Would I be able to condense a nascent soul?