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Chapter 1974: A cannon shot of grace

What took place made the fat ball feel especially uncomfortable.

It had hidden itself very well, leaving not even the slightest clue that it was still there. It had become a part of Tyrannical Song’s body, and nobody should have been able to tell that it was there. It believed that even if White was standing right next to it, he would absolutely have not been able to detect it.

Yet, that stupid turtle suddenly launched an Eighth Stage-level attack at Tyrannical Song.

Because of that, the incredibly vulnerable portion of the fat ball that was stuck to Tyrannical Song’s body got hit.

This was the second time that it had suffered a loss at the hands of a giant turtle of disaster.

Previously, Tyrannical Song had taken advantage of the properties of Skylark’s body parts to draw over a giant turtle of disaster and escape from its grasp. And this time, it was still a giant turtle of disaster that ruined its plans.

It now held some hatred toward these giant turtles of disasters!


“Aahhh~” Song Shuhang let out a miserable scream. This time, the virtuous lamia did not get to snatch his lines. This was because she had teleported out of Song Shuhang’s body when he had been attacked, taking the blast in his place. As a result, her body was shattered into countless dots of light, and it would take a while for her to recover.

The cannon blast engulfed Song Shuhang’s body, creating what looked like a magnificent firework.

Daddy Turtle said loudly, “Tyrannical Song, this cannon shot is for my daughter! Be grateful that it only had power at the Eighth Stage. With this, we can write off all the grievances between us!”

After roaring, his dragon head swung around handsomely. Then, he opened a spatial passage and disappeared into it.

That cannon shot was merciful on his part, as an Eighth Stage Roaring Dragon Cannon should not cause too much harm to Profound Sage Tyrannical Song.

Even if Tyrannical Song was in a weakened state, it should not kill him as Daddy Turtle’s control over his power was very good.

With that, he had avenged his precious daughter.

Daddy Turtle felt like he had carried everything out perfectly.

Meanwhile, on the ground.

The corners of True Monarch White Crane’s mouth twitched. “That… was a cannon shot at the Eighth Stage, wasn’t it?”

“This is bad.” Senior White’s clone rubbed his eyebrows. “Could it be because of the nonsense I spouted a while ago?”

Sixteen hurriedly took out her treasured saber and rode it over to the location of the explosion.

Sister White Dragon’s figure wrapped around her and protected her.

With Sister White Dragon protecting her, there was no need to worry about the power of the explosion affecting Sixteen.

Senior White’s clone also leaped forward and grabbed the White Dragon’s claws—he was currently in an energy-saving state, so he had to reduce his consumption to the minimum.

Inside the Inner Demon Cave, Senior Ruler of Shadows conjured out some arms and a chin, pinching his own chin. “Sure enough, there’s something wrong.”

Tyrannical Song’s true strength was a lot lower than what he had imagined.

In fact, from the first time he had met Fellow Daoist Tyrannical Song, he was aware of this fact. However, his three Sage Names were simply too dazzling, and he also had quite the combat record, so the Rulers of Shadows had not looked too deeply into it.

However, Daddy Turtle’s attack just now allowed the Ruler of Shadows to properly determine Fellow Daoist Tyrannical Song’s strength, which was weaker than what it initially appeared.


In the sky, the aftermath of the explosion gradually subsided.

Sixteen, Sister White Dragon, and Senior White’s clone approached the blast zone.

“Sixteen, don’t come over.” Song Shuhang’s weak voice echoed. “Be careful not to get possessed.”

The cannon shot just now had nearly taken his life. However, it also saved him.

If he survived this time, he had to look for an opportunity to express his gratitude to Daddy Turtle.

If not for Daddy Turtle attacking him, he would not have discovered that a part of the fat ball’s clone was attached to his body.

The endurance and regeneration ability of the fat ball was simply too terrifying—back then, the Sage had also fallen due to these abilities of the fat ball.

If the fat ball managed to attach itself to his body, it would have at least a thousand different ways to destroy him later; it was far more terrifying than dying from the Roaring Dragon Cannon.

After all, he could resurrect in the Black Dragon World should he have died from the cannon shot, but the same could not be said if he died at the hands of the fat ball.

The black-skinned Soft Feather exclaimed, “Senior Song, kill it while it’s weak!”

The black Scarlet Heaven Sword added, “Don’t give it a chance to recover!”

Pavilion Master Chu added, “I’m out of energy, so you’re on your own.”

At this moment, Song Shuhang had long jet-black hair spilling over his body.

It was Pavilion Master Chu’s hair. Although she did not have much energy, the Roaring Dragon Cannon only had power at the Eighth Stage. Pavilion Master Chu merely needed to spread her hair over Song Shuhang’s body to defend him from the attack.

While Pavilion Master Chu retracted her hair, Song Shuhang used all of his strength, using his palm to violently attack the mercury-like metal object.

At the same time, he roared loudly, “Holy Light, this wicked one seems worth fighting!”

It was the ❮Holy Light Sword Technique❯’s first form: Evil Slashing Holy Light Sword!

When using this sword technique, the louder one’s roar was, the stronger the power of the holy light that would be unleashed.

Song Shuhang used his palm instead of a sword to perform this move. When he did this, the holy light attribute of the big-eyed planet that merged with the Defiant Whale Warrior’s Glove was fully integrated into the attack.

From Senior White Two, he learned that the ruler of the Netherworld hated energies such as holy light and the scholarly faction’s righteous qi. Holy light could cause harm to the body and mind of a Netherworld Ruler.

While performing the ❮Holy Light Sword Technique❯ with his palm, Song Shuhang’s ❮Scholarly Indestructible Body of the Buddha❯ was fully activated. Due to him leveling up by several small realms just a short while ago, the number of Holy Apes he had also increased to 66.

Moreover, there were still 500 transparent Holy Apes behind Song Shuhang that had yet to completely dissipate—these transparent Holy Apes were the ones summoned by the Scholarly Sage before.

After the power of the Sage disappeared, they had also begun to dissipate. There were originally thousands of transparent Holy Apes, but now only five hundred remained. Over time, these transparent Holy Apes would also disappear.

But for now, they could still bolster Song Shuhang’s power and the strength of the righteous qi.

The scholarly faction’s righteous qi was a perfect match for the Evil Slashing Holy Light Sword.

After barely surviving the Eighth Stage turtle cannon, the extremely weakened fat ball’s clone was then struck by Song Shuhang’s palm of holy light.

Song Shuhang’s attack carried righteous qi strengthened by the residual power of the Sage and the big-eyed planet’s high-quality holy light.

The fat ball’s body and mind were struck hard, and its mercury-like body shrank down quite a bit.

But soon, thanks to its powerful self-healing ability, it recovered from the damage.

“Evil Slashing Holy Light Sword!” Song Shuhang’s right hand frantically struck the fat ball’s body.

He summoned all seven of his Life Wheels and had them attack at full power.

At the same time, his left hand was not idle.

The Lightning Palm, Buddha’s Giant Palm of Punishment, Thirty-Three Divine Beasts’ Technique’s Huge Whale Chapter’s Huge Whale Spout, Demon Subduing Buddhist Fist Technique, Heaven Burning Flaming Saber Technique…

Song Shuhang used all of the skills he had and used them on the fat ball.

He kept on unleashing attacks, but then somewhere in the middle, his hand slipped, and he accidentally added a ❮Saber-Nurturing Technique❯ to the flurry of attacks.

“Ahhhh~” The fat ball’s clone trembled violently and let out a terrified cry.