Chapter 2020: New hidden plot? Translator: GodBrandy

Not long ago, Song Shuhang had been thinking of asking Senior White to use his illusory reality again when he returned to the main world.

He did not expect his wish to be granted so quickly.

In the past, when he was still new to cultivation, he had been pulled into Senior White’s illusory reality by mistake. And when he was inside, he was abused repeatedly by the young man in green robes.

But now that his strength had reached the Sixth Stage True Monarch Realm, he felt that he would definitely be able to beat up the young man.


A part of his confidence came from Doudou’s speculations. Doudou had speculated that the young man in green robes inside the desert only possessed strength between the Second and Third Stage.


When Doudou, Song Shuhang, and Young Mistress Candy had been pulled into the illusory reality, Doudou also met the young man in green robes. At that time, Doudou, who was at the Fourth Stage Realm, only needed to assume his true form and lie still on the ground, and the young man in green robes could not do anything to him.

And now, if Shuhang, who was at the Sixth Stage, were placed against the young man who was around the Second or Third Stage Realm in strength, then… Hehehe!



“Over here, young man!” Song Shuhang laughed heartily as he turned to look in the direction the sound was coming—Young man, let me teach you a lesson on fist techniques today!

“Jingle~” The horse bell’s ringing got closer and closer.

Soon enough, a young man in green robes and a white horse could be seen approaching Song Shuhang.

The young man looked handsome. He had red lips and white teeth, and his skin was as smooth as jade. He looked about fifteen or sixteen years old.

There’s no mistake, it’s him!

He was the exact same as he was six months ago. Nothing had changed about him.


When Song Shuhang saw the young man in green robes, the young man also saw him, and their eyes made contact.

“Now, the line I should be hearing next is [Little White, Little White, I finally found you]. This line was akin to a nightmare back then.” Song Shuhang replayed the plot of the illusory reality in his head.

While he was in thought, the young man in green robes and the white horse reached a small sand dune and stopped.

The young man held the horse’s reins as he looked at Song Shuhang from a distance. He made no further movement afterward.

Song Shuhang looked puzzled.

Why hasn’t he come over yet?

The young man in green robes left the horse alone.

Then, while standing on that little sand dune, he began throwing punches.

He first displayed a basic fist technique, which was the same fist technique he hammered into Song Shuhang’s mind and body back then.

After he finished performing this basic fist technique, he switched to a higher-level fist technique.

His fists were filled with energy, and along with his movements, the yellow sand flew up in the sky.

The scene looked majestic.

Song Shuhang scratched his head in confusion.

The plot seems to be playing out differently.

Could it be that I triggered some hidden plot?


The last hidden plot he triggered was the young man in green robes confessing to Little White.

Could it be something similar this time?

Song Shuhang was looking forward to what would happen next.

After a while, the young man finished performing three other sets of fist techniques. He then retracted his fists, exhaled, and led his horse away along with the sound of its ringing bell.

He walked away just like that…

And just like that, Song Shuhang was left alone and confused in the scorching hot desert.

Am I supposed to keep waiting for him under the scorching sun?

Is he not going to come up and beat me like last time?

“Don’t go!” Song Shuhang chased after the young man in green robes.

With his current speed, it was not difficult for him to catch up to the young man in green robes. However, before he could even take two steps, the young man and the white horse had disappeared.

Song Shuhang looked up at the sky, speechless.


It doesn’t matter. The young man in green robes and the white horse will definitely come back soon.

Song Shuhang stopped in his tracks and found a place to sit in the desert.

If I see the young man in green robes again, I won’t say anything and I’ll immediately make a move!

At that time, the power of his fists and twenty hair-fists would be unleashed fully. He would let the young man in green robes know how powerful he was right now.


After about five or six minutes, the pleasant sound of a ringing bell could be heard again.

He’s back!

Song Shuhang jumped up from his spot and looked in the direction the ringing was coming from.

A young man and a horse appeared in his vision once more.

“Hehehe.” Song Shuhang clenched his fists and spread out his long hair, forming twenty fists. He was ready to go.


The young man in green robes and the white horse reached the sand dune once again.

As before, the young man paused when he saw Song Shuhang. Then, the two of them stared at each other.

The young man left his horse beside the dunes and began to practice a fist technique.

This time, Song Shuhang did not give him a chance to escape.


“Basic Buddhist Fist Technique, One!”

His punch shot forward as fast as a bullet and as heavy as an artillery shell. The power it carried was overwhelming!

The young man in green robes smiled when he saw Song Shuhang jump up.

“Little White, you aren’t angry, are you?” While he was speaking, he moved forward and raised his arm, easily receiving Song Shuhang’s punch.


Song Shuhang’s punch was deflected with ease.

At the same time, the young man struck out with his other palm, launching it right at Shuhang’s chest.

Puzzled, Song Shuhang urged his psychic energy and forcibly lifted his body to avoid the palm.

At the same time, all twenty of his hair-fists locked onto the young man. The ❮Basic Buddhist Fist Technique❯, the ❮Demon Subduing Buddhist Fist Technique❯, the ❮Buddha’s Giant Palm of Punishment❯, and the ❮Thirty-Three Divine Beasts’ Technique❯’s ❮Huge Whale Spout❯ were used all at once.

The twenty fists smashed toward the young man in green robes in unison.

“Hehehe. Little White, you’re amazing, but I won’t lose to you.” The young man revealed a joyful smile. “Watch this secret technique of mine… Thousand-hands magical technique!”


The young man’s palms drew strange arcs in the air. Each of these palms carried the power of fate.

In the next moment, Song Shuhang saw a sea of palms—his vision was completely filled with the palms of the young man.

It was a despicable AOE attack!


Those palms that filled the sky not only neutralized all of Song Shuhang’s attacks but also forced him into a defensive stance.

This was not something a cultivator at the Second or Third Stage Realm could do.

Nobody in the Second or Third Stage Realm was this powerful.

Shuhang could no longer underestimate his opponent. He had to treat the young man in green robes as someone of the same realm as him.

Song Shuhang’s wooden body shook.

“Basic Buddhist Fist Technique, Two!” His two fists and his twenty hair-fists all performed the second form of the ❮Basic Buddhist Fist Technique❯.


Every single one of his fists was like a shooting star as they blasted out hundreds of supersonic attacks in an instant.


“Boom! Boom! Boom!”

Song Shuhang and the young man in green robes fought at supersonic speed, attacking each other countless times.

Every time their fists and palms met, terrifying shock waves ensued, followed by a thunderous booming sound.

After thousands of collisions, a storm had formed in the desert.

The young man in green robes was on par with Song Shuhang.

“Heh.” Song Shuhang’s eyes lit up.

While their fists and palms were about equal, he still had his eye techniques.

“Expert’s Appraisal!” Song Shuhang’s left eye lit up. This was a skill that only peerless powerhouses could resist. Now, it was time to see whether or not the young man in green robes was immune to it.

The Expert’s Appraisal, once released, was unavoidable.

“Neigh~” Just as Song Shuhang’s left eye lit up, a hoof came falling down from the sky and landed on his back, knocking him to the ground.


Song Shuhang: “???”

“Oh, time’s up. I have to go back.” The young man in green robes also stopped.

He jumped up, mounted the horse, and rode it into the distance. “Little White, you look so good with long hair.”