Chapter 2024 Senior Thrice Reckless pinging me

Lady Onion looked around curiously and asked, “Is this the Beast Realm?”

“Yes, this is indeed the smell of the Beast Realm’s air,” replied Song Shuhang. The air of the Beast Realm was different from Earth, and if one smelled it carefully, they would notice that it smelled a bit like eggs. In some places where the temperature was relatively high, the smell would even match that of scrambled eggs.

When one was hungry, breathing in the Beast Realm’s air was akin to torture.

Song Shuhang took out the metal disc and said, “I’ll contact Fairy Blue Phoenix to confirm where we are. It’s about time for our meeting.”

Senior White replied, “Okay.”

Senior White then moved toward the giant flying sword. Due to the violent collision with the mountain, the tip of the magical treasure was severely damaged.

Sixteen asked, “Senior White, do you need to repair the flying sword?”

“No need for that,” Senior White smiled and said. He stretched out his hand slightly, and the giant flying sword shrank to the size of a metal bar.

Senior White replenished it with spirit stones and summoned it again.


After a wave of sci-fi- like transformations, the small bar became a giant flying sword again.

The shining flying sword looked brand new, and the damage it had suffered before was gone.

This feature was simply too convenient.

With it, every time one summoned the flying sword again, they’d no longer have to worry about minor damages.

In the meantime, Song Shuhang’s metal disc connected with Fairy Blue Phoenix’s.

“Fellow Daoist Tyrannical Song, have you arrived in the Beast Realm?” Fairy Blue Phoenix sounded expectant.

Song Shuhang said with a laugh, “Yes, Fairy Blue Phoenix. We have arrived at Beast Realm. Where should we meet?”

Fairy Blue Phoenix replied, “I’ll send the coordinates to Fellow Daoist Tyrannical Song. I’ve prepared a place for you and your friends. I’m just waiting for you to come over.”

She then sent Song Shuhang the coordinates through the metal disc. Both parties could use the metal disc like a navigator. It was very convenient.

Senior White leaned over to take a look, nodded, and said, “It’s not that far. Get on the flying sword. We’ll fly over.”

The giant flying sword was switched on, and it began flying toward the coordinates sent by Fairy Blue Phoenix.

This time, Song Shuhang kept his eyes on Senior White the whole time.

He was afraid of Senior White unknowingly getting distracted and unleashing his illusory reality again.

The flying sword flew steadily, and Senior White did not get distracted this time… probably because Song Shuhang was staring at him the whole time.

Song Shuhang let out a breath of relief.

Behind him, Lady Onion took out a phone and began watching movies online.

Song Shuhang turned his head and asked, “Huh? Lady Onion, how come you have a signal in the Beast Realm?”

Lady Onion was stunned for a moment. She patted the onion sprout above her head and said, “Right, this is the Beast Realm. Why can I surf the Internet?”

Song Shuhang was equally confused.

“I set up a special, mobile WiFi in this flying sword. As long as the spatial passage that connects it to Earth remains stable, the people inside can connect to Earth’s network,” Senior White said without turning his head. “It’s similar to when Song Shuhang had his neck in the ‘living spring’ of his Inner World and the rest of his head in the outside world. The origin of this WiFi is on Earth, but it can reach inside this magical treasure.”

“So that’s the case.” Song Shuhang nodded. This was a good method, but ordinary cultivators who had not mastered any spatial abilities could not accomplish this.

Senior White continued, “Actually, there are quite a number of other worlds in the universe that have stable spatial passages with Earth. People in the world of cultivation also sell packages of interworld mobile WiFi, but those ones transmit a signal through a spatial formation. They aren’t that good, and their price is on the high side.”

“Do we need a password to connect to the WiFi, Senior White?” Song Shuhang took out his phone and tried to connect to the WiFi inside the flying sword.

Senior White replied, “There isn’t a password. It would not really matter as the only way to connect to the WiFi is by being inside this magical treasure.”

Song Shuhang managed to connect to the network.

He habitually opened the Nine Provinces Number One Group, just in time to see that someone had tagged him.

It was Frice Reckless Mad Saber.

“Does Senior Thrice Reckless need me for something?” Song Shuhang had been swiping through the chat logs when he saw that Thrice Reckless Mad Saber had pinged him earlier.

It was about two minutes ago.

Song Shuhang thought to himself, What a coincidence. If I hadn’t connected to the Internet, I wouldn’t have seen Thrice Reckless Mad Saber’s message.

In the chat.

Fice Reckless Mad Saber: “@Tyrannical Saber Song One, little friend Shuhang, I remember that you have Fengshou Express Delivery’s contact info. Give it to me so that I can send you a package as well.”

What is Senior Thrice Reckless going to send?

Song Shuhang scrolled up again and found another message from Senior Thrice Reckless.

To be precise, there were several messages.

Fice Reckless Mad Saber: “Tragic… Today was truly tragic. “

Northern River’s Loose Cultivator was the first to reply to Thrice Reckless. “What happened?” Fice Reckless Mad Saber: “I finally managed to contact Fairy Skylark. She’s got something to do in the Beast Realm, so we decided to meet up there.”

Cute Doudou: “Screw you! It’s still broad daylight, why do you have to abuse us single dogs like this? How did we annoy you?”

Young Master Phoenix Slayer: “Don’t interrupt, Doudou. This is perfect food for single dogs. You should be happy and enjoy the feast.”

Fairy Lychee: “…”

Snow Wolf Cave Master: “I almost forgot that Phoenix Slayer used to snatch away Doudou’s food. For example, he was very fond of the special bones that Senior Yellow Mountain bought for Doudou. So, if you’re sending dog food, Phoenix Slayer will also enjoy the meal.”

Cute Doudou: “…”

Northern River’s Loose Cultivator: “Stop changing the topic. I want to know what happened next. @Frice Reckless Mad Saber, then what?”

Fice Reckless Mad Saber: ” Because I arrived a bit early, Fairy Skylark wasn’t there yet, so I just started practicing on a cliff in the Beast Realm. After practicing for a while, I got a little bored, so I set up a high bar on the cliff. Then, I sealed my spiritual energy and began having fun. It was very exciting, and I strongly recommend everyone to try this. When I was holding onto the bar and saw the abyss in front of me, the excitement I felt was simply beyond words!”

Northern River’s Loose Cultivator: “…Why were you practicing at the edge of a cliff?”

Fairy Dongfang Six: “Did your hand accidentally slip and cause you to fly off the cliff?”

“No, my hand did not slip. This is not the first time I’ve played around like this,” Thrice Reckless Mad Saber retorted. “Anyway, I was having loads of fun and was in a better state than ever before. I even performed an extremely difficult acrobatic move. But just as I did that, a giant flying sword flew over from nowhere. It plunged into the mountain peak, blowing it away. This caused me to get thrown off the cliff. As a result, I fell into a valley and got seriously injured.”

Seeing this, Song Shuhang was left speechless.