Chapter 2028 Moving on their own

“Senior White’s hometown?” Song Shuhang’s eyes lit up.

This was because he realized that if he could find Senior White’s hometown, he could get more information on Senior White’s origins!

In the past, the two Senior Whites would always end up avoiding each other due to various factors. That was, of course, until their first official meeting.

After the two Whites met, they shared some of the information they had with each other. One of the things they shared, for example, was that (Wielder of the Will White) had left a backup, and that backup was probably a little sister. Another thing they shared was the production method of the small-black-room-breaking disposable flying sword.

Finally, the two Senior Whites tried to shed some light on their identities.

After all, there were too many similarities between the two, both in appearance and character.

Even their dark past was the same, as that line about long hair reaching the waist could provoke both Senior Whites.

However, that incident was remembered differently by the two of them.

From what the main world’s Senior White remembered, he was Little White.

Yet, according to Senior White Two’s memory, he was the young man pulling the white horse

—this part of his memory was shared by him and Wielder of the Will White.

Also, in Senior White Two’s memory, Little White was the embodiment of the desert, and he faced a problem one day. He could no longer maintain his existence and began to disappear. In order to keep Little White alive, White Two chose to refine the desert and fuse with him. He then abandoned his name and became “White.”

The memories of the two Senior Whites clashed.

This was why Song Shuhang, who had just swallowed a Rebirth Pill and was not afraid of death on that fateful day, rolled up his sleeves and with the consent of Senior White, used the secret appraisal technique on him to pry some information out of him.

After doing that, he finally got some useful information:

Senior White was a human.

Senior White was a unique existence in this world, and his origin was out of the ordinary.

He had to look for Senior White’s hometown if he wanted more information.

“Fellow Daoist White’s hometown? Is it near Garre Holy Mountain?” Fairy Blue Phoenix looked at Sage White curiously, now wondering if he was born in the Beast Realm.

Senior White replied, “I’m not quite sure myself. The memory I have of my ‘hometown’ is very vague. It might be because it has been too long, or it might be the aftereffect of some secret technique I used when I was younger.”

Song Shuhang looked at Garre Holy Mountain and smiled slightly. “My intuition tells me that after entering the holy mountain, we might shed some light on this matter.”

Half of Senior White’s true body had escaped from the Ninth Stage heavenly tribulation, choosing to adventure with him all the way to Garre Holy Mountain.

Senior White Two had a magical stone tablet, which was borrowed by a phoenix from the Beast Realm before he became the Wielder of the Will, that remained in the trial grounds of Garre Holy Mountain.

All paths related to the two Senior Whites led to Garre Holy Mountain.

Song Shuhang said boldly, “Let’s have a good rest and head to Garre Holy Mountain tomorrow!”

With Senior White by his side, he had nothing to fear!

“Then, I shall take everyone to the accommodation I have prepared for you so that you may have a good night’s rest.” Fairy Blue Phoenix blushed slightly before leading the way for Song Shuhang and others.

Song Shuhang was planning on having a good rest and preparing for tomorrow’s trials. However, he did not expect that not long after arriving at the place Fairy Blue Phoenix had arranged for him, he would get busy.

A group of patients who were severely infected by the evil energy of the Netherworld had come to him looking for treatment.

They looked pitiful, and their eyes were filled with an eagerness for salvation. Their hopeful expressions made Song Shuhang unable to have the heart to refuse them.

Although he had lost his actual heart, his wooden heart was also strangely soft.

In any case, despite his fierce reputation, Song Shuhang’s kind nature had not been lost —this was something the seniors of the Nine Provinces Number One Group and the two Senior Whites really liked about him.

This batch of infected patients came prepared. It seemed they had been instructed by some expert before coming over.

As a result, after each patient was cured, Song Shuhang received a large number of forging materials, medicinal seeds, and spirit fruits which he sent into the Inner World.

Due to the rewards, Song Shuhang was finding it even harder to refuse those who came.

He was not one of those stubborn old people who would not accept gifts.

These rewards were exactly what he needed.

The Inner World was so big, and there were too many places where he could plant spirit plants. Having more kinds of plants was good for the development of the Inner World.

In addition, several of his disciples had yet to forge their life-bound magical treasure. As their master, he had to save materials for them and make it so that they could win the race of cultivation at the starting line.

And if he was going to attend the Su Clan’s annual meeting in December, he could not go empty-handed, could he?

Moreover, since he had made a trip to the Beast Realm, he had to bring back some souvenirs for the seniors of the Nine Provinces Number One Group. If Senior Thrice Reckless was going to give everyone some souvenirs, he had to bring something back as well.


As he was curing the patients, without him noticing, it had gotten quite late.

Another day had passed.

When he was about done treating all of the patients, Song Shuhang’s Inner World had gotten a free meal.

“Shuhang, are you done yet?” At this moment, Sixteen pushed open the door and entered the room. Behind her, a treasured saber was floating in the air. The grown-up version of Sixteen was lying on it.

The adult version of Sixteen had not woken up yet.

Sixteen had just entered the door when thousands of tentacles suddenly flew toward her.

These were the Inner World’s lotus roots.

The roots moved as fast as lightning, and before Sixteen could even react, they had inserted themselves into the body of her grown-up version.

Song Shuhang called out, “No, wait!”

Just now, he was focused on the things inside the Inner World as he was sorting out today’s harvest. As a result, the lotus roots seemed to regard the grown-up version of Sixteen as a patient and automatically pierced her body.

Sixteen was at a loss as to what to say.

Song Shuhang quickly issued an order to the roots, “Come back.”

As soon as he ordered them, the lotus roots rushed back.

Although they had been stopped by Song Shuhang in time, the roots had still absorbed some energy from the grown-up version of Sixteen when they had taken root in her body.

The unconscious woman frowned, groaning in pain.

“Fortunately, I didn’t drain her dry.” Song Shuhang snapped his fingers, and the lotus projection disappeared.

Sister White Dragon emerged from Sixteen’s body and asked curiously, “Your lotus projection roots can extract more than just the evil energy of the Netherworld?”

Song Shuhang nodded. “The Inner World is not a very picky eater.”

“Then, how about you try extracting some of Sixteen’s energy?” Sister White Dragon’s small claws stretched out, and she pinched her chin.

Song Shuhang’s eyes widened, his face confused.

Sister White Dragon said, “Don’t you practice the (Holy Ape Dragon Power Technique)? Since Skylark reminded you to take a dragon with you, and there is no slot for Sixteen, why don’t you just draw a portion of her energy and take it with you?”

Song Shuhang looked at Sixteen.

Should I stab her with my tentacles…?

After visualizing the scene in his mind for a bit, he realized how horrible it would look…