Chapter 2031 I’ll turn around for you!

After singing those lines, Fairy Creation put on a ferocious look.

She bared her teeth at the adult Sixteen, trying to intimidate her.

At this moment, Song Shuhang wished he could stuff Fairy Creation back into his body right away.

The adult Sixteen was not scared. She even dared to look Song Shuhang in the eye and came charging at him at incredible speed.

“Tsk.” Song Shuhang’s wooden body crossed its arms, and behind him, the two sets of the Thirty-Three Divine Beasts’ Combined Magical Treasure emerged.

At the same time, seven Life Wheels appeared. As long as Song Shuhang’s willed it, he could destroy the adult Sixteen in a single attack.

“Shuhang, don’t attack.” Sister White Dragon patted Song Shuhang with her claw. “Trust Sixteen. She is stronger than you think.”

In the air, Sixteen unsheathed her treasured saber.

The small dragon horns on her head drew lightning, and the air was instantly filled with water vapor that later turned into fog.

The lightning and fog at Sixteen’s feet formed a scene that resembled a cloud-filled landscape painting.

The adult Sixteen was also within the scope of this huge “painting”.

Saber light flashed.

Dozens of saber wounds appeared on the adult Sixteen’s body, and blood splattered everywhere.

The cloud-filled landscape was not just a pretty painting; it was part of Sixteen’s saber technique.

When Sixteen’s saber was unsheathed, the landscape revealed its sharp edges.

“This is Sixteen’s saber path.” Sister White Dragon was like a parent who was watching her child win an award. She said proudly, “This is her unique way of combining art and saber. She is a true genius when it comes to saber techniques.”

The adult Sixteen was in great pain. The serious injuries that her body just suffered instantly rendered her unable to move.

As a result, her body fell down from the sky.

Song Shuhang stretched out his hand and stopped her.

Using psychic energy, he supported the adult Sixteen’s body, allowing her to smoothly land back on the ground.

While lying on the ground, she turned her head and stared at Song Shuhang’s wooden body, her eyes full of nostalgia.

“Hiss!” Behind Song Shuhang, Fairy Creation continued to bare her teeth.

Sister White Dragon smiled slightly. “It’s over.”

Sixteen descended from the air. “Sister White Dragon, help me.”

“Sure.” Sister White Dragon loosened the grip on Song Shuhang’s neck and returned to Sixteen.

In the next moment, something similar to an illusory reality appeared behind Sixteen. In this space, there was a surging river.

Sister White Dragon’s claw made a grabbing motion, and a crystal coffin emerged from the spirit river.

Witnessing Sixteen’s trial ceremony again, Song Shuhang thought of Yu Jiaojiao, whom he had not seen for a long time, and her seabed cemetery.

If Sixteen took time to develop a Spirit River Crystal Coffin Service, perhaps it could compete with Yu Jiaojiao’s seabed cemetery business!

Sister White Dragon looked at Song Shuhang. “I’m getting the feeling that you’re thinking of something stupid.” When big shots were facing Song Shuhang, they would automatically get a face-reading ability.

Sister White Dragon said, “Stop thinking of nonsense. Move the adult Sixteen over here.”

Song Shuhang raised his finger, and his psychic energy picked up the adult Sixteen’s body, sending her over to Sixteen.

Sixteen stretched out her arms to catch the adult Sixteen and gently placed her inside the crystal coffin, covering it with a lid.

After placing the other Sixteen into the coffin, Sixteen let out a breath of relief.

Sister White Dragon’s voice sounded. “Don’t let your guard down. Before the ceremony is completed, you must remain cautious all the time.”

After saying that, she wrapped around Sixteen, setting up numerous defensive barriers around her.

At the same time, a beam of light shot out from a gap in the crystal coffin, hitting the defenses that Sister White Dragon had set up.

Sixteen said, “I was careless.”

The laser struck the defenses, failing to get past them.

However, the beam of light did not dissipate after its failed attack. Instead, just as if it had just been reflected by a mirror, it bounced toward Song Shuhang!

“Be careful, Shuhang!” Lady Onion shouted from afar.

However, it seemed like it was too late.

That laser landed on Song Shuhang’s body, getting under his skin.

Senior Turtle said slowly, “Since the very beginning, her target was Shuhang.”

After the beam of light penetrated Song Shuhang’s body, it was as if it had come to life; it started to move about in Song Shuhang’s body.

It was trying to take control of the wooden body!

Sixteen looked down at the crystal coffin. Her trial clone was still lying inside, motionless.

“Perhaps my previous guess was wrong,” Sister White Dragon said. “It seems that it was not Sixteen’s trial clone that absorbed a mirage dragon, but a guy with the power of mirage dragons who invaded Sixteen’s trial clone.”

Now, this fellow left the trial clone and found a new target to possess, Song Shuhang’s wooden body in this case.

“She wants to take Shuhang’s body? Then drive her out!” Lady Onion shouted. After all, Song Shuhang’s wooden body was more useful than his head!

This wooden body would bear delicious fruit, and the branches could also be used to make magical treasures.

If, in the future, the poor Song Shuhang could not pay her wages, she could sell the fruits and branches of his wooden body to cover for her wages!

Due to this, Lady Onion did not want to lose the wooden body.

“Don’t worry.” Senior Turtle chuckled.

“Shuhang’s body is not so easy to take over.” Sister White Dragon laughed at the same time.

Senior White held his teacup and took a nice sip.

Then, a big tree beside him shook, causing loud rustling sounds.

“Adult Sixteen, your performance was excellent. Let me turn around and face you!” Song Shuhang’s voice sounded, and the big tree turned around, revealing Song Shuhang’s face.

The beam of light that was trying to take over the body of “Song Shuhang” froze. If Song Shuhang was beside Sage White, then whose body was it trying to take over?

“Do you want to know what happened?” The corners of Song Shuhang’s mouth curled upward. He raised his right hand and made a hand seal and said, “Then allow me to clear your doubts.”


The “Song Shuhang” that had been invaded by the adult Sixteen turned into a flame.

“The (Flame Substituting Technique) is a very useful technique. As Senior Eternal Fire guessed, it does suit me well. After taking some time to study it, I managed to reach the beginner level.” Song Shuhang crossed his arms behind his back and said, “Now, it’s time for you to start your performance, adult Sixteen.”

When a beam of light that could take control of another creature’s body invaded someone’s substitute, what would happen?

If the person who created the substitute canceled the magical technique, what would happen to the beam of light?