Chapter 2034 Human head and dragon body, dragon head and human body

Fairy Blue Phoenix had met Sixteen back when she had gone to Earth. Because of that, she found herself confused as to when Sixteen had become Daoist Turntable’s companion.

Sister White Dragon stretched out her claw and patted Sixteen’s head lightly, as if comforting a child.

Behind Daoist Turntable, a young beast cultivator kicked his calf and said, “Master, don’t make trouble.”

“Senior Tyrannical Song, thank you for taking care of our injured companion,” said Daoist Turntable with a cough. He stretched out his hand and pushed forward a gift box, extending it toward Song Shuhang.

Those of the Beast Realm were especially diligent when it came to gift-giving.

Daoist Turntable continued, “As agreed, we’ve come over to take Sixteen back.”

Song Shuhang smiled slightly, pushed the gift back, and said, “She is not your Sixteen, but my Sixteen.”

He was planning on clarifying the matter regarding the adult Sixteen to these cultivators from the Beast Realm.

“Huh?” Daoist Turntable was bewildered. In just one night, Sixteen has become Profound Sage Tyrannical Song’s?

Is the charm of the first Sage in a thousand years that terrifying?

While he was in thought, the corner of his eyes suddenly caught sight of the picturesque Sage White sitting in the pavilion.

Daoist Turntable frowned. If it were Sage White’s charm, I can understand how Sixteen might have fallen in love overnight. However, I don’t get how that would happen for Senior Tyrannical Song…


Sixteen secretly fell in love with Sage White, but wanted to take a detour, so she confessed to Profound Sage Tyrannical Song in order to stay by Sage White’s side!

Daoist Turntable’s mind was filled with all kinds of thoughts, and he instantly thought up the plot of a bitter love drama.

Just as he was unable to extricate himself from his thoughts, the trembling beast cultivator behind him mustered up the courage to say, “Se… Senior Tyrannical Song, even if everyone has already become pregnant with your child, you can’t use that matter to force Little Sister Sixteen to become your daoist companion. Although Little Sister Sixteen once said that she would only get together with a single daoist companion in her life, that does not mean that you can become her daoist companion just because of what you did during your speech!”

Song Shuhang retorted, “Fairy, don’t speak such misleading words. That’s called experiencing the process of pregnancy, and it’s a part of the ‘maternal love chapter’ of the Scholarly Sage’s teaching. It’s a very serious subject.”

Daoist Turntable coughed lightly and looked at Sixteen. “Sixteen, what’s going on here?”

He and the beast cultivators behind him all looked at Sixteen.

Sixteen pinched her chin and fell into thought.

Song Shuhang found himself quite curiousthere was a rather large difference in size and temperament between the adult Sixteen and Sixteen, yet Daoist Turntable and his companions seemed to have decided that they were one and the same.

From beginning to end, they did not seem to have thought of the possibility that the Sixteen in front of them was not their companion.

[That’s because the ceremony has been completed.] Sister White Dragon used the secret sound transmission technique to transmit her voice to Song Shuhang’s ears. (After the ceremony was completed, the adult Sixteen became Sixteen. Even some of the adult Sixteen’s memories can be viewed by Sixteen. Therefore, it is normal for these beast cultivators to regard Sixteen as their companion.]

Sixteen once said to Song Shuhang that even if the trial fails, “she” would not disappear, and this was the very principle she was referring to.

Song Shuhang looked up at the sky. I didn’t even ask it out loud and just thought about it in my mind. Despite that, Sister White Dragon answered my inner doubts!

Sixteen said to Daoist Turntable, “I’ll go with you to participate in Garre Holy Mountain’s trial.”

The adult Sixteen had practiced a formation with these five beast cultivators to pass the outer trials of Garre Holy Mountain. Without the adult Sixteen, the formation would be missing a very important piece, which would be disastrous for Daoist Turntable and his party.

As such, she decided to take the place of the adult Sixteen and sever the karma in this way.

Furthermore, she needed a slot that would allow her to enter Garre Holy Mountain.

After passing the outer trials of Garre Holy Mountain, she could join Song Shuhang.

“Senior White, can you do me a favor?” Sixteen looked at Senior White.

Senior White nodded and asked, “What is it?”

“Can you cut Sister White Dragon and me into two halves? Like what you did to yourself?” Sixteen asked.

Sister White Dragon almost fainted from fright.

“No problem,” replied Senior White.

Sixteen giggled. “Thank you, Senior White.”

She lifted her clothes, revealing her slender waist.

Senior White summoned out a box-shaped magical treasure and moved it toward her waist.

Under everyone’s terrified gazes, Sixteen’s body was cut apart.

However, there was no blood coming out of the incision, and Sixteen was still alive and well.

Song Shuhang took a step back and gently embraced Sixteen’s upper body.

At the same time, Senior White summoned the magical treasure and gestured at Sister White Dragon.

Sister White Dragon asked, “Can we not?”

Everyone fell silent.

Sister White Dragon sighed. “Alright. Just be careful when you cut me. My waist is right here. Don’t make a mistake.”


Sister White Dragon’s body was also cut into two halves.

Song Shuhang said, “I’m surprised that this magical treasure worked on Sister White Dragon.”

Sister White Dragon’s state was similar to the virtuous lamia, and she had a body made of pure energy. It was thus quite surprising that her body could be cut in half in such a way.

Following that, under Senior White’s machinations, the half-bodies of Sixteen and Sister White Dragon were exchanged.

On one side was a combination of Sixteen’s upper body and Sister White Dragon’s lower body.

On the other side was a combination of Sister White Dragon’s upper body and Sixteen’s lower body. The body with Sixteen’s upper body waved to Song Shuhang and co. and left with Daoist Turntable and the several other beast cultivators.

As for the body with Sister White Dragon’s upper body, she stood beside Song Shuhang and patted his shoulder with her hand before saying softly, “Shuhang, do I look like the ‘Dragon King of the Four Seas’ from that movie now, the kind with a dragon head and a human body?”

Song Shuhang shook his head. “In that movie, only the head of the Dragon King of the Four Seas was a dragon head. But as for you, Sister White Dragon, your whole upper body is that of a dragon. By the way, can’t you assume a human appearance?”

“I can’t at the moment. But as Sixteen’s cultivation realm improves in the future, I’ll be able to transform like Fairy @#%x,” Sister White Dragon replied. “However, I would still prefer to remain as a dragon.”

Song Shuhang glanced at himself, at Senior White, and at Sixteen + Sister White Dragon’s fusion.

He felt that the three of them were really a great combination.

Eventually, Fairy Blue Phoenix brought Song Shuhang and Senior White to the holy mountain.

Both Senior Turtle and Lady Onion had been sent into the Inner World by Song Shuhang.

“Fellow Daoist Tyrannical Song, Fellow Daoist Sage White, are you ready?” Fairy Blue Phoenix asked. “The trial ground is about to


While she was speaking, a golden moon appeared in the sky, right above the holy mountain.

Rays of golden moonlight shone down, and roads were formed by runes that had emerged out of thin air.

“All those who have a slot for the trial can embark on these golden roads and move onward.” Fairy Blue Phoenix blushed slightly as she continued, “I wish Fellow Daoist Tyrannical Song success.”