Chapter 2035 Hugging Senior White’s thigh

Song Shuhang cupped his fists and said, “Thanks for your kind words, Fairy Blue Phoenix.”

However, for some reason, her wishing him success felt like it was raising a red flag…

The roads of golden runes reached the ground one by one. At last, six runic roads appeared in front of Song Shuhang and Senior White.

Song Shuhang asked, “Senior White, which way do we go?”

There were several roads ahead. If it were another cultivator, they would probably worry themself to death when faced with so many choices.

Fortunately, Shuhang had Senior White by his side.

He could simply let Senior White choose and then follow him.

With Senior White’s luck, he had nothing to worry about.

“This one.” Senior White made his choice. Then, he stepped onto one of the runic roads, getting transported to Garre Holy Mountain as if he had taken an escalator.

Song Shuhang jumped onto the same road.

The combination of Sister White Dragon and Sixteen followed closely behind them; she had also successfully embarked on the trial roads.

“It seems that even after Sixteen was cut in half, she’s still considered as one person.” Song Shuhang turned his head to look at Sister White Dragon and nodded.

It was equivalent to them having gained an extra fighter for free.

The runic roads transported Senior White, Song Shuhang, and Sister White Dragon into the depths of Garre Holy Mountain.

Along the way, Song Shuhang saw that on the trial roads not too far away from theirs, the other practitioners would, from time to time, tremble, scream in pain, or fall to their knees and break down crying.

It seemed that as soon as they embarked on the runic roads, the trial had begun.

What was the best way to test out the (Holy Ape Dragon Power Technique)?

Of course, it was taking attacks!

A full-on attack on a practitioner’s body would effectively test their mastery of the (Holy Ape Dragon Power Technique).

Therefore, the beast cultivators on the runic roads were suffering various attacks.

Lightning, fire, humongous pressure, floods, hammers, slashes, etc.

These attacks could not be seen by outsiders. Only those who were taking the trial and standing on the runic roads could see and experience these events.

“Fortunately, I brought Senior White with me,” said Song Shuhang with lingering fear.

So far, the runic road that he and Senior White had taken did not make them experience any disaster.

“Huh? I thought that you would be disappointed. After all, aren’t you Song ‘I Enjoy Pain, Pain Makes Me Stronger’ Shuhang?” The black Senior Scarlet Heaven Sword said. Its state was very special, and just like the black-skinned Soft Feather, it could sneak into Song Shuhang’s shadow and join the trial.

Song Shuhang: “…”

I just have a strong tolerance for pain, but that does not mean that I enjoy pain. Don’t put me together with masochists!

The black Senior Scarlet Heaven Sword said seriously, “Shuhang, you have three body-tempering techniques, so there’s no need to shy away from the challenge. I recommend that you jump onto the road next to us and enjoy the trial to its fullest and strengthen yourself.”

Song Shuhang reached out and used the (Saber-Nurturing Technique) on Senior Scarlet Heaven Sword ten times.

After the second instance of the (Saber-Nurturing Technique), Senior Scarlet Heaven Sword had already turned quiet.

Senior White turned around and said, “We’re here.”

The runic road had directly transported everyone to the bottom of the giant tree growing on Garre Holy Mountain.

Senior White stepped off of the runic road, and as soon as he took his feet off of the runic road…

“Boom! Boom! Boom!”

Right by Song Shuhang’s ears, the sound of explosions echoed.

The sound of the explosions was mixed with the sound of thunder and the crackling fire.

At the same time, Shuhang felt as if a humongous weight had been placed on the top of his head.

As soon as the walking lucky charm, Senior White, left the runic road, the trials erupted in all their strength.

“Aaahh!” Song Shuhang screamed again and again.

If he were to face the trials one by one, he would not be afraid of them in the slightest. The pain caused by each one separately was no different from a drizzle to him.

However, when they all erupted at the same time, the sheer number caused a great change in intensity, and the pain they inflicted reached a terrifying level.

Song Shuhang could not help but let out his classic four-toned scream.

The attacks did not last long as Song Shuhang was already close to the end of the runic road by the time Senior White stepped off of it.

As he finished screaming, he reached the end.

Senior White turned around and used a healing technique on him while sharing his analysis. “It seems that the pain inflicted by the trial road is mental. There are no signs of injury on your body.”

“That was for the best. My mental pain tolerance is over ten times higher than my physical pain tolerance.” Song Shuhang then turned to look at Sister White Dragon.

Were Sister White Dragon and Sixteen going to be okay?

On the runic road, Sister White Dragon scratched her chin with her little claw and said, “Lightning damage? It’s so weak.”

She was a member of the dragon race, and her resistance to lightning damage was very strong

The weak lightning attacks used by the trial road were not even enough to scratch an itch for her.

“I’m afraid that the majority of the road’s energy was used up on Shuhang’s body,” Pavilion Master Chu’s strand of hair said. In preparation for the possibility of the Inner World getting blocked as they entered the trial area, she had transplanted a strand of her hair on top of Song Shuhang’s head.

“So that was the case. No wonder the attack felt so weak.” Sister White Dragon used a healing technique on Shuhang. “You’ve worked hard, little friend Shuhang.”

Song Shuhang took a breath and patted his chest.

In the meantime, the people on the other roads were also delivered to the bottom of the giant tree.

Almost all of the practitioners had passed the test of the runic roads.

After all, this was just an appetizer.

Those who had been deemed qualified to participate in the trial had considerable strength, so it was normal for them to be able to make their way through the runic roads as long as they tried hard enough.

Other than a few particularly unlucky guys, who fell into a coma due to unforeseen circumstances, the rest managed to make it through the runic roads.

After everyone arrived at the feet of the giant tree, rays of golden moonlight came down again.

When he was bathed in the golden moonlight, Song Shuhang felt his skin become thicker. It seemed all those who practiced the (Holy Ape Dragon Power Technique) would benefit from the moonlight.

The moonlight bath lasted for about ten breaths of time.

After that, the giant tree opened.

Inside the giant tree, one by one, cabins came into view.

The size of the cabins varied. There were single-person models, two-person models, and some that looked like they were made for five or six people.

Song Shuhang: “…”

Pavilion Master Chu speculated, “It looks like we’re going to be sitting in these cabins.”

“As usual, Senior White, please choose a cabin,” said Song Shuhang. This time, he was going to hug Senior White’s thigh tightly. If Senior White left the cabin, he would immediately follow him!

At the same time, he turned to inspect the crowd. But as there were too many beast cultivators, he could not find Sixteen.