Chapter 2036 Malice from the world

Song Shuhang asked, “Sister White Dragon, can you sense Sixteen’s position?”

“I’ll try.” Sister White Dragon closed her eyes and searched for a while. Then, she shook her head and said, “Garre Holy Mountain is worthy of its fame. I can only vaguely perceive the aura of my and Sixteen’s other half. When I try to pinpoint them, the specific coordinates seem as if they’re changing every moment.”

In Sister White Dragon’s field of vision, Garre Holy Mountain was composed of countless small spaces, and the position of these small spaces was ever-changing.

Because the frequency at which the spaces were moving was too fast, she would lose track of Sixteen right after locking onto her aura.

“It is indeed an interesting place,” Senior White praised.

Senior White’s interest was piqued.

Song Shuhang laughed and said, “Senior White, which cabin should we choose?”

A place that could attract Senior White’s interest was a place where crisis coexisted with opportunity. Song Shuhang had thus decided to hold onto Senior White’s thigh tightly. He would make sure that the distance between him and Senior White would not exceed one meter.

“Hm, let’s just go with that one.” Senior White stretched out his hand and casually pointed to a cabin.

“Then that one it is. Sister White Dragon, let’s….” All of a sudden, Song Shuhang found himself at a loss for words. This was because the cabin that Senior White had randomly pointed at was a small, single-person cabin.

And it was a smaller model among single-person cabins. It looked like only someone like Sixteen could fit inside it. Song Shuhang’s wooden body was huge, so he would not be able to squeeze into the cabin with Senior White.

If Senior White went into that cabin, what were he and Sister White Dragon supposed to do?

If they were to sit in separate cabins, then the distance between him and Senior White would definitely exceed one meter!

How could he hug Senior White’s thigh if that happened?

No, I have to try my hardest.

“Senior White, that cabin is too small. How about we switch to another one?” Song Shuhang suggested to Senior White.

In general, Senior White was a very reasonable person. If Song Shuhang’s suggestion made sense, Senior White would consider it.

But this time, Senior White seemed to have an especially soft spot for this cabin.

He shook his head slightly, his smooth black hair fluttering in the air.

“I like this cabin,” Senior White said seriously.”My intuition tells me that this single-person cabin is the most interesting among the lot. No other cabin is as interesting as this one.”

Song Shuhang tried persuading, “But that cabin is too small. At most, only one Sixteen can squeeze into it. Senior White, it will be difficult even for you to squeeze into it. The space inside is just too small, and it would definitely not be a good experience to sit inside it. We should choose a three-person cabin.”

Senior White looked thoughtfully at the small cabin.

Indeed, the space inside the cabin was a little too small. It would be really crowded if he sat inside it.

“Idiot, don’t use Sixteen as a unit of measurement.” Sister White Dragon hit Shuhang with her claw in dissatisfaction.

At this moment, the black Scarlet Heaven Sword had already recovered, and it could not wait to add, “Yes, Fellow Daoist White, it’s best if you choose a three-person cabin so that Shuhang can hug your thigh. Hahahaha.”

“Fellow Daoist Scarlet Heaven Sword, you are too straightforward,” Pavilion Master Chu’s strand of hair said. “Although your words are true, you should save some face for Shuhang.”

Song Shuhang: “…”

The black Scarlet Heaven Sword coughed lightly and corrected itself, “Fellow Daoist White, Shuhang is worried about your safety, so he hopes to be able to sit in the same cabin with you and make sure you’re safe.”

Song Shuhang’s heart felt even more stifled when he heard that.

Senior White nodded and said, “This cabin is indeed a little too small.”

When Song Shuhang heard his words, a smile appeared on his face.

I did it! I managed to convince Senior White through my reasonable words and by appealing to his emotions.

“I’ve decided.” Senior White nodded and said, “I’ll let you hug my thighs this time, Shuhang.”

“Then Senior White, which cabin do we choose?” Song Shuhang said cheerfully. Striking while the iron was hot, he hurriedly asked Senior White to choose a three-person cabin.

“No need to fret.” Senior White smiled slightly.

Afterward, he reached out and gestured at his waist. Suddenly, his waist and thighs separated.

Song Shuhang: “!!!”

“Here you go… I’ll be leaving my thighs with you for safekeeping, Shuhang.” A smile bloomed on Senior White’s face. Then, his real body quickly went into the small cabin.

Now, the size of the cabin was just right, and it was also very comfortable to sit inside it.

Senior White nodded in satisfaction.

In this way, he could satisfy his wish of sitting in the small, single-person cabin, and also satisfy little friend Shuhang’s wish of hugging his thigh. It was a perfect solution.

Song Shuhang: (Jono).

Inside the single-person cabin, Senior White gave him a thumbs up. His two thighs then made their way to Song Shuhang’s side.

Song Shuhang, who was dumbfounded, suddenly felt deep malice coming from the world.

After some time, Song Shuhang and Sister White Dragon chose the three-person cabin right behind Senior White’s cabin. Next to Song Shuhang were the thighs of Senior White’s clone-it looked as if Senior White had just cast an invisibility technique on his upper body.

It was a rather literal interpretation of “hugging someone’s thigh”.

Song Shuhang asked, “Sister White Dragon, do you know how to perform divinations?”

“A little bit,” Sister White Dragon said happily. No matter what, she was once the Ancestral Golden Dragon of the Ancient Heavenly City, a top existence even among Immortals.

Song Shuhang pointed to himself and said, “Can you divine my future?”

Sister White Dragon quickly replied, “Don’t worry, you won’t die.”

Song Shuhang tilted his head and looked out of the cabin, feeling a strong stifling sensation.

“Focus. Don’t be distracted,” Sister White Dragon said. “Maintain contact with Fellow Daoist White at all times so that even if something happens, you can respond immediately.”

Song Shuhang nodded and said, “That’s the only thing I can do.”

After some time, all the cultivators who got past the runic roads had boarded the cabins on the giant tree.

Golden moonlight shone down, and everyone felt their cabins start to vibrate.

Song Shuhang subconsciously reached out and grabbed at the side of his seat, but he discovered that there was nothing there. “There’s no seat belt!”

Without a seat belt, he had no sense of security


Outside, a cannon blast sounded.

Along with the sound of the cannon blast, Senior White’s voice could be heard vaguely.

Song Shuhang looked up and saw that the single-person cabin that Senior White was sitting in had been launched into the air. Like a small flying boat, it flew toward the golden moon above.

The small cabin flew fast, almost as fast as Senior White’s disposable flying swords.

“That’s the cabin that Senior White said was the most exciting?” Song Shuhang swallowed.


Immediately afterward, there was an even louder cannon blast.

Song Shuhang asked, “Has another cabin been launched?”

Sister White Dragon replied, “No… The entire giant tree has been launched.”

Song Shuhang: “???”

The giant tree that was rooted on Garre Holy Mountain had been shot into the sky, rushing toward the golden moon.

Pavilion Master Chu’s voice sounded, “So the trial area is actually the golden moon above


Song Shuhang suddenly remembered something. “Is Senior White’s hometown on the moon?”