Chapter 2037 If not for my little brothers holding me back, I would have gone up there and beat you up!

Fairy Creation’s small head came out for a peek, but due to the limited space, her head could only stick close to Song Shuhang’s ear as she sang loudly, “I’m looking up- at the moon-“

Song Shuhang was taken aback by Fairy Creation’s sudden appearance.

He reacted quickly and covered his other ear. From his experience, he knew that whether it was Fairy Creation or the virtuous lamia, whenever one came out, the other would follow soon.

But even after a while, the virtuous lamia did not come out.

Song Shuhang was puzzled.

For some reason, with the virtuous lamia not coming out, he felt uncomfortable.

Fairy, come out and sing!

After you sing, I’ll feel more at ease.

Don’t be shy! Sing whenever you want!

At this moment, Sister White Dragon softly said, “A new trial is coming.”

Then, her figure shrunk abruptly to the size of Sixteen, though still maintaining a dragon’s upper body. When he saw her like this, Song Shuhang recalled Yu Jiaojiao.

“What kind of trial is it?” Song Shuhang turned his head and asked.

At the same time, he saw two humongous creatures appear in front of the giant tree and the single-person cabin that Senior White was in—the two creatures were huge holy apes.

The one on the left had a body that was bulging with muscles, while the one on the right had a more balanced frame.

The two holy apes stood in the air side by side, their bodies overshadowing the sky and the moon.

As the two holy apes appeared, 66 holy apes materialized on the top of Song Shuhang’s head—the (Holy Ape Dragon Power Technique) had activated on its own.

The 66 holy apes were wearing scholarly robes, and they were all holding scholarly scriptures in their hands. With the large Holy Ape from Senior White Two at the very center, the rest of the Holy Apes arranged themselves into six petal-like lines around it.

After the holy apes appeared, they did not begin chanting or reciting their scriptures. Instead, they calmly looked at the two humongous holy apes.

This was not the case only for Song Shuhang.

All of the beast cultivators participating in the trial had their (Holy Ape Dragon Power Technique) passively activated.

The entire world seemed to have become filled with apes of varying sizes. It was a spectacular sight.

as a

However, besides Song Shuhang’s holy apes, the other holy apes were all cluttered together in a mess. They were not arranged in any order whatsoever.

Song Shuhang looked at the two humongous holy apes.

It seemed that this trial requires the holy apes of the (Holy Ape Dragon Power Technique) to be acknowledged by these two huge holy apes… Will the trial after this one be related to dragons?

After all, it was the (Holy Ape Dragon Power Technique). Since the apes had already appeared, it would make sense for the dragons not to be too far away, right?

“Wo00000-” The humongous holy apes let out strange cries.

After everyone’s holy ape projections were summoned, golden light shot out from the eyes of the humongous holy ape on the left. The light scanned through everyone who was participating in the trial.

As Song Shuhang had guessed, Garre Holy Mountain’s trial mainly focused on the (Holy Ape Dragon Power Technique).

These humongous holy apes were here to inspect the participants. Those who failed to meet the conditions would be eliminated.

Everyone who was swept by the golden light was placed under enormous pressure, and many were almost crushed flat on the ground because of it.

The light swept through everyone one by one.

Soon, the golden light fell on the cabin where Song Shuhang was.

The light first swept through Sister White Dragon.

Wait, neither Sixteen nor Sister White Dragon have practiced the (Holy Ape Dragon Power Technique), will they be able to pass this assessment? Song Shuhang thought to himself.

While his mind was occupied with this thought, the golden light swept over the combination of Sister White Dragon and Sixteen. The Dragon Power in Sister White Dragon’s body circulated slightly. Afterward, the golden light swept past her.

It seems that as long as one either has Holy Ape Projections or Dragon Power, they can pass this test.

Song Shuhang let out a breath of relief.

Then, his gaze shifted to Senior White, who was in the single-person cabin in the distance. Senior White does not practice the (Holy Ape Dragon Power Technique), nor does he have dragon power or draconic energy, will he be able to successfully pass this test?


At this moment, the golden light fell on Song Shuhang’s body.

The golden light expanded, directly covering Song Shuhang’s 66 Holy Ape Projections.

It was time to get into the limelight.

The large holy ape that had been gifted to him by Senior White Two lightly patted the scholarly robes on its body. It seemed to have been waiting for this moment.

With everyone’s eyes focused on it, the large holy ape opened the scholarly scripture in its left hand. After that, it raised its right hand and made a “6” gesture.

It then opened its mouth, and began to chant the scripture with a majestic voice while regularly swaying its right hand.

After the large holy ape began chanting, all of the smaller holy apes followed suit.

They all opened their scriptures and waved their right hands while chanting in a variety of languages.

The muscular humongous holy ape froze.

This was the first time that it had seen such strange holy ape projections.

As a result, the golden light shooting out from the humongous holy ape’s eyes intensified; an even more powerful pressure descended on Song Shuhang.

Song Shuhang said angrily, “F*ck you!”

Why do things always seem to go wrong when it’s my turn?

“Roar-” The large holy ape above Song Shuhang’s head roared. It violently threw the scholarly scripture in its hand to the side and ripped off its scholarly robe, revealing its perfectly-sculpted muscles.

Then, it slapped its chest fiercely in an attempt to provoke the humongous holy ape.

All of Song Shuhang’s smaller holy apes rushed toward it and hugged the hairy legs of the large holy ape.

The large holy ape kept slapping its chest while roaring non-stop. It was as if it was saying, “If not for my little brothers holding me back, I would have gone up there and beat you up!”

Song Shuhang looked up at the sky.

He had been slightly suspicious in the past, wondering if Senior White Two had given him a rather problematic holy ape from his army. But this large holy ape… Was simply amazing!

It actually dared to provoke that huge holy аре.

It did not cower in the slightest, decisively provoking the other party.

The attention of everyone who was participating in the trial was drawn toward Shuhang’s large holy ape.

Throughout the Beast Realm’s history, there never had been a trial taker who had dared to confront and provoke the two ape kings.

A beast cultivator suddenly said, “Wait a minute, why do those holy apes wearing scholarly clothes look so familiar?”

After all, these 66 holy apes were unique. All of their holy apes were naked, but these ones had scholarly clothing on them.

“Pr-Profound Sage Tyrannical Song!”

“De-Demon Sage Tyrannical Scholar!”

“An-Ancient Sage Tyrannical Dragon!”

Unexpectedly, this terrifying existence was also participating in Garre Holy Mountain’s trial!

Everyone’s eyes were focused on Song Shuhang and his large holy ape, causing Senior White, who was in the VIP cabin, to be ignored.

At this time, the ape king with a balanced frame was “playing” with Senior White.

The ape king grabbed Senior White’s cabin, spun it several times in place, and then threw it out like a frisbee. After the cabin flew back, the ape king grabbed onto it with both hands and used a magical technique.

With a loud boom, the VIP cabin was then launched forward at a hundred times the speed of sound.

Senior White was having a great time, but the ape king was covered in sweat from exhaustion.