Chapter 2040 Buddy, all my teeth are broken

Senior Scarlet Heaven Sword asked curiously, “What are these runes?” Song Shuhang replied, “Experience points. Experience points in the truest sense.”

Memories and experiences related to the (Holy Ape Dragon Power Technique) were extremely important for those who practiced the technique.

But for Song Shuhang, these were not of much use now. After all, he had been possessed by the Sage’s obsession and the Indestructible Lord’s will not too long ago. Through them, his understanding of the (Holy Ape Dragon Power Technique) had risen to an extremely high level.

Therefore, these cultivation experiences were of very little use to him.

The black Scarlet Heaven Sword asked, “Then, are you going to grind for these experience points?”

“There’s no need. It would simply be a waste of time.” Song Shuhang shook his head. “Let’s head to the next challenge.”

Senior White asked, “But how do we do that?”

This was indeed a big problem. Neither he, Senior White, nor Sister White Dragon knew where the next challenge of the trial would take place.


“For now, we can just continue trying to look for the core of this golden moon.” Song Shuhang broke a branch off of his body and handed it to Senior White.

Sister White Dragon said, “At our four o’clock, a trial taker was knocked down by a monster.”

Song Shuhang turned his head to look and saw a lone beast cultivator being overwhelmed by several ferocious monsters. The monsters opened their mouths and bit down at the beast cultivator ravenously. It was like they had been starved for several hundred years and finally found some food.

With a thought from Song Shuhang, his serrated blade wheel flew out and slashed two monsters.

However, there were just too many of them around the beast cultivator. The rest of the monsters had already bitten into the skin of the beast cultivator.

In the next moment, the beast cultivator’s body began losing moisture at a speed visible to the naked eye.

After two breaths of time, the beast cultivator’s body had become as shriveled up as a dry mummy.

After draining the moisture from the beast cultivator, the monsters became more agile and rushed toward other targets in the surroundings.

“Why does this scene look so familiar to me?” The black Scarlet Heaven Sword said curiously.

Pavilion Master Chu’s strand of hair swayed slightly. “It’s similar, in a way, to those beast cultivators who were infected with the evil energy of the Netherworld and sent to Song Shuhang by Fairy Blue Phoenix. Remember how those beast cultivators were drained by the roots of Song Shuhang’s lotus projection? They were also all shriveled up after getting drained by the roots.”

“…” Song Shuhang. What does that have to do with me?

“Their lives are not in danger. It’s just that they’ve become extremely weak after having been drained of their strength. They should recover in a few months,” the black Scarlet Heaven Sword said. “Tsk, even the state they’re left in is the same as when they’re drained by Song Shuhang’s tentacles. I suspect these monsters were in the same family as Song Shuhang 800 years ago.”

Song Shuhang retorted, “800 years ago, my ancestors weren’t even born yet.” Anyway, after the monsters drained the energy of these beast cultivators, the giant tree would extend some branches over and drag the weak cultivators back to it before throwing them into a cabin.

In this regard, it was apparent that even if one failed the trial, there was no threat to their life. At most, they would be sent back empty-handed. Then, after resting for a few months, they would return to peak condition again.

The black-skinned Soft Feather came out and said, “The beast cultivators who were drained look quite pitiful.”

Song Shuhang said, “It’s still better than losing their life.”

The black-skinned Soft Feather added, “Also, have you noticed? These monsters are somewhat like inner demons.”

The black Scarlet Heaven Sword added, “Indeed, these monsters are very similar to inner demons.”

“Now that you say that, I do see some similarities.” Song Shuhang had been in contact with the black-skinned Soft Feather and the black Scarlet Heaven Sword for some time now, so he was no stranger to inner demons.

“Is it a combination of the illusory reality and inner demons?” Sister White Dragon said, thoughtful.

This was especially similar to what the Heavenly Emperor had done.

The Ancient Heavenly City was based on an illusory reality. Then, in a later period, the Heavenly Emperor began studying inner demons in secret. Moreover, her research on inner demons obviously yielded some results, and this could be seen from Soft Feather’s inner demon clone technique.

Was this a coincidence?

Pavilion Master Chu asked, “How about we capture one and study it?”.

Senior White shook his head. He was not interested in these monsters.

“I want to grab one and give it a try.” After Song Shuhang said that, he tried opening his Inner World.

But sure enough, inside this trial space, the Inner World was blocked. It was a similar situation to when he was in the Heavenly Tribulation Realm.

Although he could sense the Inner World and felt that he could open it, it would take a long time to do so. It would probably take about ten days to half a month before it could open.

It was like having a horrible Internet connection.

Sister White Dragon said, “Then, let’s grab


She raised her little claw, and a dog-like monster was pulled over and sent toward Song Shuhang.

Song Shuhang stretched out both of his hands and got into a boxing stance, ready to strike the dog-like monster. “I have to control my strength and can’t just blow it apart. I need to make sure that it only falls unconscious.”

However, just as the dog-like monster entered Song Shuhang’s attack range, its head suddenly disappeared.

At the same time, a shadow appeared above Song Shuhang’s head.

The monster’s head emerged from the shadow and bit down at Song Shuhang’s head fiercely.

It was the special innate skill of these monsters.

Pavilion Master Chu shouted, “Shuhang, watch out!”

At the same time, her strand of hair quickly moved from the top of his head all the way to his back.

This strand of hair was purely used for “observing” the outside world. Fighting was not its main function.

Song Shuhang did not expect that Pavilion Master Chu’s strand of hair had the ability to move.

At this time, the monster was about to bite down on his head.

Song Shuhang said softly, “Heh, my head is not a weak spot.” “Crack-“

When the dog-like monster bit down on Song Shuhang’s head, its teeth shattered.

A dumbfounded expression surfaced on the monster’s face. In the entirety of its dog life, it had bitten down on countless heads, but there was no doubt that this head was the hardest one it had ever encountered.

It was so hard that it literally broke its teeth.

Buddy, how did you train your head to make it so hard?

My teeth are broken! They’re all broken!

This made it so that monsters who attacked by biting would be put out of work!

Song Shuhang reached out and grabbed the monster biting his head, pulling it off of his head.

Sister White Dragon stretched out her small claws and cast several seals on the dog-like monster.

“And that’s that.” Song Shuhang tried to store the dog-like monster inside his magical bracelet, but it did not work.

As such, he could only choose to drag it around for now.

“Senior White, where should we go next?” Song Shuhang looked at Senior White.

“Leave it to me.” With that, Senior White gently tossed the little branch that Song Shuhang had given him.

While Senior White was doing his thing, Song Shuhang looked around, ensuring no monster would suddenly destroy the branch he had given Senior White.