Chapter 2042 Song “Part-Time Worker” Shuhang

The divine dragon lowered its head and looked at Song Shuhang. “Are you interested in staying here and working for me? I can assure you that you’ll be satisfied with the wage.” Sister White Dragon continued to translate the divine dragon’s words for Song Shuhang.

Song Shuhang: “…”

Did it take a liking to me? Is that why it wants me to stay here?

Pavilion Master Chu chuckled and said, “Has this dragon become addicted to the (Saber-Nurturing Technique)? I’m afraid that it’s going to end up as a waste dragon.”

Sister White Dragon thought for a moment, then translated Pavilion Master Chu’s sentence word for word.

Pavilion Master Chu: “…”

She almost forgot that the White Dragon was her rival in love. Although they usually worked together because of Song Shuhang and Sixteen, when it came to a chance to pull the rug from under her feet, the Ancestral Golden Dragon of the Ancient Heavenly City would show no remorse!

The divine dragon coughed lightly. “Fairy Hair, you’ve misunderstood me. It’s just that I feel that this young… Eh? Tyrannical Song… Scholar… Dragon? Why do you have three Sage Names?”


Across the entire universe, everyone only has a single name to their person, so why does this little friend have three names?

Sister White Dragon entered into automatic translation mode and acted as a translation machine between Song Shuhang’s group and the divine dragon.

“Fairy Hair?” Pavilion Master Chu’s heart felt stifled.

Song Shuhang’s hair fluttered as he replied, “I ended up getting three names by sheer coincidence. It’s fine for Senior Dragon to simply call me Tyrannical Song.”

The story about how he got the three Sage Names was simply too long. It would take him more than half a day if he wanted to explain everything to the dragon.

“I see. I’ll call you Tyrannical Song then, although I like the name Tyrannical Dragon better,” the divine dragon replied. “Regardless, I feel that little friend Tyrannical Song’s magical technique is really interesting, and it can be used in the trial. That is why I want him to work for me. I’ve exhausted most of my ideas over the years, and I don’t know what method to use to test the trial takers anymore. Yet, when I experienced this magical technique of little friend Tyrannical Song, I felt greatly inspired.”

“So, by work, you’re referring to me staying here and experimenting on the trial takers with the (Saber-Nurturing Technique)?” Song Shuhang asked in puzzlement. Now that he got a better idea of what the dragon was talking about, he felt excited.

“That’s right. And I’ll make sure that you’ll get paid well.” The divine dragon’s eyes were full of joy.

Song Shuhang pointed to himself and said, “But I am also a trial taker.”

The divine dragon said, “Isn’t this dragon fairy maiden with you? Since you brought her here, you’ve met the hidden condition and passed the test. I acknowledge you, and you’ll now receive my blessing. Your (Holy Ape Dragon Power Technique) will be strengthened.”

In this particular case, the assessment was just a formality.

On this golden moon, the will of the divine dragon was absolute.

The 66 holy apes above Song Shuhang’s head were strengthened again.

There were now golden lines that looked like tattoos on their steel-cast bodies.

These golden lines eventually formed the lifelike picture of a dragon, majestic and beautiful.

After the golden dragons took shape, Song Shuhang got the feeling that the (Holy Ape Dragon Power Technique) had attained its complete form.

In the past, he could only exert the power of the holy apes. But now, when he fully activated this magical technique, he could erupt with both the power of holy apes and dragons!

The golden light slowly dissipated.

The large holy ape put away its golden scholarly scripture. It then lifted its scholarly robe and looked at the golden dragon on its body.

After a few breaths of time, the large holy ape covered its face with its hands and cried bitterly.

The little holy apes also stretched out their hands and lifted up their scholarly robes.

Their reaction was the same as that of the large holy ape. They covered their faces with their hands and cried bitterly.

It was as if they had been defiled. Their cries were filled with sorrow.

Song Shuhang was baffled.

What’s going on?

He felt that he was finding it more and more difficult to understand the thoughts of the things attached to his body.

After some thought, Senior White said, “Who knows, perhaps your scholarly apes feel that tattoos are not appropriate for scholars? It might be why they burst into tears after they saw the tattoos on their bodies.”

After all, there was a saying in the scholarly faction that one’s body was received from one’s parents and none had the right to alter it.

“Is that really a tattoo?” Song Shuhang wondered. “These golden lines are more similar to paint. At most, it could be considered some kind of body paint or a sticker tattoo. What’s there to cry about?”

Hearing that, the large holy ape suddenly stopped crying.

It re-fastened its scholarly robe, re-opened its scholarly scripture, and continued chanting.

The group of little holy apes followed in the footsteps of their boss.

The divine dragon looked at Song Shuhang’s holy ape projections in disbelief.

It was an ancient creature, and it had seen many things throughout its long life.

However, it was the first time it had seen something like little friend Tyrannical Song’s holy ape projections. These holy ape projections were both strange and interesting.

I really want this little guy to stay and work for me.

That magical technique called (Saber-Nurturing Technique) feels too good.

The divine dragon said, “Little Fellow Daoist, I’ll give you another reminder. This is a reminder that only those who brought a ‘dragon’ into the trial can get from me.”

While it said that, it turned to look at Sister White Dragon and said, “Little friend Tyrannical Song, as long as you unite with Fairy White Dragon, your (Holy Ape Dragon Power Technique) will improve and enter the final stage. The dragon pattern on the body of your holy apes will materialize and stop being a simple picture. With that, the technique would have the power of both apes and dragons when used. This is the true and complete form of the (Holy Ape Dragon Power Technique). After your technique reaches this level, when you enter the deepest part of the trial ground, your chances of comprehending the General Principles Chapter will be 20% higher!”

Sister White Dragon translated mechanically, but as soon as she finished translating the divine dragon’s words, she found herself at a loss for words.

What the hell do you mean by “union”?!

Pavilion Master Chu’s strand of hair shook slightly, and said in a gentle voice, “Union? Shuhang, this is about whether or not you can comprehend the General Principles Chapter of the (Holy Ape Dragon Power Technique). You must be careful on the path of cultivation, and there is no room for mistakes. You and Fellow Daoist White Dragon should unite. … If you end up finding another girlfriend in the future, I can help you come clean- Ah- Let go of me! Get your claws off of me!”

Sister White Dragon grabbed the strand of hair, and Pavilion Master Chu protested loudly in response.

Song Shuhang looked up at the sky and sighed. “The relationship between you two is really good.”

His eyes filtered the scene on their own. From his filtered perspective, it looked as if Sister White Dragon was gently stroking Pavilion Master Chu’s strand of hair.

Without the filter, the reputation of the two fairy maidens would be left in shambles.

At this time, the divine dragon added, “By union, I meant combining yours and Fairy White Dragon’s powers. I can help you with the process.”

Sister White Dragon stopped and hurried to translate the sentence.

“Also, Fellow Daoist, do you know of the Nascent Soul of the Seventh Stage Venerable Realm?” When the divine dragon said this, it found a problem.

How did Tyrannical Song have three Sage Names despite only being at the Sixth Stage Realm?

“Mm-hm, I know. In the realm of the Venerable, the Lotus turns into a Nascent Soul.” Song Shuhang replied. The divine dragon paused. It ignored its previous discovery and continued, “Wrong. A Nascent Soul that is not born from a pregnancy is unacceptable!”

Song Shuhang: “…”

Why does this line sound so familiar?