2456 Tyrannical Song, Let’s Begin the Prelude to the ‘Battle for the Heavenly Dao’!

On the other side, the imposing fat ball finally reacted after hearing Song Shuhang’s response. Its spherical body rolled, and an eye appeared on its surface as it fixed its gaze on Song Shuhang. It was awaiting Song Shuhang’s next words.

“That’s right, just as you suspected.” Song Shuhang maintained a serious expression and said in a deep voice, “I am indeed your true self!”

Pulling off a feigned death act was a delicate art. It required not only controlling the depth of deception but also having substantial capital for it.

Song Shuhang’s skills weren’t quite mature yet, and he couldn’t compare to the seniors like Thrice Reckless and Copper Trigram in the group. However, with so many heavyweights around him and Senior White Two’s projected clone backing him up, he had plenty of leverage.

Even if he accidentally triggered the fat ball’s suspicions, Senior White Two would support him from behind. Furthermore, he had the pendant on him and a special card prepared just to deal with the fat ball.

Failure seemed impossible, no matter how you looked at it!

Pavilion Master Chu was left dumbfounded.

Sword was confused.

Fellow Daoist Stone Tablet was speechless.

Senior White Two’s projected clone clicked his tongue in amazement.

He had never anticipated that Song Shuhang would respond to the fat ball like this and essentially liken himself to the Heavenly Dao!

On the other side, the fat ball rolled its eye and stared fixedly at Song Shuhang.

Song Shuhang calmly met the fat ball’s gaze.

Four pairs of eyes met—Song Shuhang had three, and the fat ball had one.

After a while.

“But why aren’t you spherical, true self?” the fat ball asked while voicing its inner curiosity.

After seeing Song Shuhang, it was certain that he was the person it had been seeking all along! However, if he was indeed its true self, why wasn’t he in a spherical form?

“Because the human form is just one of my hundreds of forms,” Song Shuhang replied with a straight face.

The fat ball remained silent, its single eye fixed on Song Shuhang. Its intent was clear—it wanted to see Song Shuhang’s spherical appearance.

Pavilion Master Chu sent a group message, “So, Shuhang, why don’t you transform into a ball?”

“Therefore, Shuhang, you are indeed the true self of a ball,” the sword chimed in.

“It’s not difficult to transform into a ball… I have the pseudo-undying mode. After turning into a cloud of smoke, I can even transform into a hexagon, let alone a ball,” Song Shuhang calmly responded.

This level of pain was like a gentle breeze brushing against his face. It neither hurt nor itched.

Fellow Daoist Stone Tablet said, “Then why don’t you give it a try and transform into one?”

“Wait, let me prepare some divine power first,” Song Shuhang secretly began to prepare the World Refining Holy Ape Technique.

If the fat ball’s clone was truly fooled by him and believed he was the true self… he might be able to transfer the fat ball’s clone into the ‘artificial small world’ and let the unknown Senior White 1-33 seal it.

That seal had originally been a trump card Song Shuhang had prepared to deal with the fat ball’s clone.

This was the choice Song Shuhang made after careful consideration.

After secretly preparing the World Refining Holy Ape Technique, Song Shuhang opened his eyes and said to the fat ball, “Watch carefully!”

In the next moment, his body turned into pseudo-undying smoke mode. Under his control, his body condensed into a round Song ball.

On the other side, the fat ball’s single eye blinked gently and said happily, “You’re indeed my true self!”

Then, deep inside the body of the fat ball’s clone, a necrotic kidney appeared and floated faintly. The rotten kidney emitted the aura of a ‘pseudo-undying’ cultivator, the same source as Song Shuhang’s smoke mode!

With this ‘same origin’ necrotic kidney as evidence, the fat ball’s boss’s guess was confirmed—Sage Monarch Tyrant Song was indeed its true self!

“What is that?” Fellow Daoist Stone Tablet asked in puzzlement.

“Whose?” the sword inquired.

“Mine,” Song Shuhang said sadly.

Pavilion Master Chu was left dumbfounded.

“Shuhang, is this rotten kidney of yours the reason why the fat ball can continue to exist in this world?” Su Clan’s Sixteen whispered from the exit of the Inner World, with Soft Feather quietly peeking out alongside her.

“My kidney doesn’t have such a powerful function. I’ll trick the fat ball boss over later and see if I can send him a secret appraisal technique to test its strength,” Song Shuhang said.

Senior White Two said, “Are you planning something big again? Also, be cautious when transmitting your voices. If it weren’t for me protecting you, your voices might have been overheard by the fat ball. It’s best to set a password when using group voice transmission. Moreover, Shuhang, you should upgrade your cultivation chat function. Create a ‘temporary group chat’ function to prevent the possibility of private messages being leaked.”

“The cultivation chat function has been upgrading, but it’s not progressing that quickly. Also, this is a rare opportunity. I want to see if I can trick the fat ball into coming over and arrange for it to be placed in the unknown White 1-33 seal in the artificial world. That was originally the little nest I prepared for the fat ball boss,” Song Shuhang said.

“Alright!” At that moment, the fat ball’s clone suddenly said, “True self, shall we merge?”

Since he had finally found his true self, he naturally had to fuse with him.

“Let’s merge!” Song Shuhang’s body of smoke spread its arms—the World Refining Holy Ape Technique was secretly prepared.

He had originally thought of how to entice the fat ball’s boss, but he did not expect the other party to be so cooperative and take the initiative to come to him. He did not even need to think of an excuse.

This was fate!

Come, throw yourself into my arms, and let me send you into the middle of Unknown White 1-33, enjoying the treatment that Senior White Crane dreamed of!

The fat ball’s clone began to spin. It was as pure as a child and wanted to throw itself into the embrace of its true self.

But at that moment…

A loud voice echoed from the depths of the universe.

“Fellow Daoist Tyrannical Song, I know you’re near the main world’s solar system. You’ll definitely hear my voice… I’ll be waiting for you on Mars. Let’s begin the battle for the Heavenly Dao!”

This voice enveloped the solar system region. All the cultivators in this region could hear it. To achieve this, he must be a significant figure!

The fat ball’s clone paused.

Then, it said angrily, “You’re just a rat who doesn’t even dare to say your name. How dare you provoke the main body? Main body, allow me to go to Mars to fight and take him down! I will be the vanguard of this battle for the Heavenly Dao.”

If he couldn’t even defeat it, he wouldn’t be qualified to challenge its main body!

Having said that, the fat ball moved its body and opened the space door to escape to Mars. The space authority it had lost in the bet had been restored.

Senior White Two was left speechless.