2458 The Man of Five Consecutive Triumphs!

Su Clan’s Sixteen lowered her head and gazed at Song Shuhang, who had emerged from her chest—this scene brought back memories of not long ago when Song Shuhang had only a head left, and at that time, she had cradled his head in her arms.

“Senior Song, your appearance is quite unexpected,” Soft Feather conveyed through mental communication.

Song Shuhang was speechless.

He hadn’t expected to make an entrance in this manner—last time, he had entrusted the ‘Sacred Seal Wooden Saber’ to Sixteen. It was a masterpiece crafted after numerous experiments that could transform into a small pendant. It seemed likely that Su Clan’s Sixteen was wearing it around her neck now.

He couldn’t help but wonder if the White Dragon would find this ‘Sage Seal Wooden Saber’ uncomfortable against her dragon body. After all, she had grown accustomed to wrapping a scarf around Sixteen’s neck in hopes of keeping her healthy.

On the side, Senior White Two inquired via voice transmission, “Didn’t you say you wouldn’t join us?”

Fellow Daoist Stone Tablet hastily responded on Song Shuhang’s behalf, “Fellow Daoist Tyrannical Song is a human who doesn’t always follow through on his words. He says ‘no, no,’ but his body is very honest.”

Song Shuhang was speechless.

It hadn’t been easy for him to snatch the ‘Confucian Classics’ that Fairy Creation had left behind in search of the Sage. Furthermore, the virtuous lamia had fallen into a state of evolution. He hadn’t expected that he still wouldn’t have a chance to deliver his lines.

Senior White Two looked at Song Shuhang and remarked, “Since when did you develop such a troublesome attribute?”

Song Shuhang shook his head and replied, “It’s nothing. It’s just that… sometimes, I tend to be a little pretentious.”

Senior White Two had no answer for that.

Su Clan’s Sixteen quickly stretched out her hand and held Song Shuhang’s swaying head, preventing him from moving. “Since you’re here, let’s watch together. The show is about to begin.”

The White Dragon took this opportunity to exit her Inner World and return to Su Clan’s Sixteen’s side.

Song Shuhang tried to push his entire body out of the Inner World, but Sixteen had a firm grip on his head. Consequently, he went along with it and maintained his current position.

With only his head exposed, Song Shuhang opened the divine third eye on his forehead and quietly observed his surroundings to watch the battle unfold smoothly.

At this moment, everyone was concealed in a corner of Mars, shielded by Senior White Two’s magical treasure.

The main character of this Prologue to the Battle of the Heavenly Dao was several kilometers away.

A formation comprised of celestial light had created a pristine sanctuary on Mars.

Within this aura of immortality, a man adorned with a golden hoop and dressed in green attire sat gracefully on the ground while playing the zither.

Behind the Golden Hoop Immortal, a magnificent Great Dao Light Wheel faintly shimmered.

Besides providing background music, it exuded an otherworldly presence.

“Who is this Immortal?” Song Shuhang inquired curiously.

Senior White Two responded in an ancient tone, “I do not know him. He is an Immortal I have not encountered in my recollections… either an ancient recluse who did not engage in Heavenly Dao battles during my time or a newcomer who appeared after the era of the fat ball following my own. The latter seems more plausible. After all, I have participated in two Heavenly Dao battles, and even if I didn’t personally face every Immortal, I would have heard of them in my era.”

Fellow Daoist Stone Tablet chimed in proudly, “My Lord is truly formidable.”

Pavilion Master Chu added, “Based on the appearance of the Great Dao Light Wheel, it appears to be a path to immortality similar to the ‘soul’.”

Song Shuhang gazed at the ‘Wheel of Eternal Life’ for an extended period, yet he couldn’t discern any traces of the ‘Dao of the Soul.’


At this point, the Golden Hoop Immortal waved his right hand across the zither.

The sound of the zither reverberated melodiously.

Subsequently, an abundance of grass materialized out of thin air around the Golden Hoop Immortal, taking root and sprouting on the surface of Mars as if in a dream.

“That’s quite impressive,” Song Shuhang remarked enviously. “Senior Pavilion Master Chu, I recall you mentioned that you only know how to play the zither?”

Pavilion Master Chu responded, “Forget about it. Your style doesn’t match playing the zither. Moreover… with your limited time and rapid progress, it might be wiser to dedicate some time to mastering the ancient language first. Although being handsome is a lifelong attribute, if you don’t first master the ancient language, you might not have the opportunity to be handsome in the future.”

Song Shuhang was left speechless.

Although he had a great presence during the Proclamation of Divinity, he had deliberately restrained his majestic aura, so as not to intimidate the practitioners from across the universe.

The fat ball boss had originally chosen not to attend, but it had ultimately decided to join the gathering.

As the Immortal Golden-Hooped Immortal resumed playing the zither, his brows furrowed in contemplation.

He had anticipated that with Profound Sage Tyrannical Song’s arrogance, even if he didn’t engage directly in combat, he would at least make arrangements for the battle. However, Tyrannical Song’s true form had been mistaken for a mere spectator.

Was Tyrannical Song’s true form truly that of a fat ball?

“Good song, good zither!” the fat ball said in the form of Song Shuhang. It applauded lightly. He descended from the void step by step, his entire being exuding an imposing aura that seemed to dominate the world.

Even the Immortals below were influenced by this aura.

Such a commanding presence. Is this the real Tyrannical Song? The Golden Hoop Immortal marveled internally.

Truly, a man with five sage names beginning with ‘tyrant’ lived up to his reputation!

The Golden Hoop Immortal was brimming with fighting spirit!