2461 The Sole Wealth I Can Preserve

The fat ball’s action of connecting to the Netherworld Realm was like a signal that activated a pre-established program.

The stars in the sky became clear and bright… as though they were continuously delivering ‘Star Power’ to the world.

The world of Mars appeared to be expanding. For example, the distance between the fat ball boss and Scholar Yue Ruhuo, and the rest of the people, was subtly increasing.

“Is Mars finally starting to expand?” Soft Feather’s eyes lit up.

Senior White Two extended his finger and gently poked the ground while shaking his head. “The celestial body itself isn’t expanding… but the space is expanding in a peculiar way.”

Subsequently, Senior White Two used a wealth of professional cultivation knowledge and spatial expertise to explain the principle behind the ‘expansion’ of Mars’s internal space.

After a brief while, Song Shuhang whispered, “Um… Senior White, could you summarize the principle you just explained in a way that I can understand?”

Senior White Two appeared momentarily speechless.

“Knowledge is power,” chimed in the sword. It seized the opportunity to say, “Shuhang, you should strive to learn every day. If you don’t study, you won’t be able to engage in our discussions in the future, and you won’t even understand what we’re talking about.”

Lady Onion added, “Study hard, rise early.”

Song Shuhang sighed and said, “I do want to study diligently, but my cultivation has been advancing so rapidly, and it’s leaving me feeling overwhelmed.”

The sword was at a loss for words.

“In simpler terms, think of it as the effect of a Universal Space magic artifact. The external size of Mars appears unchanged, but its internal space has transformed into a Universal World, and the space is expanding,” Senior White Two eventually explained and made it more accessible for Song Shuhang to comprehend.

“Senior White, you always come through. Now that you’ve put it that way, I can easily grasp it,” Song Shuhang nodded. He realized that he needed to apply himself diligently to understand these profound concepts. After all, knowledge was the only form of wealth he could store. Material wealth might come and go, but the knowledge he gained would always remain.

“Furthermore… the spiritual energy on Mars is increasing rapidly,” Fellow Daoist Stone Tablet added. This surge in spiritual energy drew out the latent energy within the Martian ley lines, gradually forming the embryonic structure of a spirit vein. With a few more centuries, a genuine spirit vein would develop.

Several sprouts suddenly emerged from the soil near Song Shuhang and the others.

These weren’t the illusory green grass conjured by Scholar Yue Ruhuo’s zither-playing. These were real, living plants!

The life force emanating from these sprouts was genuine.

Nourished by the Heavenly and Earthly Spiritual Qi, these sprouts grew at a remarkable pace. Some of them transformed into towering trees in a short time, while others rapidly bloomed, bore fruit, and produced seeds.

The wind carried these newly formed seeds far and wide, scattering them to different parts of the world where they would grow anew.

“Could this be the Spiritual Power Tide?” Song Shuhang wondered.

A few months ago, he had heard senior members of the Nine Provinces Number One Group discussing the upcoming golden age of cultivation. They had predicted the arrival of a spiritual energy tide, which would usher in a surge in spiritual energy across the world.

Pavilion Master Chu responded thoughtfully, “The full onset of the spiritual energy tide should still take some time… This sudden influx of spiritual energy feels more like a long-prepared volcanic eruption.”

Song Shuhang gazed at the fat ball still engaged in battle and mused, “Could this be a method left behind by the Wielder of the Will?”

In any case, the changes on Mars were undoubtedly linked to the fat ball.

The observers, who had been watching from a distance, also arrived at this conclusion.

“The changes on Mars are because of Profound Sage Tyrannical Song! He is the epicenter of these alterations to the world!”

“What does Profound Sage Tyrannical Song intend to accomplish? Why has he unexpectedly reshaped Mars?”

“By standing at the point where the Heavenly Dao collapsed, he likely possesses knowledge and clues beyond our reach.”

The minds of the observers who had been watching the battle began to communicate discreetly. Initially, they had been silently observing without exchanging words, but the situation had evolved swiftly. Those who had transmitted their thoughts to witness the battle couldn’t help but form a discussion group to deliberate without disrupting the ongoing battle.

Meanwhile, the consciousnesses of the White Dragon, Pavilion Master Chu, and Senior White Two had infiltrated the discussion group and silently received the messages.

This was an exclusive group reserved for individuals classified as ‘big shots.’ Song Shuhang’s divine sense didn’t possess the strength required to join such discussions.

However, Song Shuhang didn’t remain idle.

At this moment, several people were simultaneously contacting him through his cultivation chat friend list.

“Song, are you causing trouble again?” The voice function was a ‘closed beta feature’ of the upgraded ‘cultivation chat’ system, currently available to select members, and the Celestial Thearch was one of them.

Song Shuhang was slightly taken aback.

The Celestial Thearch was currently on Spirit Butterfly Island on Earth. Why would she suddenly send him a message to inquire about his activities?

After some contemplation, Song Shuhang had a foreboding feeling. Could it be that the ‘expansion’ was not limited to Mars alone? Was Mother Earth herself undergoing internal expansion?

Song Shuhang didn’t immediately respond to the Celestial Thearch. Instead, he opened messages sent by other members.

[Always-on Saint Seiya] Northern River’s Loose Cultivator: “Shuhang, the moon in the main world suddenly expanded rapidly. The area inside the moon kept expanding, and spiritual energy poured in. Is this related to you?”

[Beautiful Fishman] Yu Jiaojiao said, “Song, the Dragon King Palace at the bottom of the sea has suddenly been filled with extraordinary splendor. Do you have any information on your side?”

[Blacklist·Mother Yellow Mountain] Venerable Yellow Mountain: “Shuhang, there are some changes in the main world. Is it convenient for us to chat?”

[Blacklist·Mother Yellow Mountain] Venerable Yellow Mountain: [(°Д°)]

Originally, the ‘blacklist’ didn’t have a title and was labeled as ‘blacklist.’ However, after the cultivation chat system was updated, a new blacklist title function was added for Song Shuhang.

“Not only Mars, but even the moon, the modern world, and the seabed have changed,” Song Shuhang felt a headache coming on.

One could only imagine the chaos unfolding in the main world.

After a sigh, Song Shuhang clicked on the Celestial Thearch’s name and sent a voice message.

Boom ~~

In the distance, Ball Shuhand and Scholar Yue Ruhuo suddenly clashed fiercely and caused space to tremble! Even Song Shuhang and the others, who were shielded by Senior White Two’s magical treasure, were thrown about by the impact. Song Shuhang’s head shook wildly in response.

“What now?”

Is this related to me?

“It’s changing,” Song Shuhang stated after steadying his head.

The Celestial Thearch remained silent.