2463 Environmental Responsibility, Everyone’s Duty

Song Shuhang was startled.

No, that’s not true. I didn’t do that. Don’t make baseless accusations!” he retorted.

At that moment, Song Shuhang found himself in a precarious situation. As a humble Seventh Stage cultivator who had failed to advance to the Eighth Stage, he had no desire to meet an untimely demise.

It was as if Song Shuhang, the Seventh Stage cultivator, had been thrust onto the throne of a wolf pack, facing a group of menacing wolves with green eyes. He had no choice but to raise his head and let out a long howl and attempt to assert his dominance, but deep down, he was filled with trepidation.

Senior White Two, who was observing the scene, couldn’t help but cover his face with one hand and gently rub his temples. The audacious and fiery performance by the fat ball was truly unsettling to him.

However, he couldn’t deny that it was unexpectedly intriguing.

“It’s on fire!” Soft Feather exclaimed, her eyes lighting up.

The recent display of prowess by the fat ball had ignited her spirit.

“Senior Song, while the fat ball is still in its amnesiac state, maybe we can trick it into using that move again!” Soft Feather suggested enthusiastically.

Song Shuhang couldn’t decide whether to laugh or sigh. “But you haven’t even mastered spatial abilities. How do you plan to learn it?”

“Good point,” Soft Feather conceded with regret.

Su Clan’s Sixteen held onto Song Shuhang’s head and chimed in, “While the fat ball’s memories haven’t returned, we can still learn some valuable techniques and knowledge from it. They might come in handy in the future. Just be cautious during this period and avoid stimulating it, lest it suddenly recovers its memories.”

“That’s a valid approach,” Song Shuhang contemplated. Then, a spark of excitement lit up in his eyes. “Maybe we can try to discover its memories related to wealth during this time. That way, we might be able to inherit the fat ball boss’s riches!”

Song Shuhang couldn’t contain his enthusiasm when it came to wealth. This was likely a side effect of the “pay-to-win” skill, which heightened his desire for riches to an uncontrollable level, making him a slave to wealth.

“Great idea!” Lady Onion chimed in enthusiastically.

Meanwhile, Senior White Two, wearing a casual smile, silently thought to himself. The wealth left behind by the fat ball was already in his possession. However, he had no intention of dashing Song Shuhang’s dreams. After all, everyone deserved to have dreams and ideals. Without dreams, life would be no different from that of a salted fish.

Even Song Shuhang had the right to dream of something seemingly unattainable. In any case, he was the ruler of the Netherworld Realm now. If Song Shuhang and the others ventured into the Netherworld Realm to search for the fat ball’s inheritance, they wouldn’t be in great danger with him protecting them. Moreover, if he was in a good mood, he might even leave a small token as a consolation prize for Song Shuhang.

Furthermore, Senior White Two glanced at the domineering fat ball in the battle, a smirk tugging at his lips. He sensed an opportunity to capitalize on the situation. The fat ball’s performance enhanced its credibility as Tyrannical Song.

In the ongoing battle, the victorious fat ball chose not to slay Scholar Yue Ruhuo. Perhaps it was moved by the zither music Scholar Yue Ruhuo had played?

After securing the first victory and commencing the “eternal battle of the Heavenly Dao” for the myriad world’s cultivators, the fat ball stood confidently in the void while maintaining the lofty image of “Profound Sage Tyrannical Song.”

At its waist, the pitch-black kidney exuded a faint aura of “Tyrannical Song’s presence.”

Yet, Senior White Two felt that something was missing.

He extended his hand and gently retrieved a small “silver badge” from the fat ball’s possession.

The fat ball appeared momentarily bewildered while holding the silver badge in its hand.

“What’s this?” It sensed the aura of its main body.

Was this a treasure bestowed upon it by its main body?

Eagerly, the fat ball carefully stored the silver badge.

Once it stowed the silver badge away, onlookers from the myriad worlds secretly watching the battle witnessed five “Sage Names” emerge on the fat ball.

Tyrannical Song, Tyrannical Scholar, Tyrannical Dragon, Tyrannical Demon, and the newest addition, Tyrannical Annihilation!

All five Sage Names bore the hallmark of “known to all.” The fat ball now exuded an intimidating presence that could dominate for a lifetime.

Senior White Two, hidden in the shadows, couldn’t help but smile.

This little gadget was a creation of Senior White’s in the modern world. It was known as the “One-Tap Sage Number Changer.” When Senior White had impersonated Song Shuhang in the main world, he had employed this small tool.

Recently, Senior White Two had developed a close relationship with Senior White.

After receiving the instructions for creating this little tool from Senior White, he had connected it to the tool used to suppress Song Shuhang’s Sage Name. This way, the Sage Name suppressed on Song Shuhang’s main body could pass through this small tool and be projected onto the fat ball.

It was a flawless plan!

Senior White Two eagerly anticipated the fat ball’s future developments.

If the fat ball failed to recover its own memories, it would continue to fight on Song Shuhang’s behalf and subdue those who refused to yield.

However, as a clone of the ruler of the Netherworld, the fat ball was destined to be incapable of inheriting the Heavenly Dao.

In that case, how would the Heavenly Dao ultimately choose the next Heavenly Dao?

“Senior White, what did you just do?” Song Shuhang asked in a hushed tone.

Why had five of his Sage Names suddenly appeared on the fat ball boss?

“Don’t accuse me without evidence. I didn’t do anything,” Senior White Two replied sincerely.

Song Shuhang was rendered speechless.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the battlefield, having received the small gift from its main body, the fat ball was greatly encouraged!

This gesture meant that its “main body” supported its actions.

After a moment of contemplation, the fat ball declared confidently, “Seven days! I know you’re watching me, so I’ll give you seven days. For the next seven days, I’ll remain here and await your challenges!”

If they were going to battle, they might as well make it for impressive data!

The fat ball was determined to eliminate a portion of its competitors during these seven days.

Seven days. Senior White, should we stay here to observe the battle?” Song Shuhang inquired.

“Forget it. Let’s continue monitoring the battle from a distance and keep an eye on the situation on Mars,” Senior White Two suggested, shaking his head.

“Agreed,” Song Shuhang replied.

In truth, he also wished to return to Earth as soon as possible.

According to the messages left behind by Senior Yellow Mountain, Heavenly Emperor, and others, Earth’s landscapes, oceans, and even the moon had all undergone changes.

He intended to check on the current situation of the main world.

Amidst the sudden and significant changes, the main world must have been thrown into chaos.

With this in mind, Song Shuhang contacted Mother Yellow Mountain in his Cultivation Chat Group. “Senior Yellow Mountain, could you provide more details about the changes on Earth?”

“Well, the environment has improved significantly, with a notable increase in greenery,” Senior Yellow Mountain replied calmly after a brief pause.

Song Shuhang was left dumbfounded.

So, the so-called world-changing event had essentially been an environmental conservation initiative?