2465 Who Set This Seal? Is There Any Way Out?

This blow moved with the speed of lightning and packed a tremendous punch. After all, it was the sword King Kun had prepared to use for a sneak attack on Fairy Creation to take her down in one strike! If the energy contained in this attack were unleashed, it could easily obliterate an entire city.

Now, this city-destroying sword strike landed squarely on the formidable Netherworld demon.

The unfortunate Netherworld demon was in the midst of a fierce battle with Fairy Creation, completely unprepared for the sudden appearance of the golden form of the Tribulation Transcender, which executed a stealthy backstab.

Upon contact, the sword inflicted a grievous wound that cut deep into the mountain-sized demon’s back. Dark demon blood gushed out like a torrent, mingling with the spilling of its internal organs.

What’s more, the momentum behind this sword strike showed no signs of stopping.

The sword’s energy within the bamboo blade erupted, cleanly severing the Netherworld demon’s waist!

“Aargh!” The colossal Netherworld demon emitted a final, unwilling cry before crashing to the ground.

Its massive form began to disintegrate, and in the blink of an eye, it turned into ashes, leaving nothing behind.

Only the malevolent aura lingering in the air echoed with the resentful cries of the Netherworld demons, a testament to their former existence.

King Kun stood there in stunned silence.

The carefully orchestrated attack had been wasted just like that. Moreover, he was now exposed to Fairy Creation and lost his chance for a surprise attack.

But more importantly, this physical form was utterly powerless against the Fairy of Creation. Even if King Kun forcibly utilized a fragment of his consciousness, the golden form of the Tribulation Transcender could, at most, symbolically raise the bamboo sword without moving it.

‘Since capturing Tyrannical Song’s pendant fairy is impossible… I must shift my focus and seize the impending treasure of the scholarly faction!’ King Kun calmed himself down and thought.

Capturing the pendant fairy wasn’t the primary mission; it was just a secondary one. Its completion was inconsequential; what mattered was accomplishing the central narrative, which promised immense satisfaction.

With this in mind, King Kun halted the Golden Body and squarely faced Fairy Creation without taking any further action.

Fairy Creation turned around, her eyes filled with delight as she exclaimed, “Song! Ah! Foolish! Foolish!”

King Kun was confused.

What did she mean? What was the message behind this statement?

King Kun delved into deep contemplation, trying to decipher the significance of this sentence.

“Dumby ~ Dumby?” Fairy Creation tilted her head and continued.

The Tribulation Transcender of the scholarly faction, ‘Yuan Zi,’ remained motionless before her.

His gaze appeared distant, like a salted fish devoid of its luster.

His body seemed somewhat stiff, with movements far from fluid. It seemed as if he hadn’t moved for a long time.

Nevertheless, his vital essence remained unmistakable.

“Silly Song, aah ~” Fairy Creation seemed to be in high spirits. She stood before Yuan Zi’s Tribulation Transcender Golden Body while swaying back and forth as she uttered a string of enigmatic words.

‘Speak plainly!’ King Kun had a headache.

His Immortal-level intuition suggested that Fairy Creation was on the verge of imparting crucial information to him, possibly about the supreme treasure of the scholarly faction.

However, the string of ‘foolish foolish, dumby dumby’ made absolutely no sense to him; he couldn’t fathom its meaning at all. It was at this point that he considered the need for a translator with an infinite level of expertise.

Fairy Creation continued to sway merrily before Yuan Zi’s golden body while uttering peculiar phrases for over half an hour.

From start to finish, King Kun’s consciousness commanded the golden body to remain utterly silent.

“Come with me, amidst the stars and sea, a generation with hearts afar. The dream endures, light-years away, and pride refuses to surrender!” Finally, Fairy Creation and Senior Brother Yuan Zi’s reminiscing reached its conclusion. Then, she managed to articulate a sentence that King Kun comprehended.

Fairy Creation grasped Senior Brother Yuan Zi’s wrist with one hand and extended the other skyward while pointing toward the starry expanse.

‘She must be inviting me to join her, correct?’ King Kun speculated. He seemed to vaguely grasp the meaning behind Fairy Creation’s pronunciation.

In this manner, Fairy Creation, accompanied by her formidable ally, the golden form of the Tribulation Transcender from the scholarly faction, embarked on a journey to the hiding place of the ‘Confucian Classic.’

Their path was fraught with challenges.

The location where the Confucian Classics was concealed was evidently devised by the Netherworld fat ball. This treasure trove resided within a crevice between the primary world and the Netherworld Realm, with numerous Netherworld demons serving as guardians.

A treasure as precious as the Confucian Classics contained the ‘Dao’ of the Scholarly Sage. Even the Netherworld fat ball would not casually destroy it, for it represented an opportunity for escape or the realization of the Heavenly Dao.

Thus, it chose to seal the Confucian Canon and hide it away.

Fortunately, the Netherworld Domination Sphere had already vanished.

The absence of the fat ball’s main body support diminished the seal’s intensity and the danger associated with the Confucian Classic’s hiding place by half.

With the potent ally King Kun at her side, Fairy Creation made steady progress while surmounting various obstacles and breaching multiple layers of seals.

At long last, she and the Golden Body arrived at their destination.

It was a circular chamber that bore a technological appearance.

Nestled at the chamber’s center was an altar, atop which stood a circular sealing pillar filled with translucent, light-blue liquid.

Within the pillar rested a book emitting a faint radiance, suspended within the azure fluid.

It resembled the sealing style of the fat ball.

Moreover, the sealing pillar’s technique mirrored the one used to seal Senior White Two, devised by the fat ball. The fat ball excelled in sealing, its technique surpassing even Senior White Two’s. Under its formidable seal, even Senior White Two would remain confined for 5,000 years.

King Kun’s eyes gleamed as he fixed his gaze upon the book.

Even separated by the sealing pillar, he sensed the tremendous power this ‘book’ possessed!

This was undoubtedly a treasure on par with the White Emperor Scripture, likely an artifact utilized by the Scholarly Sage prior to his passing.

‘From this day forward, this book shall be christened ‘Kun’!’ King Kun exulted.

Taking control of the golden body, he strode forward while initiating a meticulous examination of the seal.

Fairy Creation joined him and squatted beside him in scrutiny.

Half a day later.

King Kun raised his head, despondent.

Who could have imposed this seal? Is there any way out?

The origin of the seal’s cultivation system eluded identification. It didn’t adhere to Dao, Buddhism, Demonology, Witchcraft, or Sorcery… It seemed foreign to the world’s known cultivation systems.

‘Since I can’t break the sealing pillar, I might as well extract the entire pillar and study it meticulously!’ King Kun pondered.

Taking a step back, he unsheathed his bamboo sword and slashed both the top and bottom of the sealing pillar, successfully dislodging it from the chamber.

The process unfolded seamlessly, and the sealing pillar was extracted without issue.

“Hahahaha~” King Kun erupted in joyous laughter as he hoisted the sealing pillar aloft.

Then, he turned toward Fairy Creation and passed the sealing pillar to her.