2469 Shuhang, You’re Unfair.

General Gorilla and the Beautiful Tree Demon had a simultaneous thought that had been on their minds ever since Song Shuhang’s fifth manifestation as a Saint: whenever they heard words like ‘sterilization’ or ‘procreation,’ it immediately brought to mind the Sterilized Tyrannical Song.

Luckily, the Hamster was currently in Song Shuhang’s Inner World. If it were present, its thoughts would undoubtedly align better with its identity as a demon of the Netherworld. Among Senior White Two’s pets, its bloodline as a demon of the Netherworld was the purest.

“If it’s not Tyrannical Song or an ancestor of Tyrannical Song, then, for now, I can’t think of a suitable candidate for ‘creating a human ball,'” regretfully remarked General Gorilla. They were eagerly anticipating the unfolding of the God of Ball Creation’s tale involving Tyrannical Song, as it promised to be exceptionally interesting.

“If the ‘Ball-Created Man’ was a Ball Creation Sage forged by the Heavenly Dao Ball using the power of the Confucian Classics, then the most probable location for its existence would be within the scholarly faction,” speculated Little Sun T233. Although he had no knowledge of this artificial man’s personality, being a creation of the Scholarly Sage’s abilities, the scholarly faction seemed the most suitable place for its cultivation.

“Who knows, perhaps this artifical man is a prodigious disciple of the scholarly faction or even an elder? Given its talent, standing out in the scholarly faction should pose no challenge,” the gorilla general’s eyes gleamed with excitement.

“No. Tyrannical Song and the others have already departed for the scholarly faction, correct? With the Heavenly Dao’s collapse, the articial man is no longer constrained by it. Who’s to say it won’t cross paths with No. Tyrannical Song and the others?” pondered the beautiful tree demon.

“And should it encounter No. Tyrannical Song and the others, it might have its sights set on No. Tyrannical Song’s saintly eyes and the Confucian Classics.” the gorilla general’s imagination ran wild.

“Then, on a moonless night, the enigmatic artificial man might sneak into No. Tyrant Song’s chamber and open that solitary door,” added the gorilla general.

In a few words, the beautiful tree demon and it concocted a dramatic scenario of intrigue involving the artificial man and Tyrannical Song. The plot was filled with twists and emotions.

In reality, Tyrannical Song was already fatigued. He deserved a well-earned rest,” gently advised Little Sun T233.

Senior White Two was left speechless.

“Also, should we inform Tyrannical Song about the artificial man?” inquired Little Sun T233.

“No need… He won’t grow without challenges. In any case, I’ve prepared a resurrection array for him.” Senior White Two waved it off.

Upon hearing this, the gorilla general gazed at the sky with a touch of sadness. “I feel Tyrannical Song’s progress is already astonishing.”

When they first encountered Tyrannical Song, he was a newcomer to cultivation who did not even how to fly on a sword. Back then, he was a formidable Rank-8 powerhouse, a general who had conquered the western beast cultivation world. In less than a year, Tyrannical Song had exhibited his divinity five times and turned into a genuine Profound Sage.

Perhaps it wouldn’t be long before Tyrannical Song surpassed him.

“However, time is running out,” Senior White Two murmured.

No one had foreseen the swift collapse of the Heavenly Dao Ball while Song Shuhang remained stuck at the Seventh Stage Realm.

If only the Heavenly Dao Ball had lasted another year.

By then, Song Shuhang might have reached the Ninth Stage Tribulation Transcender Realm, walking his path toward immortality… He had the potential to strive for undying.

According to the Wielder of the Will’s records, the upcoming ninth battle of the undying was of paramount importance. The key to changing this situation was for two different individuals to achieve immortality simultaneously… How to accomplish this remained a mystery to Senior White.

If there was a chance for two different individuals to attain Dao at the same time, Senior White Two hoped that Song Shuhang would seize one of those positions.

“Let’s go. We should bring this metal box back to the world of the black lotus and examine it in detail. Perhaps we can discover new clues to confirm the identity of the artificial man,” Senior White Two said as he extended his hand and stowed away the liquid metal box.

Once the research was complete, he intended to shape the liquid metal box into a sphere to pay homage to the departed fat ball.

On the other side, Song Shuhang led everyone to escape to the scholarly world.

“This is strange. Why did Tyrannical Song use a small world for the spatial jump instead of using spatial authority directly?”

“Eh, this small world… It’s a fragment of the ancient Heavenly City!” King Kun’s consciousness stirred.

While he could only glimpse a portion of this small world, many buildings from the ancient Heavenly City were clearly visible.

As an ancient Immortal, King Kun had conducted research on the ancient Heavenly City and knew that it contained several small fragments of the Heavenly Court.

Tyrannical Song’s small world fragments were complete and consisted of significant sections of the Heavenly Court.

“Furthermore, in the depths of this small world… There seems to be an even more mysterious and foreboding world concealed.”

Occasionally, a faint aura emanated from this hidden world and created an unsettling atmosphere.

Remaining in Tyrannical Song’s small world made every second feel like an eternity.

Luckily, Song Shuhang only utilized the Inner World as a transit point and didn’t linger long before arriving at the White Cloud Academy.

“To be honest, returning to the White Cloud Academy always leaves me with leg and stomach cramps,” Song Shuhang lamented.

It was the most harrowing place for him.

“By the way, Senior Song, I haven’t watched your speech yet, and the broadcast notice just came in!” Soft Feather giggled.

“Stop! Don’t watch it!” Song Shuhang hastily advised.

“But I’ve already ordered it,” Soft Feather replied.

Song Shuhang was rendered speechless.

He swiftly turned to Su Clan’s Sixteen and said, “Sixteen, don’t click!”

“I’ve already ordered it too,” Su Clan’s Sixteen shyly admitted.

Song Shuhang was speechless.

He then regarded Lady Onion, perched on his shoulder.

“Heh, I’ve had my fair share of experiences. I’ll wait for others to finish watching your speech before I tune in. I won’t give in easily…” Lady Onion declared proudly, then suddenly exclaimed, “Oops, my hand slipped!”

Song Shuhang was left speechless.

As they conversed, two exquisite gemstones flew in from the White Cloud Academy.

These glass gemstones glistened and were about the size of an eyeball.

“Wow, what beautiful gems!” Soft Feather exclaimed.

“If you like them, you can ask Song Shuhang for them,” Pavilion Master Chu suggested, half-jokingly.

Soft Feather was puzzled.

“Those are my eyes,” Song Shuhang proudly revealed.

The pair of glass gemstone eyes floated in front of everyone, and soon, four elegant Confucian scholars emerged from them while gazing curiously at Yuan Zi.

“Eh? So it’s a standard double room?” Sword quipped. “Shuhang, that’s not very considerate. With four fellow daoists, you should have arranged a spacious room for each of them!”

Song Shuhang was left utterly speechless.

Why don’t you try extracting four eyes, then?