He familiarized himself with the feeling of having a large amount of spiritual qi emerging from his body and cleansing his meridians before quickly disappearing.

Jiang Li could only say that it was quite comfortable.

He opened the interface and saw that his Qi Cultivation Method, "Ghost Wood Art", had already gone from Level 4 to Level 5 after the previous struggle.

Jiang Li, who had just stepped into the mid-stage Qi Refinement realm, took another solid step forward.

Previously, his Mountain Crushing Scripture had surpassed the others due to multiple status buffs and reached the fifth level of body refinement first. Now, the two were equal.

Moreover, while Jiang Li distributed the spiritual qi, he still kept a small portion of it that was sufficient to support his cultivation at the limit in his body. His cultivation speed in the future would probably feel as fast as flying.

As long as he worked hard, he should be able to reach the late-stage Qi Refinement realm very soon!

He might not be able to reach Foundation Establishment within a year, but there might be hope to achieve it in two years.

Top-grade spiritual root cultivators usually needed more than five years to reach the Foundation Establishment realm. Wouldn't that mean that he was very impressive?

Feeling the constantly surging spiritual qi in his body, Jiang Li was also filled with anticipation towards the future of his Immortal Cultivation.

Ignoring all this for the time being, Jiang Li walked to the side of the handsome sword cultivator zombie and started to study it carefully.

"Is this the body of a cultivator who has forged a Dao Foundation?"

"Shu Mountain sword cultivators practically don't cultivate their bodies. Even so, after Foundation Establishment, their bodies can actually reach this level."

Cultivation also started from the basics. Establishing a Dao Foundation was the foundation of everything. There could not be any mistakes.

He did not know what grade of Dao Foundation he could forge in the future.

He controlled the sword cultivator's corpse to raise his arm again. With a thought, a ball of spirit fire suddenly swelled and burned in his palm, nearly burning his eyebrows as well.

The attribute of this sword cultivator's spiritual root was obviously fire. It was still beyond Jiang Li's expectations that it could have such power just by igniting it with spiritual qi.

"Could it be that wood supplements fire?" Jiang Li thought in his heart.

Could it be that the spiritual qi flow had passed through his body beforehand and contained some Wood attribute characteristics? After it was guided into the sword cultivator's corpse, the wood spirit started a fire, causing the power of the sword cultivator's spiritual qi to increase greatly?

The more Jiang Li thought about it, the more likely it was. He could not help but praise himself for his wit.

Buzz~ Buzz~


Through the sword cultivator zombie, Jiang Li seemed to have captured something.

Something was not right. What was this feeling?

Jiang Li closed his eyes and placed all his five senses into the Five Senses Technique.

In an instant, his perspective changed, becoming the view of the sword cultivator zombie.

Buzz~ Buzz~

The faint buzzing in his ears became clearer.

It was as if something was transmitting a very faint signal to him.

What was calling him?

To be precise, what was summoning the sword cultivator zombie?

Jiang Li could not figure out what thing would summon a dead person.

He followed the call and tried to respond. Then, the two words became clear.

"Burning… Rainbow?" Jiang Li uttered these two words with the mouth of a sword cultivator.

Then, a faint connection formed through the sword cultivator zombie.

In an attempt, Jiang Li sent a stream of spiritual qi to an item closely related to the sword cultivator zombie.

In a corner of the coffin space, a flying sword with a slightly bent blade immediately floated crookedly, flying towards the sword cultivator with great difficulty.

"This… this flying sword can still be salvaged!"

Jiang Li was shocked. He had held this flying sword for so long and used it to cut his wrist and pry open the tiles, but he actually did not realize that it could still be fixed.

The flying sword landed on the sword cultivator's hand as if it had used all its strength and did not move at all.

However, Jiang Li was overjoyed. The difference between a sword cultivator having a flying sword and not having a flying sword was not small.

As long as it was not completely damaged, this flying sword could still be saved.

However, he still had to be careful when repairing the flying sword.

The implications of the Shu Mountain Flying Sword were huge. Once someone discovered that he had refined the Shu Mountain disciple into a puppet, even Elder He might not be able to protect himself with the might of the Shu Mountain Five Elements Peak.

Therefore, the matter of repairing the flying sword could not be left to others.

He had originally been studying in the Weapon Refinement Hall, but because he did not have a fire attribute spiritual root, he could not use spirit fire to refine weapons.

However, if he used the hands of this fire sword cultivator, he might be able to do it.

However, with the effects of the Five Senses Technique, it was too difficult to control the zombie to perform such intricate operations.

He would likely need additional support.

Jiang Li's gaze landed on a certain status on the interface, and he immediately calmed his mind and sat down cross-legged.


A few weeks later, in the battle arena of the Demon Vanquishing Hall.

"Junior Brother Jiang Li, please show mercy."

Opposite Jiang Li stood a young man who was around 18 or 19 years old. Similar to Jiang Li, he wore white clothes and had the word 'Storage' embroidered on the left chest. He was also an inner sect disciple of the Demon Vanquishing Hall.

However, the young man's face was filled with a helpless smile.

Because recently, his opponent, Jiang Li, had stolen the limelight in the Demon Vanquishing Hall.

All the disciples of the Demon Vanquishing Hall knew that two months ago, their Head Elder had taken in an absurd outer sect disciple as his personal disciple.

In the beginning, not many people paid attention to it, because the outer sect disciples who were promoted often had limited talent and strength.

However, Jiang Li was different. His cultivation method was ferocious, and his speed of improvement was terrifying. It was simply exaggerated to a shocking extent.

The sound of him pounding the rocks day and night almost caused the entire Demon Vanquishing Hall to not sleep well for half a month.

This was not the key. The important thing was that this junior brother had killed ten fierce demon beasts that were almost equivalent to the peak of the Qi Refinement realm in a row in half a month.

After that, perhaps because they were busy with work and did not have time to catch demon beasts, their master actually gave him a new cultivation mission.

That was to fight a random late-stage Qi Refinement realm disciple in the Demon Vanquishing Hall's battle arena each day.

He still remembered the scene of the first senior disciple from the Demon Vanquishing Hall, who had confidently gone on stage to "guide" his junior, being sent flying by a punch from that junior brother. It was really too tragic.

"Senior Brother, please don't say that. I seek your guidance."

Jiang Li waved his hand in embarrassment. His smile was as innocent as a child's.

Then, crackling sounds could be heard as the joints on his body emitted a fierce aura.

The clothes on his upper body were casually torn into pieces, revealing his extremely muscular body.

On his back, the sinister and ugly demonic ape had already disappeared a while ago, and now, it was replaced by the present "Lunar Bear".

Just as he had expected, the effect of the [Demonic Ape Blood Tattoo] did not disappear even after it was removed. On his status bar, there was another buff that was not inferior to the former.

Feeling the surging strength that was present everywhere in his body, Jiang Li was already thinking about what he should say when he was showing off in the future. Should he also come up with a few lines of poetry and recite them?

His happiness of getting free buffs, when reflected in this battle arena, was the endless fear of the opponents.

"Battle… begin!"

"Junior Brother Jiang Li, you can do it!"

On the side, a female cultivator from the Rejuvenation Hall who had been temporarily hired as a referee announced loudly.

Then, she started to cheer on Jiang Li, causing the senior brother opposite him to have an awkward expression.

Under Elder He's wise guidance, the entire Demon Vanquishing Hall was filled with boundless interest in the matter of competing in martial arts. Even the female cultivators of the Rejuvenation Hall beside them were deeply affected. Under their beautiful appearance, all of them hid a valiant heart.

Would anyone believe that there were disciples of the Rejuvenation Hall stationed here all year round for emergencies?

As soon as the crisp female voice finished resounding through the air, Jiang Li stomped on the ground, and his figure transformed into an afterimage that vanished on the spot.


Fragments of stone flew everywhere, causing the surrounding disciples to retreat in fear of being injured by the aftershock on the stage.

A huge pit that was waist deep appeared where Jiang Li's fist landed.

He had broken through several stages of body refinement and had two blood tattoos to enhance his body. The power of his punch was incomparable to before.

However, when the dust settled, that senior brother was not here.

Jiang Li raised his head to look up. Sure enough, he saw that his senior brother was still rising to the sky on his magic artifact.

"Junior Brother, I'm sorry. The Head Elder doesn't allow you to use your artifact. Don't break the rules."

That senior brother dodged Jiang Li's punch and was terrified to the point his forehead was covered in cold sweat. On this side, he was standing on a red umbrella and constantly rising to the sky, and he was still shouting to Jiang Li not to use his artifact.

Jiang Li was speechless. The grade of the Dragon Imprisoning Lock was too high. It was used to bully his opponents, so Elder He banned him from using it.

Apart from the Yin Burial Coffin, Jiang Li did not have any other magic artifacts, so his movements were naturally restricted to the ground.

This senior brother had a good idea. He wanted to use a long-range spell technique to defeat Jiang Li after rising into the sky.

However, how could it be so simple?

"Senior Brother, I'm in a hurry today, so I apologize in advance!"