The coffin landed on the ground upright. After enlarging to a normal size, it was like a door frame.

The coffin lid opened automatically. A moment later, a graceful white-robed sword cultivator walked out.

It had to be said that the quality of the disciple uniform of the Shu Mountain Five Elements Peak was really good. The materials used were high-end and soft to the touch. Even if there was no wind, they would sway on their own.

He was even soaked in the thick black Yin Corpse Blood for so long but the color changed back to the original state after a simple wash.

This was probably what the elites of the Shu Mountain Five Elements Peak saw. Their equipment was always much better than others.

Jiang Li did not communicate with the sword cultivator clone verbally.

It was as if they were unable to see each other. Jiang Li put away the coffin and turned around to return to the peak of the mountain, whereas his clone lightly stepped on the ground and transformed into a white shadow that flashed down the mountain. The two of them parted ways.

After all, they were both the same person essentially. There was really no meaning in talking to himself.


Because they were too close to the temporary camp of the Scripture Storage Valley, if they were discovered, it was very easy to have a misunderstanding and accident.

The sword cultivator clone did not rashly mount his sword and merely relied on the martial arts beneath his feet to fly through the cover of the forest. His actions were exactly the same as when Jiang Li was cultivating in the sect earlier.

In any case, he was still at the Foundation Establishment realm. The speed of sword cultivators was actually not slow. However, due to the severe loss of memories, other than the Liquor Fire Sword Song, his clone was basically an empty piece of white paper. He had also forgotten all kinds of movement techniques, so he could only use the shallow movement technique that Jiang Li's main body knew to travel.

After descending all the way to the foot of the mountain, Jiang Li still did not let his clone rise into the air. Instead, he moved his legs and ran into the distance like a phantom.

The reason why he did not ride a sword was firstly because riding a flying sword with the Fire attribute was basically as conspicuous as shooting lightning at night. He would be easily discovered by others.

Due to certain considerations, he did not want to expose the connection between his clone and his main body. After all, the effect of the Heart Sutra was too powerful, and it was very easy to be feared by others.

Think about it, the enemy could kill your family, friends, parents, and loved ones, before taking over their lives.

Even if the killer was right beside you, you would still spend time with him intimately, how terrifying was that?!

If this sort of cultivation method were to fall into the hands of someone with ulterior motives, it would simply be an unparalleled demonic technique, the most vicious among vicious techniques.

In his shoes, if such a person existed, Jiang Li would also eliminate him quickly.

The second reason was that Jiang Li discovered that his clone's cultivation level was higher than him. Moreover, he still had the foundation of his original Shu Mountain movement technique. When he used the main body's movement technique, he could improve at lightning speed.

This kind of understanding and experience could be reflected to his main body in real time. It was very helpful to his movement technique cultivation.

Thus, in order to use the clone to cultivate the movement technique, the parallel mind had to work extra hard.

However, compared to spiritual qi, the stamina of the clone was limited.

After running for an entire night, the clone's stamina was almost exhausted. Only then did he step on his flying sword to rise into the sky and fly towards a certain direction.

While flying high in the sky, Jiang Li's clone was abnormally excited. Relying on the endless spiritual qi flowing out of his body, he continuously urged his spiritual qi to speed up, constantly making various difficult movements in the sky.

The low-grade Yin Refinement Art was obviously unable to allow the clone to receive his spiritual qi transfer from a distance.

Jiang Li searched in the Scripture Storage Pavilion for a long time before finally finding a suitable spell technique. Through the connection between their consciousnesses, he was barely able to do this.

In the air, there were no speed limitations or obstructions, allowing him to fly freely in an open space. That kind of refreshing feeling of rushing into a violent wind was really satisfying.

Jiang Li screamed in his heart. This was truly cultivation!

Honestly speaking, this was the first time Jiang Li had flown alone. In the past, in the sect, if one did not ride a flying ship, one would have to walk on two legs. Disciples were not allowed to fly on their magic artifacts in public areas.

Therefore, after Jiang Li obtained the Dragon Imprisoning Lock and the sword cultivator clone, he had only tried to float at a low altitude in his room. This was the first time he had flown so happily like today.

His clone flew towards his destination at extreme speed, and the main vision returned to Jiang Li.

At this moment, Jiang Li had already entered a forest formed from seven tall mountains not far away under the lead of Senior Sister Liu Mulan.

More than ten kilometers away from the forest, there was a rather prosperous human city. The area it covered was probably larger than the combined size of Cloud Stream City and the Southern Seal Kingdom.

"Is this one of the gathering places of the demons?"

After all, the demon gathering place sounded like a tiger's den. It seemed very dangerous for two cultivators to enter.

"I guess so. You'll know when you get in."

When Liu Mulan said this, she even looked at the city in the distance. Her eyes were surging with inexplicable emotions.

This mountain forest looked withered and yellow from afar. Jiang Li did not suspect her and only thought that it was the demons that destroyed the environment.

When he truly stepped foot into it, dense shock arose in Jiang Li's heart.

"The bark… is all gone."

Yes, this forest was very different from other places. The trees in this forest were almost without bark.

At first, Jiang Li thought that it was only a special type of tree that had no bark, but when he approached one, he saw that there were still a large number of tooth marks on the tree trunk.

"These… were all chewed through?"

Jiang Li took a step forward, wanting to take a closer look at the remaining tooth marks on the tree trunk.

However, there was a crack.

His foot stepped into something.

It felt a little… strange.

Jiang Li lowered his head and saw that the ground was covered by thick leaves. The leaves were blown away with a breath, and what he stepped on was a dried-up skeleton.

When Jiang Li had just entered the sect, he had done the deed of excavating graves, digging graves, and stealing corpses. He was not afraid of corpses.

Instead, he watched the skull carefully. The sparse teeth were almost identical to the tooth marks on the tree trunk.

Jiang Li blew out another long breath, blowing away a large number of fallen leaves.

The forest was completely dead. Under the dead trees, there were corpses everywhere.

Jiang Li had an idea of what happened, but he could not help but ask, "Senior Sister Mulan, what were they doing?"

"The people in that city and those who fled farther away starved to death."

So it was a famine, no wonder this was the result.

There was a famine even farther away. They fled here and ate all the food in the city. As a result, everyone became refugees.

Without food, they went up the mountain to dig grass roots and eat tree barks.

In the end, the grass was dug out and the tree barks were eaten. The tree trunk could not be bitten, so they starved to death under the tree.

It was not a good feeling to be hungry. Fortunately, he had the status of [Satiety] and [Inedia]. He probably would not feel hungry in this lifetime.

"Senior Sister, are they the ones we need to deal with?" Jiang Li asked.

"Yes, it's them."

Senior Sister Liu Mulan squatted down, took out a talisman, and pressed it on a corpse.


The talisman immediately emitted white smoke. The Yin qi on the body completely dissipated, and the corpse completely collapsed.

"They died of hunger. Hatred and pain bound their souls, turning them into hungry ghouls that ate away at everything."

"It's daytime now, and the Yang qi is suppressing them so that they can't move. At night, they will get up and eat everything they can see."

"So, we have to send them to rest in peace. You have a Yin-attribute spiritual root. This should not be difficult for you."

That talisman paper was only to show Jiang Li. In fact, for body cultivators, crushing their skulls was more convenient.

However… all of them?

Jiang Li glanced at the corpses that covered the entire mountain and felt helpless in his heart.

Moreover, if so many corpses rose at night, he would probably be drowned by the tide.

Jiang Li walked to the next corpse and reached out to grab it.

Sizzle! Sizzle!

However, as soon as he grabbed it, the sound of burning iron could be heard between Jiang Li's palm and the skull. A moment later, the entire skeleton collapsed.

This was the effect of [Anti-Demon Golden Skin]?

This was the first time Jiang Li had experienced the anti-demon effect. It seemed quite effective.

In this period of time, Yan Hong later helped Jiang Li buy two more portions of golden powder. However, due to his interface settings, two similar statuses could not be stacked and could only be overwritten.

Therefore, if Jiang Li wanted to have the [Anti-Demon Golden Skin] on his entire body, he had to apply it all at once, not part by part.

Therefore, he still had not used the two sets of golden powder directly.

It seemed that this Buddhist product was indeed quite effective on ghosts and evil beings.

However, with such an exaggerated quantity, it did not seem like there was much use even if he could restrain them.

Jiang Li rolled up his sleeves.

Therefore, all he could do was to work overtime.