In a short while, he finished about five kilograms of hard liquor. His face was already red and the temperature around him was quietly rising.

Three thousand meters up in the air, a Golden-Winged Condor was flying towards its lair while holding a log.

This log was extremely dry, the best material to build a nest. Moreover, based on its many years of experience, there was definitely a fat worm inside the log.

When its child was born, it could directly eat the freshest food.

This made the Golden-Winged Condor very satisfied with its gains today.

But gradually, it felt as if the wood in its claws began to heat up.

The Golden-Winged Condor was somewhat puzzled. It lowered its head to look at the piece of wood on its claw. In its bird life, such a thing had never happened.

Eh? There was a sound coming from the wood?

Wine pierces the intestines and breaks the soul, fire surges in sword heart that dreams of a long song!


The log exploded, and the roaring flames engulfed the giant bird.

Amidst the flames, a flying sword was held in the sword cultivator's hand as he stabbed it at the condor.


The sword cultivator clone was completely confident that it could not dodge the sword at this distance.


However, although the sword pierced through, the tip of the longsword seemed to have hit a piece of steel plate, receiving an extremely great resistance.

Fire-attribute spiritual qi surged into the flying sword crazily as if it was free. The scorching temperature quickly rose, and the incomparably hard condor feathers were melted layer by layer.

The sword cultivator clone was surprised by the huge bird's terrifying defense. He held Burning Rainbow and stabbed forward relentlessly.


Withstanding the intense screeching sounds from scratching metal, Burning Rainbow finally broke through the feather defense and successfully pierced into the flesh.

However… that was all.


The Golden-Winged Condor flapped its wings, causing a violent wind that instantly tore apart the liquor flames.

As it continued to beat its wings, the huge bird head lowered and looked at Jiang Li. A savage killing intent was revealed in its sharp eyes.

He could not beat it!

The parallel mind quickly came to this conclusion.

Sword cultivators were known for their attacks. Even when he attacked head-on with his full strength, he could only barely break through the defense and cause a slight injury.

The result was very obvious.

No chance.


The clone made a prompt decision. He kicked the condor's stomach and used the counterforce to retrieve the flying sword. Immediately, he rode his sword and flew crazily against the direction of the wind.

Another advantage of a sword cultivator was that their Sword Kinesis Flight was extremely fast. The parallel mind also specially chose to travel against the direction of the wind.

The larger the condor was, the greater the wind resistance it would suffer. Only by escaping in this direction could he have a higher chance of success.


However, a sharp cry could be heard.

The clone, Tang Yan, looked back to see that the condor followed closely behind him. Its hooked beak opened wide, and it was about to devour the clone.

The bird flew faster than him even in this situation!

The clone held the sword hilt with one hand and let the flying sword carry him at the speed limit. His other hand reached into his pocket and took out two cloth bags. He bit the rope with his mouth and pulled.

The opening of the bag was released, and the items in the two bags were immediately and accurately thrown into the mouth of the condor.


The condor's speed immediately decreased drastically. It flapped its wings and stopped on the spot. It coughed violently before spitting out the waste pills and ashes that Jiang Li had thrown into its mouth.

However, by the time it flapped its wings again, the clone had already flown more than 2,000 meters away.

With a buffer of more than 2,000 meters, even if the flying sword's speed was slightly inferior to the condor, the gap was still there. Jiang Li was confident that he could persist for another day and night if it wanted to catch up to this 2,000 meters gap.

Two hours, four hours, six hours.

The clone kept turning back, but the condor continued to pursue him. The distance between them was slowly shrinking, and the patience of the condor truly made Jiang Li helpless.

Why was this monster so fixed on him? He was so tiny and had little meat. Why was it chasing so persistently?

In the cultivation world, it seemed that burrowing into the stomach of a large-sized demon was the standard solution. Since this was not the main body, if he really could not escape later, he would give it a try.

As he flew, the clone that had made up his mind suddenly saw a few faint shadows in the distant sky.

Soon, as the distance increased, the few black shadows gradually became clear. It seemed that they were a group of cultivators flying in the sky.

If it was under normal circumstances, Jiang Li would have rushed up and shouted, "Fellow Daoists, please wait!"

This was the standard way to divert trouble to others.

But he did not do so.

This was because, to be able to fly to this height on a magic artifact, the weakest person in that group would probably be at the Foundation Establishment realm.

If the other party discovered his intention and obstructed him instead, he would have to bear the consequences.

The parallel mind thought for a moment, then, he immediately turned 45 degrees and flew in another direction with the condor chasing him.

However, because of this maneuver, the condor caught up to him again.

"Senior Brother, he didn't come over."

Among the group of cultivators, a female cultivator spoke in surprise. The others who were with her were also surprised by the sword cultivator's change in direction.

They had clearly noticed the commotion here long ago. However, not only did they not panic because of this, they even discussed excitedly what the sword cultivator would do.

One chased while the other fled, which meant that the sword cultivator's strength was definitely inferior to the condor. Judging from his speed, it was obvious that he was also slower.

On the other hand, the expenditure of spiritual qi when a cultivator rode a flying sword was obviously much greater than when the condor flapped its wings.

As time passed, this sword cultivator would definitely die.

Therefore, most of the cultivators thought that the other party would rush over and implicate them.

This was originally a very normal thing, and it could not be said to be good or bad, but Jiang Li actually changed direction to avoid them.

This was very surprising.

They did not know whether to call him stupid or kindhearted.

"I've long heard of the unyielding character of the Shu Mountain Sword Cultivators. Now that I see it, they really live up to their reputation." The man in the lead said, "Junior Brother, Junior Sister, let's go help him."

Earlier, only he thought that the sword cultivator clone would kindly avoid them.

The reason was simple. He was a Shu Mountain disciple.

This man was not old, he looked tall and handsome. His appearance was not inferior to that of the sword cultivator clone. Most importantly, he had an indescribable aura of a leader.

If the sword cultivator clone stood together with him, no matter how handsome he was, he would instantly lose his luster.

On the left chest of his robe, there was a bold and vigorous "Storage" word.

As soon as he finished speaking, the man's figure dissipated like clouds.

The few cultivators behind him also took out their weapons and artifacts and flew in the direction where the sword cultivator clone escaped.


Moving the perspective back to the clone, Tang Yan.

This turn was not the biggest problem, it was that the wind direction had actually changed.

He went from going against the wind to going along with the wind!

Jiang Li cursed in his heart, but before he could think of a solution, a shadow struck the sword cultivator clone from above.

The clone looked up and saw that the condor had flown behind him at some point in time thanks to the wind.


This time, the condor had learned its lesson. It no longer used its mouth to peck him. Instead, it stretched out its sharp claws and pounced at the sword cultivator clone.

If he was caught by this, this clone that had yet to live long would probably be torn to pieces instantly.

The clone did not escape. He turned around and held his sword, swinging it wildly at the huge bird.

A drunken song filled with determination! The flames of war illuminate the world!

In an instant, more than a hundred streaks of Liquor Fire Spiritual Qi shot out. The condor collided head-on without dodging.

Huge patches of burnt bird feathers fell. Fire countered metal to begin with. Coupled with the might of the flying sword, if it was attacked too much, the condor would definitely be injured.

However, if the sword cultivator clone was hit once, he might die immediately!