"Oh? You want to compete with me in speed?" Senior Sister Liu Mulan was extremely surprised.

This junior brother of hers actually wanted to "challenge her with his shortcomings"?

Jiang Li's body refinement specialized in strength. She had long figured this out during the many sparring sessions.

As for her, Liu Mulan, she was a body cultivator with an agility attribute. Every time, she could easily suppress Jiang Li in terms of speed and movement technique. Although Jiang Li's third beast blood tattoo used a vine-tailed leopard that leaned towards speed, it was definitely not so easy to make up for the gap between them.

"Yes, Senior Sister. How about letting me try?"

Jiang Li was extremely persistent. That divine statue tree should have a great origin. He had a wood attribute spiritual root to begin with. If nothing unexpected happened, that thing should be extremely important to him.

It was impossible for him to give up because of this obstruction. Even if Senior Sister Liu refused, he would still find an opportunity to slip out.

On the other hand, Liu Mulan was puzzled in her heart. This junior brother of hers was not a fool. Why would he suggest such a sure-lose competition? Could it be that he was plotting something?

However, after thinking about it, Senior Sister Liu Mulan could not think of any way to let Jiang Li defeat her. Therefore, she finally agreed.

"Sure, I can give you this chance, but you can't use medicinal pills or talismans."

She added this condition as a way to stop Jiang Li from cheating in the end.

However, Jiang Li's expression did not change in the slightest as he agreed with a smile.

Since there was nothing else to do, Liu Mulan and Jiang Li walked out of the temporary base.

Looking at the mountain opposite, Liu Mulan took out a spear from somewhere and aimed it at the mountaintop. In an instant, her arm swelled up and she quickly ran a few steps forward.


A tearing sound resounded in the air as the spear flew out from his hand and shot into the sky. After flying in a large arc, it stabbed into the mountaintop opposite him. At that distance, even with Jiang Li's good vision, he could only see a black dot.

"I'll let you run for five breaths before I chase after you. If I capture you, you lose. If you pull out that spear before I capture you, you win. Remember, you're not allowed to fly."

Jiang Li nodded without any objections. With his Dragon Imprisoning Lock, the speed at which he flew might not necessarily be faster than his full speed.

However, right when Senior Sister Liu Mulan was about to shout, Jiang Li hurriedly stopped her, "Wait, Senior Sister. Let me prepare for a while."

Jiang Li looked at the spear on the opposite mountaintop and precisely adjusted his direction to face his target.

Five seconds later, a negative status was quietly removed from his status bar.

After that, a gust of wind spread out from beneath Jiang Li's feet. In his legs, a powerful force awakened from its slumber. Fortunately, he did not fly out directly.

"Alright, Senior Sister, you can begin."

Liu Mulan was speechless. What difference was there between preparing and not preparing?

She casually threw out two rocks in succession. While flying, the rocks behind caught up to the rocks in front. The two rocks collided and exploded with a bang. This meant that the competition had begun!


Almost at the same time that the rock exploded, there was an explosion where Jiang Li was. It was as if he had been hit by a meteorite on the ground, causing dust to rise high.

By the time Liu Mulan waved her hand to blow away the dust, Jiang Li's figure had already disappeared.

Liu Mulan looked down the mountain path and her pupils immediately constricted. She saw a shadow flying down the mountain at an exaggerated speed. The dust that was stirred up could not even keep up with his speed. After he ran for a while, it slowly spread out.

What… what speed was this?!!

Senior Sister Liu Mulan was shocked. How could she still care about the rules she had set with Jiang Li? She did not care if it was for five breaths of time or a few breaths of time, she immediately activated her movement technique and chased after Jiang Li.

However, no matter how she utilized her movement technique, not only did the distance between her and Jiang Li not shrink, it instead continued to widen.

Jiang Li's speed was actually faster than hers! It was not just a little bit faster!

This was very ridiculous. Between the two of them, who was at the Foundation Establishment realm and who was at the Qi Refinement realm?

"Master, oh Master, what kind of monster did you take in!"

There were no spectators in their impromptu competition this time, and the route was also decided at the last minute. In fact, it was just going down the mountain where the sect's temporary base was located, and running to the mountain where the spear was stabbed was the end.

After Jiang Li unsealed his speed, he left everyone else in the dust. On the way down the mountain in the first half, he went very smoothly. This was because a sect had set up camp and cleaned it up in advance. The mountain path down the mountain was also straight, and it was relatively wide and flat.

However, in the latter half of the journey, his speed clearly slowed down. The uneven rocks and trees that grew everywhere were annoying to him. If not for his clone helping him practice his movement technique during this period of time, he would have long fallen out.

He crossed his arms and lowered his shoulders, putting on the Mountain Crushing Scripture's posture. When he encountered a tree, he collided with a tree, and when he encountered a rock, he shattered the rock. He slammed into all the obstacles until they were gone.

However, his speed was still very fast.

In the end, Jiang Li crossed the steep slope and arrived at the peak of the target with a body covered in splinters.

Stop! Stop! Stop! Too far!

Jiang Li's figure brushed past the spear that was stabbed into the ground. He stumbled forward for dozens of meters before barely stopping.

He was still far from being able to perfectly control his full speed.

Slap! Slap!

Two talismans were slapped onto his thighs. The power of the talismans spread out, and the restless power of the Armored Horse Divine Travel was suppressed once again.

Five seconds later, Jiang Li tore off the talisman papers, ran to the spear, and pulled out the spear that was half buried in the ground.

At this moment, another figure climbed up the mountaintop. It was Senior Sister Liu Mulan who had arrived late.

"Senior Sister, I won this time."

Jiang Li waved the spear in his hand while his smile remained unchanged. He did not have the feeling of superiority as a victor, and it did not cause others to feel the slightest discomfort.

"You… your speed is… Forget it, you win."

Senior Sister Liu was extremely depressed in her heart. She really wanted to ask Jiang Li about his speed, but when she spoke, she took into account that this was Jiang Li's secret and held back.

Furthermore, even if she managed to find out, so what? She felt that she was asking to be humiliated.

Jiang Li did not have any talismans on his body, and he did not show any side effects of exhaustion after the incident.

This speed should indeed be the strength that Jiang Li had grasped, but it was concealed during normal times because he was unable to grasp it. This could be seen from the destruction Jiang Li caused along the way.

Some cultivators even had to sacrifice their lives for the sake of greater strength, while some cultivators had to take the initiative to restrict their own speed. The gap between people was sometimes even greater than the difference between a man and a pig.

"Come with me. Since you've won, I can't stop you anymore. However, you're going out alone to train. There are some things I have to explain to you."

Liu Mulan rode a flying disc back to the temporary base.

Jiang Li also activated the Dragon Imprisoning Lock on his waist and followed his senior sister.

It had to be said that the feeling of using the Dragon Imprisoning Lock to fly was still slightly inferior to riding on a sword.