While flying in the air, Senior Sister Liu told him many things to take note of when going out. Some he had heard of when he was in the Outer Sect Cultivation Hall, while others were new stuff that he had heard for the first time.

He was still a newbie without much experience. With someone teaching him kindly, he naturally enjoyed learning.

When she arrived at the encampment, the senior sister returned to her room and rummaged through it. This was the trouble with not having a storage artifact. All the cultivators were like squirrels, they would hide all the stuff that they found inconvenient to bring everywhere.

In the end, Senior Sister Liu Mulan gave him a few bottles of powdered medicinal pills powder and pulled him along to carefully explain the usage method before finally letting him go.

[Applied Smell Erasing Powder. Added Status: Body Smell Erased.]

[Body Smell Erased: Body Smell reduced by 95%. Duration: 2 hours] (− +)

[Applied Insect Repellent Powder. Added Status: Repel Insects]

[Repel Insects: Drives away small insects. Duration: 2 hours] (− +)

Removing his body smell could allow him to hide his tracks better in the wilderness, greatly increasing his safety.

Repelling insects was essential for survival in the wilderness. Otherwise, in the wilderness, those insects could really torture a person to death.

After applying these two types of powder on his body, Jiang Li obtained two very practical statuses for the wilderness.

After bidding farewell to his senior sister, he descended the mountain and headed into the distance.

Jiang Li did not fly directly in the sky. Instead, he relied on his legs' movement techniques to run just like his clone had.

Through gradually reducing the restrictions of the talisman paper and the Life Locking Needles, he could slowly increase his speed and gradually adapt.

This time, he did not choose to smash through the trees along the way. Instead, he treated the complicated jungle terrain as the best obstacle course. He moved around and constantly practiced adapting.

Thus, he practiced for seven days and sprinted all the way.


After an unknown period of time, under a tree in the forest, an ape carrying vines landed here.

It scratched its hairless bottom, then puffed up its chest and began watering the trees.

The criteria for choosing a mate in this group was a little strange. Those female apes did not like shiny fur or strong muscles, but they had a penchant for males with high urine levels.

Among their species, the powerful ape was over three meters tall, but it could only reach 1.5 meters.

It puffed up its chest and immediately stood up. Then, it saw that the water line it created was getting higher and higher.

Before the ape could get excited…

Eh? When did a coffin appear under its feet?


The silly monkey was shocked by the coffin that suddenly came out of the ground. It screamed and ran far away.

After a moment, the coffin lid automatically slid to the side, and Jiang Li walked out from within. He stretched his back and felt refreshed.

This was the third time he had woken up after coming out. He had been traveling for a long time.

Fortunately, because his clothes were usually worn out quickly, he prepared many disciple clothes in advance and placed them in the Yin Burial Coffin. After often changing his clothes, his body did not stink.

His journey here was rather peaceful. The smell of his body was very faint, and he never stopped to rush along the way. When some powerful demon beasts discovered that there was a human here, he had already run for an unknown distance.

This was far from what he imagined. He did not encounter a demon every few steps along the way.

On the way, he continuously used appraisal to raise his appraisal skill by a small level. At the same time, he also obtained quite a number of spiritual materials and spiritual herbs. In terms of spirit stones, he could earn about a hundred.

However, as an inner sect disciple, his monthly allowance was more than a hundred spirit stones. This bit of hard-earned money was better than nothing.

He sensed that the distance between him and his clone was not far.

Jiang Li calculated the distance and speed. He should be able to reach it by today!

After putting away the coffin, Jiang Li's figure vanished like the wind again.

On the other side, the clone also opened his eyes. After glancing at the strange statue tree above him, he got up and walked out.

As soon as the clone left, two vines stretched out from the statue tree.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Two sparks arose on the fire attribute array, burning back the vines that wanted to create trouble.

During the period when Jiang Li rushed over, this strange tree had been stirring up trouble.

However, its combat ability was quite limited. It could only grow some vines and roots to wrap people up.

Moreover, the speed was not very fast. After more than ten were cut down by the flying sword, it did not dare to act rashly in front of the clone.

However, in order to maintain the independence of his main body and clone, Jiang Li had to try his best to prevent both sides from appearing at the same time or even being too close. Therefore, his clone had to leave first.

Once the clone left, it wanted to come out again. However, before leaving, the clone had set up five layers of array formations around the strange tree. It was impossible for it to break through in a day.

When Jiang Li's main body found the location of the Scaled Demon Tribe, the exposed Scaled Demon corpses had already been eaten by the wild beasts in the forest.

He sank into the water and skillfully found the entrance to the nest. At this time, the smell of the Scaled Demon's cave was much better than before.

In order to prevent himself from dying of stench, his clone had burned all the Scaled Demon corpses in the cave to ashes with his spirit fire. After more than 20 days, even if he was in the underground cave, the smell had already dissipated quite a bit.

Jiang Li followed the path in his memories and quickly found the spacious stone room.

The strange tree was still unwilling to give up. However, compared to the beginning, the vines that grew out were thin, dry, and obviously malnourished. It looked a little pitiful.

"Let me see what you really are!"

Jiang Li's eyes lit up. He immediately used appraisal.

His clone was unable to use appraisal, and his curiosity towards this thing had tortured Jiang Li for a long time. Now, he could finally take a look.

[Name: Spiritual Root Branch (??)]

[Type: Plant]

[Grade: Unknown]

[Root Status: Inverse Gravity]

[Nutrition Source: Subsidiary Parasite]

[Note: From an unknown land.]

Spiritual Root Branch… Spiritual Root Seed…

Jiang Li's eyes flickered with an inexplicable light as he repeated these two words softly.

Apart from the cultivation talent of cultivators, what else could the word spiritual root mean?

Spiritual Root… Spiritual Root of Heaven and Earth… Connate Spiritual Root!

Jiang Li suddenly recalled a passage written by his predecessor in the Ghost Wood Art and some myths and legends from his previous life.

Immortal Peach, Ginseng Fruit, Yellow Core Tree, Fusang Tree, Moon Laurel Tree, Bitter Bamboo, Calabash Vine…

In his previous life, these natural plants in the Primordial World of ancient mythologies were called spiritual roots!

Among them, there were 3,600 immortal peaches. They were divided into three grades, high, medium, and low. They were all reproductive sub-branches of the Connate Immortal Peach.

It could be seen that the spiritual root indeed had such a phenomenon.

As for the strange tree in front of him that had reversed gravity, it was appraised as a Spiritual Root Branch, but as to which spiritual root it was, there were still two questions unanswered.

Could it be that its source was also a Connate Spiritual Root?

Jiang Li was excited. Since the ancient times, there had been no signs of Immortals or Buddhas. He had originally thought that all the treasures had been reduced to ashes in the great calamity. He did not expect that such a thing would still exist.

Although the strange tree in front of him was quite pitifully weak, it was only because it had unfortunately fallen into the hands of a group of Scaled Demons.

The fact that it was a Spiritual Root Branch still meant that it was undoubtedly very powerful.

This point could be discovered just by looking at the characteristics of the spiritual root seed.

Oh no, when the appraisal skill appraised that seed, the information displayed was [Name: Spiritual Root Seed?].

Now, it seemed that the full name of these seeds should be called the seed of the Spiritual Root Branch.

Spiritual roots were spiritual roots. In ancient times, they were things that only the Immortal and Buddhist sects could master.

If he could figure out the secret of this Spiritual Root Branch, it would not be impossible for him to walk on his own path to the Great Dao!

Jiang Li stepped forward. The more he looked at the Spiritual Root Branch in front of him, the more he liked it. Even the divine statue that had sprouted from the tree trunk became delicate in his eyes.


With a thought, the Dragon Imprisoning Lock flew out from his waist and bound the Spiritual Root Branch.

"This thing has an affinity with me!"