A few days later.


On a calm lake, a water splash that was a few meters high suddenly exploded. Jiang Li's figure that was covered in a wooden armor leaped out from within, and then he stepped on the surface of the water and flew towards the shore.

As he walked on the water, an enormous tentacle suddenly stretched out from beneath the surface of the water and swept towards Jiang Li. However, Jiang Li seemed to have made preparations beforehand, and he dodged it with a few flashes under the enhancement of the Armored Horse Divine Travel.

After landing on the shore and retreating to a safe distance, the black tentacle seemed to have reached its limit and stopped pursuing. It swayed twice before sinking back into the water.

However, the end of the tentacle was especially round, as if there was a part missing.

Seeing that the water surface no longer moved, Jiang Li stretched out his hand and gestured towards the surface of the lake.

Splash! A black chain shot out of the lake.

The Dragon Imprisoning Lock automatically became thinner and shorter, wrapping around Jiang Li's waist.


A black tentacle that was three meters long and as thick as a bucket landed in front of Jiang Li and was still wriggling non-stop.

This thing was obviously the tail section of the "tentacle" that attacked Jiang Li earlier.

Jiang Li sighed. Spiritual qi brushed past his entire body, and the lake water on his body dispersed into a mist that was quickly blown dry.

"This thing is really hard to deal with in the water!"

Jiang Li looked at the lake nearby and could not help but sigh.

After finding the two eggs, he flew all the way here and had already stayed by the lake for three days.

This was all because he had taken a fancy to a demon beast in the water!

[Name: Dragon Tortoise]

[Type: Water Demon Beast]

[Age: Sexual Immaturity]

[Gender: Male]

[Source of Nutrition: Omnivorous]

[Status: Ambush and Strangle]

[Danger Level: High]

This was a type of aquatic demon beast that was recorded in the Scripture Storage Valley's Beast Record. It was said that it inherited the powerful bloodline of the Ancient Dragon Race.

Although it was still a minor, the body was already as huge as a water monster.

It had a dragon head, a tortoise body, and a snake tail. It was said that its appearance was very similar to the legendary divine beast, Black Tortoise.

There were even rumors that this Dragon Tortoise was a variation born after a night of intercourse by the amorous dragon race and the divine beast, Black Tortoise!


When Jiang Li arrived at this lake the day before, he discovered that the scenery here was beautiful and the surface of the lake was like a mirror. As such, he decided to rest here for the night.

Moreover, as this place was already not far from the sect, he chose to camp and start a fire after relaxing a little. He even took out a huge beast leg and roasted it on the fire.

If he continued forward, he would only need two days to return to the sect. However, along the way, he did not encounter any demon beasts that he liked, and he had yet to obtain the material for the beast blood tattoo.

There was a reason why this beast leg was roasted, he wanted to attract some powerful demon beasts to fall into the trap.

However, after waiting for a while, although there were indeed some demon beasts that were attracted by the fragrance, the strange thing was that those demon beasts did not seem to have much courage. They only stood at the edge of the forest from afar and watched, and for a long time, no one dared to go forward and snatch it.

Jiang Li's aura was only at the Qi Refinement realm. In theory, it should be an existence that was inclined towards the bottom of the food chain in this forest. It should not be enough to deter so many demon beasts from approaching.

Could it be that they did not dare to approach the lake?

Jiang Li suddenly discovered a problem.

The lake in the wilderness where animals were densely packed… should be the water source for a large number of animals. Every day, tens of thousands of animals would come here to drink water. How could the environment here still be so intact?


This lake was not a safe water source!

Just as Jiang Li thought of this, he suddenly felt a chill down his spine.

A tail as thick as a water bucket silently extended from the river.

Jiang Li only felt his waist tighten, and he was swept up together with the roasted meat that was crazily dripping oil on the fire.

Immediately, he felt a severe weightlessness. Without giving him any time to react, the pitch-black and slippery tail dragged him into the water.

The sudden coldness of the water and the large number of bubbles in front of Jiang Li made him unable to react for a moment.

Then, a gaping maw clamped down on his head. Sharp teeth slashed at his neck as if seeking to rip it off.

If not for the black armament covering him in time, he would have joined the Headless Zombie Club.

A stench entered his nose. The tail that was as thick as a water bucket wrapped tighter and tighter around his body, squeezing crazily.

The thing that swept him into the water was extremely powerful. The tail that was as thick as a water bucket wrapped around his entire body, causing his bones to creak.

This hunting pattern was very similar to that of some giant snakes.

However, after throwing the appraisal skill at the bloody mouth, he did indeed obtain information about the Dragon Tortoise.

It was clearly still underage, but the danger level to Jiang Li had already reached a "high" level. It was almost the same level of danger as Senior Sister Liu Mulan.

His head was completely covered by the dragon's bite, so he tried to bring his heavy fists down on the tail.

However, because he was underwater, Jiang Li had nowhere to exert his strength. All the joints in his body were wrapped up by the snake's tail, so he was unable to exert any brute force.

Coupled with the Dragon Tortoise's astonishing defense and the layer of slippery mucus covering its skin, 50-60% of the force would slide away. The effect of his counterattack was minimal.

As the Dragon Tortoise's tail tightened, Jiang Li also began to feel suffocation and pain.

Was he going to die at the hands of a tortoise?

No, absolutely not. If that was the case, he would definitely feel extremely aggrieved.

After forcefully stabilizing his mind, Jiang Li had a thought and severed the high-grade spiritual qi flow to his clone and the two artifacts.

The 50 points of high-grade spiritual qi per second immediately stayed in his body. It kept surging and churning, causing his body to immediately swell.


Jiang Li circulated the cultivation method. A moment later, he suddenly opened his mouth and spat out a large amount of cold Yin attribute spiritual qi.

This was a spell technique that Jiang Li had learned earlier.

Yin Wind Art!

He had used it when he had been tested by Senior Sister Liu Mulan in the Demon Vanquishing Hall. Although its power was limited, it was great because it did not need him to chant or form seals. It was impossible to guard against!

At least, it was better than spitting saliva.

Under the continuous expenditure of spiritual qi in his body, this power might not necessarily be weaker.

He was not stingy with the expenditure of high-grade spiritual qi. He converted all the spiritual qi that surged into Yin qi and blew at the Dragon Tortoise's throat.

He gained 50 points of high-grade spiritual qi per second. How astonishing would the Yin qi that it transformed into be?

The dragon tortoise's throat swelled up instantly.

The bright red flesh on the inner wall of the esophagus quickly turned black and dark under the erosion of the Yin qi!

If this continued, the flesh and blood would rot and die under the Yin qi!