Under the extravagant usage of Yin Wind Art, the Dragon Tortoise only lasted for five seconds before it retracted its head as if it had been electrocuted.

The cold wind blew directly at the throat, attacking the vital part of the Dragon Tortoise.

It was in so much pain that its head shrank back. However, the majestic dragon head was too big, and no matter how hard it tried, it could not pull back into the tortoise shell.

It could not be bothered to hunt Jiang Li anymore. After letting go of Jiang Li, its long tail slapped the water a few times, and like a water dragon, it quickly disappeared into the depths of the lake.

At that speed, the Dragon Imprisoning Lock could not even catch up to his opponent's "tail qi."

This was the first time Jiang Li met this Dragon Tortoise, both sides suffering a bit.

Then, Jiang Li developed a strong interest in this water demon beast.

The terrifying strangulation force definitely far exceeded that of other demon beasts of the same level.

Jiang Li had also caught a glimpse of the dragon head underwater. Perhaps this fellow really did possess the bloodline of the Ancient Dragons?

Moreover, Jiang Li indeed had a severe shortcoming in underwater combat. If he could obtain its blood essence, perhaps he could make up for it a lot.

Therefore, Jiang Li had already set this Dragon Tortoise as the material for his fourth beast blood tattoo.

In the next three days, Jiang Li took the initiative to attack. He lured it onto the shore and provoked it while in the lake. He had several great battles with the Dragon Tortoise.

However, in the water, this demon beast was extremely strong and agile. He was at a disadvantage every time he fought it.

The only time was when he used himself as bait to set up a trap in advance. It was not easy for him to finally use the Dragon Imprisoning Lock to tie up his opponent's tail.

However, he did not expect that the Dragon Tortoise would actually have the ability to escape by cutting off its tail, causing Jiang Li's plan to fail again.

Jiang Li had a headache about this.

He wanted to use the Dragon Tortoise's blood essence to make up for his weakness in underwater combat.

However, if he did not make up for his shortcomings in underwater combat, he would not be able to defeat the Dragon Tortoise.

As such, Jiang Li fell into an awkward stalemate.

If only there was a way he could make it leave the water.

Jiang Li looked at the broken tail in front of him and fell into deep thought.

He had tried using bait several times, but it had been proven to be a failure.

He had nearly lost an egg of the Golden-Winged Condor in the process.

'In that case… don't blame me!'

Jiang Li was determined to kill that Dragon Tortoise. After three days of fighting, he discovered that if he did not use some crafty methods, it would probably be very difficult to win.

'In the mountains, I can set fire to the trees. In the water, I can use poison!'

He took out the coffin and threw it out.

The coffin expanded in the wind. As it grew larger, it flew higher and higher until it was a hundred meters high in the center of the lake.

Yin Corpse Blood! Release!

The coffin lid slid to the side, and immediately, a stream of red-black liquid poured out.

It was the Yin Corpse Blood that could fill a medium-sized pool in the coffin.

This Yin Corpse Blood was incomparably sinister and poisonous. When it entered the lake water, it immediately dyed the blue lake water into a rich red-black color, and it quickly spread towards the surroundings.

On the surface of the lake, large numbers of dead fish quickly floated up. This scene was practically a replica of the Mother River.

The area of this lake was not very large, so it should be unable to cleanse such a large amount of Yin Corpse Blood.

This Dragon Tortoise was not an evil thing. Jiang Li did not believe that it could still stay in the water.

Sure enough, not long after, a long-bearded dragon head surfaced for the first time.

If not for the fact that Jiang Li had seen its true form underwater, he would have probably been frightened by the majestic dragon head and fled a thousand miles away.


With a roar, a thick column of water shot out from the dragon's head. It ignored the gravitational force and shot straight at the coffin that was still pouring out Yin Corpse Blood.

However, how could Jiang Li watch as his artifact got attacked? The chain in his hand immediately flew out.

After a long period of refinement by high-grade spiritual qi, the various aspects of the Dragon Imprisoning Lock were already very powerful.

In just a moment, it caught up to the water pillar.

With a swooshing sound, the Dragon Imprisoning Lock wrapped around the water column before suddenly tightening. The thick water column was bound by the chains and dissipated in midair.


After all, the Dragon Tortoise had such a huge head. Its brain capacity was clearly not what ordinary tortoises could compare to. It was obviously much smarter.

It turned its head along the direction of the Dragon Imprisoning Lock and saw Jiang Li, the culprit who had thrown the poison.

Its instincts told it that as an aquatic demon beast, leaving the comfortable water to go ashore was not a good idea.

But the red-black blood spreading from the center of the lake made it understand that this lake, which it considered home, was going to be ruined.

In the end, anger overcame the demon beast's already low intelligence. A long tail stirred the lake water and finally climbed up to the shore under Jiang Li's expectant gaze.

This Dragon Tortoise was nearly 50 meters in length. Its tail was long and strong. Just its tail alone took up 40 meters of length.

Behind the sinister dragon head was a slightly strange tortoise shell.

This was strange because other than the head and tail, this Dragon Tortoise shell only had two holes.

This was because a normal tortoise had four legs, while this Dragon Tortoise only had two front legs supporting it on the ground. Behind it, it relied on the powerful snake tail.

Jiang Li was slightly curious now. This fellow's head was so big and its tail was so long. Obviously, it was impossible to withdraw its head and body back into its shell.

Then what was the meaning of this tortoise shell? Was it for fun?


At this moment, the Dragon Imprisoning Lock flew back like a pitch-black bolt of lightning. With two cracking sounds, the shackles on the two ends of the chain held onto the front claws of the Dragon Tortoise while holding onto Jiang Li's left leg.

The man and the beast were tied together.

Jiang Li could not help but smile. This is the way he liked to fight!


The Dragon Tortoise relied on its snake tail to move at an astonishing speed even after leaving the lake.

Raising its huge dragon head and two beast claws, it roared and rushed towards Jiang Li.

On the other hand, Jiang Li was not afraid in the slightest. His thick shoulder sank as he ran, and the move, Mountain Crushing Ape Demon, that had been tempered a thousand times ruthlessly smashed towards the Dragon Tortoise.


Jiang Li's cannonball-like figure collided with the Dragon Tortoise's shell and sent it flying.

On land, not to mention possessing dragon blood, even a True Dragon…

Alright, he could not beat a True Dragon, but bullying a Dragon Tortoise with a thin bloodline was not a problem.

In the water, Jiang Li was not as strong as the Dragon Tortoise, but at this moment, the situation had completely reversed.

After he collided with the Dragon Tortoise, he pressed down on its head and beat it up. Hard scales flew everywhere like snow in the air.

The long snake tail swept over, wishing to entangle and strangle Jiang Li. However, he quickly retreated, not giving the slightest chance.

If this Dragon Tortoise wanted to return to the water, Jiang Li would nail it on the spot again, using his extremely powerful strength to pull it, making it exhaust a large amount of stamina in vain.

A dragon had its reverse scale while snakes were weakest seven inches below its head.

This Dragon Tortoise had dragon blood and a long snake tail. Logically speaking, it definitely had such vital parts.

However, the tortoise shell that Jiang Li thought was useless at the beginning just happened to protect its vital parts, causing the weakness to become the hardest part of its body.

He could not end this quickly.

Jiang Li had no choice but to enter a prolonged battle of attrition with this Dragon Tortoise.

His skin was dyed black as he battled the Dragon Tortoise, exchanging injuries and spewing blood.

However, in terms of stamina and recovery, Jiang Li was really not afraid of anyone.

It was rare for him to suffer such injuries, and he was able to recover from them easily as if he was breathing. It was as if there were two female cultivators from the Rejuvenation Hall behind Jiang Li who were constantly using recovery techniques.

Ever since the situation had dragged into a protracted battle, the battle had become unfair.

A few hours later, Jiang Li stepped on the huge dragon's head while panting slightly. The Dragon Tortoise had finally exhausted all of its strength, and it lay on the ground while on the verge of death.

Jiang Li stuffed it into the coffin, wrapped the chain around his waist, and flew towards the sect that was not far away.