Jiang Li was stunned. That lake still had the Yin Zombie Blood that he had poured.

The only time in the past hundred years that the Yin Corpse Blood had appeared on a large scale was in the Mother River.

If Elder He saw this, then the coffin, the underwater fish, and even the corpses of the Shu Mountain Five Elements Peak sword cultivators would be traced…

He thought for a moment, then took out a map and decisively pointed at a water area in the other direction.

Elder He nodded and did not doubt him. He brought Jiang Li back to the quiet room that was specially used to cultivate the Beast Blood Diagram.

The water vapor in the quiet room had not completely dissipated. Clearly, someone had used it not long ago.

It seemed that the senior brothers and sisters who he had never seen had also returned because of the sect martial arts competition.

From the back of the quiet room, Elder He brought over a large vat that was several times larger and let Jiang Li boil the fire and medicine himself.

Elder He stood at the side and helped Jiang Li deal with the Dragon Tortoise.

This Dragon Tortoise possessed dragon blood, so every drop of blood essence on it was abnormally precious. With Jiang Li's technique, he would probably waste 70% of the blood essence.

Furthermore, this Dragon Tortoise was still alive. The effects of the blood essence were even better. If Jiang Li was lucky, he might really be able to obtain a trace of dragon blood.

To all body cultivators, it was something that they dreamed of.

Jiang Li would fan it towards the bottom of the huge vat every two breaths of time. It was not a difficult task.

He went to Elder He's side and observed the other party's method of killing the Dragon Tortoise to extract its blood.

He also asked about that mystic realm.

It was impossible for Jiang Li not to be curious about the mystic realm that caused the entire cultivation world of the Great Mountain Region to be shaken.

Elder He was currently cutting the tortoise shell. His hands were as steady as a machine.

There was no need to hide this from Jiang Li, so he spoke about it in passing. It could be considered to have given him a deeper understanding of the mystic realm's appearance.

According to Elder He, that mystic realm was a huge spiritual plant medicine garden.

At first, it was two lucky rogue cultivators who discovered it by accident.

The two rogue cultivators did not know how to refine pills and medicine. After picking more than 50 kilograms of spiritual materials in the mystic realm, they went to the Immortal Ascension Pavilion to sell them.

In the end, when the Immortal Ascension Pavilion's deacon saw that the two of them did not understand the value, he wanted to scam them and offer a very low price.

However, the two rogue cultivators were also shrewd. They discovered that something was wrong with his words.

The two of them realized that they had been cheated and immediately became angry. They did not let up and shouted.

Seeing that something was amiss, the deacon wanted to raise the price again, but they were also unwilling.

Both sides argued in the Immortal Ascension Pavilion as a result.

The Immortal Ascension Pavilion's market was the best in the Great Mountain Region. All the major sects had people stationed there to guard and exchange information.

As a result, this argument attracted many cultivators who were watching the commotion.

As cultivators who stayed in the cultivation bazaar all year round, how could they possibly be stupid?

Soon, someone discovered that the technique of plucking those spiritual materials was terrible. The person who plucked them did not seem like he could grow them.

However, it was very abnormal for the two of them to be able to gather over 50 kilograms of spiritual materials.

Soon, someone discovered that something was wrong from the roots of those herbs.

The residual soil at the spiritual material's root was exactly the same.

This meant that the fifty kilograms of spiritual materials had been harvested in a very small area.

However, this was not a hundred kilograms of weed, but a hundred kilograms of spiritual medicine!

Generally speaking, for a spiritual plant master to search a mountain and find one or two kilograms of spiritual materials was already not bad.

However, if these 50 kilograms of spiritual materials were not stolen from some sect's spiritual plant garden… then this would be a big matter.

This time, the two rogue cultivators realized that something was wrong. Why did the surrounding cultivators not speak up for them and even stare at them?

When they carried the spirit materials and wanted to leave, it was already too late.

At that time, almost all of the reputable sects in the Great Mountain Region were present.

They represented more than half of the cultivation world of the Great Mountain Region. Under their combined pressure, very few people could say no to them.

After the two rogue cultivators revealed the mystic realm under pressure, almost everyone knew about this secret.

Coupled with the location of the medicinal garden mystic realm being not within the territory of any of the four major sects, there was a huge conflict that arose later.

As for the other small sects, if they dared to claim that the mystic realm was their property, it was probably not an opportunity to rise up, but the beginning of their destruction.

Subsequently, this news was sent back to various sects immediately. The reputable factions in the Great Mountain sent out their people to take a share of the loot.

In the beginning, they really did not pay much attention to it. After all, no one could say for sure how valuable news like this—which was obtained without effort—was.

It was not until they arrived at the mysterious mystic realm that they realized that the value of it was far above their imagination!

The spiritual materials and resources inside were so abundant that if one stepped on a random grass or plucked a random flower, they could likely be spiritual plants.

In terms of spirit stones, it was a huge number that could practically cause a heart attack.

In each sect, there were dozens of alchemists and spiritual plant masters who had entered the mystic realm.

After that, they unanimously believed that the value of the Medicine Garden Mystic Realm would definitely surpass five complete spirit stone mines!

One had to know that there were only five spirit stone mines in the entire cultivation world of the Great Mountain Region.

A single medicinal garden was equivalent to the total amount of known spirit stones in the entire Great Mountain Region!

In the beginning, some people also thought of mining forcefully. They wanted to obtain the immediate benefits first.

However, that person was immediately scolded by all the spiritual plant masters present.

Although temporary benefits were straightforward, it was no different from killing the chicken for the eggs and draining the pond to catch fish!

One had to know that spiritual materials could grow after every harvest. If that medicinal garden was properly managed, it would continuously produce large amounts of spiritual materials every year. That was something that could benefit the future generations for a thousand years. It could even change the current state of the cultivation world of the Great Mountain Region.

The various large sects were not short-sighted people. Only rogue cultivators and demonic cultivators without roots sought temporary benefits.

Large sects had a history of tens of thousands of years. On the contrary, they looked down on that little bit of profit and preferred to manage their gains.

Those rogue cultivators who only found out later also swarmed over.

After they gathered together, they declared that since this mystic realm was unowned, all cultivators in the cultivation world of the Great Mountain Region were qualified to reap benefits from it.

This caused them to create quite a commotion, just like when the Scripture Storage Valley was established.

At that time, the sects were short-handed. Due to their numbers, they really divided a small area and let the rogue cultivators search and guard it.

With this, the short-sightedness of the rogue cultivators was exposed.

The rogue cultivators who had obtained admission tickets no longer cared about exploring or guarding. They were like a swarm of locusts as they started to gnaw on the land.

Although they were discovered by the sect forces in just a few hours and jointly expelled, the destruction they caused already made many cultivators' morale plummet.

Then, more and more sect cultivators arrived and suppressed the chaotic rogue cultivators. They even issued joint warrants against the few rogue cultivators leading the group, turning them into fiendish cultivators that everyone wanted to beat up.

As the Head Elder of the Demon Vanquishing Hall, it was also after the incident that Elder He went over personally.

The sects learned from their mistakes. No one was willing to let rogue cultivators in anymore. Moreover, there was nobody who wanted to see further destruction of the precious mystic realm.

What followed was a lengthy wrangling.

The four great sects naturally wanted to divide it among themselves, but because the cake was too big and the temptation was too great, the other sects naturally would not agree.

When small sects worked together to speak, even the four major sects could not ignore them!

Therefore, in the end, they still followed the old rules. In the cultivation world, the words of the strongest were most effective.

Of course, this was not referring to an all-out war, but the Great Mountain Region's Cultivator Competition!

Those small sects knew that their higher-ups were far inferior to the four great sects.

Thus, they planned to use the new generation of disciples with even more uncertainty to try to turn things around.

After all, if those small sects gathered most of their resources to support a few genius disciples, the resources that those disciples obtained would not be inferior to those of large sects.

This was the reason why they were so confident.

As for the four major sects, they did not think that their disciples would be worse than others!

Therefore, the candidates for the competition were decided on two categories: Qi Refinement realm disciples under the age of 20 and Foundation Establishment disciples under the age of 30.

At this point, the rules of the Great Mountain Cultivation World's competition were slowly finalized.