After Jiang Li heard the entire story, he pondered for a moment before asking in a very ignorant manner, "If we win the competition, the rewards will be very generous, right?"

Elder He was at a loss for words. This disciple of his was probably living a life of poverty. Why was he always thinking about such things?

However, without a doubt, regardless of whether it was the sect martial competition or the Great Mountain Cultivator Competition, the winner would definitely receive rich rewards.

Soon, the medicinal liquid in the large vat began to boil. Elder He began to pour the Dragon Tortoise blood into the large vat.

Unlike the previous heart, Elder He planned to use the Dragon Tortoise's blood this time, all of it.

This was also the reason why the medicinal cauldron was several times larger than before.

However, Jiang Li was not a giant. With his small size, he would definitely be unable to absorb all of the Dragon Tortoise blood. It would be difficult for him to even absorb one-tenth of it.

Therefore, before condensing the blood tattoo, they still had to take complicated steps to refine the concentrated tortoise blood.

However, more than ten minutes later.

"Aren't you a registered disciple of the Alchemy Hall? Why are you so clumsy?"

Jiang Li, who was assisting from the side, was despised by Elder He.

Elder He knew that Jiang Li had the status of a registered disciple of the Alchemy Hall, so he naturally thought that Jiang Li had talent in alchemy and had a certain foundation.

However, in the end, he kept making mistakes while only refining the essence blood. This made Elder He quite upset.

If Jiang Li screwed up some important parts, this precious Dragon Tortoise would be wasted.

"Forget it. Don't cause trouble anymore. Go to the Alchemy Hall and find a disciple to help out."

Jiang Li smiled awkwardly and did not explain the origins of his registered disciple identity.

After leaving the quiet room, Jiang Li directly went to the Alchemy Hall. In the Disciple's Alchemy Area, he found an especially neat alchemy room.

"Senior Sister Little Four, long time no see!"

There was only one person Jiang Li knew in the Alchemy Hall, and that was Senior Sister Little Four, who was like a rabbit and usually bounced around when she walked.

Senior Sister Little Four's Pill Chamber was neatly arranged. From the ground to the roof beams, there was not a speck of dust.

Clearly, this Pill Chamber had a very diligent master.

Little Four, who was rolling up her sleeves and grinding the blue shell pearls, looked up. She was stunned for a moment when she saw Jiang Li, then her face lit up in joy.

She put down the chores in her hand and bounced to Jiang Li's side, sizing up his inner sect disciple uniform.

"Not bad, not bad. You look much better in this outfit."

"But you've been in the inner sect for so long and haven't come to see me at all. Have you forgotten about your Senior Sister Little Four?"

She tried her best to look like a senior sister. With one hand on her waist, she patted Jiang Li on the shoulder.

However, ever since Jiang Li started cultivating his body, under the effects of various buffs, his height practically changed every day. Now, he was already an entire head taller than Senior Sister Little Four.

Therefore, the way Little Four raised her hand to pat Jiang Li's shoulder did not look right. Instead, it looked a little lively and cute.

"Yes, yes, yes. It's all my fault. How could I not come to see the most beautiful Senior Sister Little Four as soon as I entered the inner sect?"

Jiang Li hurriedly smiled and apologized, and he praised Little Four to the point her face turned red.

He casually grabbed the grinding bowl that the other party had placed on the table previously. As he stirred the grinding stick, he stated his purpose for coming this time.

Little Four put on an 'as expected' expression. She knew that Jiang Li would never visit unless he needed something. He definitely had something to ask her for help with.

However, she still readily agreed and patted her chest, saying that she would take care of it.

After saying these few words, the pearls in the grinding bowl had completely turned to dust.

Little Four covered the spiritual materials that were currently being handled in the Pill Chamber with a white cloth before returning to the Demon Vanquishing Hall with Jiang Li to help Elder He refine the tortoise blood.

There was a huge difference between a professional and an unprofessional.

Little Four came over, took a few glances and asked a few questions before rolling up her sleeves and starting to work. Her movements were practiced and precise without any mistakes.

To alchemists who were refining and cooking pills daily, brewing soup was child's play.

A large amount of Dragon Tortoise blood was added into the vat.

A thick stench of blood quickly filled the air.

As the blood soup bubbled, a layer of yellow-brown foam floated on the surface of the blood soup.

At that time, the oil and poison in the blood were slowly separated from the blood due to the effects of the spirit fire and medicinal herbs.

Then, Jiang Li grabbed Senior Sister Little Four's calf, carrying her high up into the air, standing next to the boiling large vat. In her hands, she held a large iron spoon, removing the foam.

As for why he did not use the wooden ladder a few steps away and instead used his hands to hug her… don't ask, he was just training his body.

This process of separating the impurities was very cumbersome and long. The blood soup in the huge vat was boiled for an entire day and night until it became as sticky as magma. Only then did it basically meet the requirements.

In the end, after some processing, Jiang Li began to skillfully remove his clothes, and then he jumped into the large vat.

He concentrated on circulating the Beast Blood Diagram. Rich blood qi instantly penetrated his body. He was already very familiar with these operations.

Within his consciousness, the huge Dragon Tortoise appeared in the form of blood-colored mist again. It roared at the culprit who killed it, Jiang Li!

The Dragon Tortoise's aura was extremely strong. After all, its rank was higher than Jiang Li's.

Although Jiang Li was only dealing with the ferocity of the Dragon Tortoise's blood, it was still very easy for him to suffer a loss if he was not careful.

Therefore, compared to usual times, he needed to make more preparations to increase the success rate.

First of all, when faced with the murderer Jiang Li, the blood-colored Dragon Tortoise was naturally inferior.

Furthermore, in the Sea of Consciousness, there was not only one person standing opposite the blood-colored Dragon Tortoise.

Far away on the Fire Mountain of the Shu Mountain Five Elements Peak, the sword cultivator clone seemed to be meditating in his room. However, everything had already stopped.

Apart from Jiang Li's consciousness, a smaller version of the parallel mind with the sword on its back and the smaller version of the ghost who was only half the height of a human stood on both sides of him.

After the parallel mind obtained the partial memories and experiences of the sword cultivator, Tang Yan, he had already grown a lot. He was no longer as small as a palm when he first split up.

When he appeared in Jiang Li's consciousness, he was already not much inferior to his main body. If this parallel was recalled in the future, the comprehension obtained would probably raise his Enlightenment and Mind attributes by a huge number.

And although the ghost was weak, if it had a powerful master behind it, it would immediately commit all sorts of crimes.

This was especially true for the Sea of Consciousness, which was where the ghost was most powerful. Even Jiang Li had nearly fallen for its trick back then, so it was obvious that it had some redeeming qualities.

This Dragon Tortoise was quite pitiful. When it was alive, it met a hooligan.

Even after death, it still had to suffer such an unfair treatment in Jiang Li's consciousness.

The Dragon Tortoise was in a disadvantageous situation of fighting against 2.5 enemies.


The blood-colored Dragon Tortoise roared. It swayed its thick and long snake tail and pounced towards Jiang Li. However, what greeted it was a dazzling sword light.

In the next moment, his world was filled with a miserable cry. The entire Dragon Tortoise was split into two halves by the sword light.

The parallel mind was the first to attack. The flying sword, Burning Rainbow, did not have a sword spirit, so it naturally could not enter the consciousness space to help. The sword of light behind the clone was the materialization of his Sword Heart talent!

Sword cultivators placed great emphasis on the cultivation of their mental state. The Sword Heart that was carried on their backs in the consciousness space was the nemesis of all mental demons and evil thoughts.

If not for the fact that his parallel mind could only use the Sword Heart once a day, this thing would be a divine artifact in his spiritual world.

The blood-colored Dragon Tortoise was not corporeal after all and would not be killed by this strike. However, after the blood-colored fog gathered and recovered, its size was reduced by half.

Apart from the effect of Sword Heart, something seized the opportunity to seize control of a small part of the blood fog.

Behind the blood-colored Dragon Tortoise, another Jiang Li formed from blood-colored fog appeared. This was the ability of the ghost.

After that, all three Jiang Li violently beat up the blood-colored Dragon Tortoise.

In the outside world, an entire six hours passed before Jiang Li finally erased the last bit of blood mist. He opened his eyes in a slightly exhausted manner.

[Beast Blood Diagram has successfully recorded a beast's blood. Added Status: Dragon Tortoise Blood Tattoo.]

[Dragon Tortoise Blood Tattoo: Strength+9, Constitution+10, Speed+7, physique will improve more quickly, cell aging decreased by 80%, production of dragon blood: 0.01 drops per day. Duration: 90 days] (− +)

Had he finally succeeded?

Jiang Li rubbed his brows and looked at the status that had just appeared impatiently.

This Dragon Tortoise was indeed worthy of being a Dragon Tortoise. The blood tattoo condensed by it alone brought about the basic attributes enhancement which was more than twice that of the previous few demon beasts.

In addition to the standard physical enhancement, it also had two additional attributes: "Cell aging decreased by 80%" and "production of dragon blood: 0.01 drops per day."

The former was naturally the characteristics of a ten thousand-year-old tortoise. This effect was actually pointless for these expendable blood tattoos.

Let alone slowing down his cell aging by 80%, so what if it was delayed by 100%? At most, the tattoo would only last a few months. The effect could not even be felt.

However, to Jiang Li, his lifespan seemed to have increased by five times just from calculating with his fingers.

The last condition of producing dragon blood made him even happier.

Initially, Elder He had only wanted to try his luck. He did not expect that he would really succeed!

Fortunately, Jiang Li did not dissect the Dragon Tortoise himself and instead brought it back to the sect.

From the information in the status bar, it could produce 0.01 drops per day for a duration of 90 days. Such a huge Dragon Tortoise could not even provide him a complete drop of dragon blood under normal circumstances.

If he foolishly took out the heart and brought it back, then the effect of "producing dragon blood" would definitely have nothing to do with him.

Although he could only obtain a drop of dragon blood after a hundred days, he still had a long life ahead. As long as he waited, he could accumulate quite an amount over time.