During this period of time, Elder Li knocked down a few books from the bookshelf before finally taking out an exquisite-looking booklet from a certain corner and handing it to Jiang Li.

< Overlord Body Art >

There were only three words on the booklet.

This spell technique sounded very fierce, but Jiang Li did not seem very happy holding it.

Jiang Li knew about this body cultivation method. It was said to be a rather brilliant technique for taking hits.

Although it was called the Overlord Body Art, many people called it the Immovable Overlord Body Art.

Of course, this was not a praise, but mockery.

This Overlord Body Art was like a semi-finished pill formula. While it was powerful, it was also accompanied by huge flaws that were hard to overcome.

When using this Overlord Body, one could neither attack nor move. One would become a sandbag and stand there to be beaten.

Jiang Li was slightly speechless. Did this Elder Li drink too much and take the wrong thing?

However, when Jiang Li looked at Elder Li again, he had already staggered far away.

Helpless, Jiang Li flipped open the booklet and read the detailed introduction of the spell technique.

So this was the Overlord Body Art?

As Jiang Li watched, the originally disdainful expression on his face slowly became serious.

Perhaps it did suit him after all.

This Overlord Body Art was a technique that combined strength and qi to focus on defense.

Through this spell technique, the user could contract their strength and spiritual qi in a certain ratio and circulate them to the surface of the body to form a defensive layer.

The more spiritual qi and strength contracted, the stronger the defense formed on the surface of the body. It was a special method to exchange attack for defense.

Oh right, to body cultivators, spiritual qi was also vital to them. Of course, body cultivation methods still required spiritual qi to cultivate.

Otherwise, if one only relied on body tempering, how could he be called a body cultivator? That was a martial artist from the mortal world, a mortal martial arts technique…

Jiang Li took a look. The effects of this Overlord Body Art should be quite powerful.

The method to combine spiritual qi and physical strength was extremely brilliant. If he defended with his full strength, the intensity of the attack he suffered had to be at least more than twice that of Jiang Li's own before it could break his defense.

In terms of quality, this was already quite good.

However, after executing this spell technique, the characteristics of being unable to move made the value of this Overlord Body Art decrease greatly.

Defending without retaliating meant defeat. Cultivators could not rely on this to exhaust their opponents to death.

Jiang Li flipped through it again and noticed that this technique was divided into four parts. Strength Control, Qi Control, Combination, and Secret Cultivation.

Elder Li's intention was to let Jiang Li focus on the Strength Control chapter.

This Overlord Body Art emphasized on making cultivators contract the power they released and spread it around their bodies on average to deal with external attacks.

When he could control his physical strength to contract and release at will, his current problem would be resolved.

However, as he read on, Jiang Li's gaze was attracted by another description of the Overlord Body Art.

In the 'Secret Cultivation' chapter of the Overlord Body Art, it described that after the Overlord Body Art reached the eighth level, cultivators could store some of the strength and spiritual qi they usually accumulated on the surface of their bodies.

At that time, this Overlord Body Art would show a sudden boost in power. The user could maintain the highest level of Overlord Body defense without reducing their strength, spiritual qi, and speed!

In other words, before the eighth layer of the Overlord Body Art, it was only a technique, but after the eighth layer, it could be considered a status!

It could be said that there were also many flaws, he had to prepare before each use, the duration was short, and the expenditure was huge. It was not worth paying such a price to defend for just a short moment.

But in Jiang Li's case, was this another godly technique?

As Jiang Li became stronger, his physical defense would also become stronger along with his physique.

However, his Armament Hard Skin and Hardened Skin were gradually unable to keep up with his growth.

There was naturally no problem in catching a Qi Refinement realm flying sword.

However, after Jiang Li tried it, he was already unable to completely defend against the Foundation Establishment flying sword of the sword cultivator clone.

This did not match Jiang Li's expectations for his strength.

This way, this Overlord Body Art might become an even stronger substitute.

After returning to the counter and obtaining the jade slip of the Overlord Body Art, Elder Li took his inner sect disciple token and charged some sect contribution points.

Jiang Li had already entered the inner sect for four to five months. Every month, the contribution points distributed by the sect would be directly transferred to his token. Previously, he had participated in a period of demon extermination missions, so the contribution points he obtained was naturally quite a lot.

Jiang Li would occasionally enter the Scripture Storage Pavilion to learn a few spell techniques, but the contribution points distributed every month were simply too much.

This was another huge difference between inner sect disciples and outer sect disciples.

After the protection period, outer sect disciples had to complete a certain number of missions on time to pay the sect contribution points that were deducted every month.

As for inner sect disciples, they did not need to do anything to obtain the resources that outer sect disciples desperately fought for.

Jiang Li sighed for a moment about his old days before leaving the Scripture Storage Pavilion and arriving at the bustling martial arts venue.

He flew into the airship where the Demon Vanquishing Hall was located with the Dragon Imprisoning Lock.

The chains on Jiang Li's body were not obvious because of his clothes, but the shackles on his wrists were not easy to cover up.

"Junior Brother Jiang Li, what are you doing?"

Therefore, those senior brothers and sisters naturally noticed Jiang Li's unusual behavior with a single glance.

The shackles and chain looked familiar.

When they had just entered the sect, the Dragon Imprisoning Lock had once been tied to their ankles, binding them to fight the demon beast to the death.

Of course, they all succeeded in the end and obtained the Beast Blood Diagram's inheritance.

But now that they saw the indestructible chain, they still felt a little fearful.

"Oh, this. I accidentally broke through earlier. My body is a little out of control. I'm using it to temporarily suppress my strength."

When Jiang Li said this, everyone noticed that the aura on his body was obviously much stronger than the day before.

After not seeing him for an entire night, Jiang Li did not even say anything and broke through without any warning.

"Oh, you broke through. That's pretty good. Continue to work hard and build your foundation as soon as possible."

The senior brothers habitually encouraged him. After a moment, they reacted.

"Oh? Wait, when was the last time you broke through?"

"Did you break through in body refinement? Or did you break through in Qi Refinement?"

The senior brothers and sisters suddenly recalled that Jiang Li seemed to be a new disciple who had just entered the sect this year. Moreover, based on the time, they knew that their master had taken in this junior brother, Jiang Li, not long ago.

Previously, he had been at the mid-stage Qi Refinement and Body Refinement realm… but now, no matter how they looked at it, he should be at the late-stage of the Qi Refinement realm.

Their expressions were a little complicated. Wasn't that Qi Tianya who fought with Jiang Li yesterday a top-grade spiritual root disciple who had entered the sect at the same time as Jiang Li?

The other party was clearly only at the mid-stage Qi Refinement realm and was still quite a distance away from breaking through.

What was going on with this junior brother of theirs? His body cultivation was complementing his Qi Refinement? Did the Beast Blood Diagram have such an effect?

In two years, would he reach the Foundation Establishment realm?

They were all silent for a moment. It was not that they suspected Jiang Li, but they were a little conflicted in their hearts.

Jiang Li's rapid growth was after he became Elder He's disciple. The rest of his growth was basically under the watch of the people from the Demon Vanquishing Hall. There was no problem at all. At most, it was Elder He who gave him special treatment. This was understandable.

It was naturally a good thing for this little junior brother to be a genius, but suddenly having a junior who could catch up to them made them carry quite a bit of pressure.

If they were to be surpassed by their junior brother one day, they did not dare to imagine how Elder He would deal with them at that time…

The martial arts competition below continued, but Jiang Li's mind was mostly focused on cultivating the Overlord Body Art.

After asking a few questions from his senior brothers and sisters, he stood at the railing of the flying ship and tried out the Overlord Body Art.

From time to time, a thin layer of spiritual qi would surge on his body. His muscles bulged everywhere, as if a rat was stuffed under his skin. A terrifying physical force swam around his entire body.

In the process of circulating his strength throughout his body, his strength and control also increased bit by bit.

The advantage of the Strength Control chapter was that he did not need the assistance of other tools and would not affect the outside world too much. Whether he was standing, sitting, or lying down, he could cultivate.

Moreover, it was a professional strength control technique after all. This kind of cultivation was even more effective and faster than ramming mountains or rolling eggs.

The ten Qi Refinement realm battle rings on the ground had already ended the session at noon the next day. However, the floating rings in the sky were delayed until night.

On the one hand, the reason was that there was only one arena, and there were more matches in the Foundation Establishment realm martial arts competition. On the other hand, the quality of high-level cultivators was stronger in all aspects. Unless there was a great disparity in strength, it was difficult to quickly determine a winner.

The sect was not in a hurry to begin the second round of the Qi Refinement realm.

It was only after the first round of the Foundation Establishment disciples ended that the second round began on the third day.

There were a total of 272 Qi Refinement realm disciples participating in the martial arts meeting. After the first round, the losers would be eliminated and the winners would be left behind. There were still 136 left.

It was still Battle Arena A, and it still felt as light as the wind and clouds. Jiang Li stood there with chains around his body and shackles on his hands, waiting for his opponent to ascend the stage.

Jiang Li's number was "271", the last number among all the Qi Refinement realm disciples.

According to the rules of the battle, as long as he did not lose, he would continue to fight on this stage.

The competitor on the other side did not make Jiang Li wait long. Not long later, a figure walked onto the ring… and then the second, third, and fourth competitors.

In this instant, four figures in white disciple clothes stood before Jiang Li.

A moment later, the four of them looked up together and saw that they were wearing the same white mask with no facial features. On the mask, the words "sour, sweet, bitter, spicy" were written.

Sour, sweet, bitter, and spicy? This person had quite a personality.

With just a glance, Jiang Li understood what his opponent was good at.

The puppet technique of the Mystic Gate Hall.

Jiang Li had seen this senior brother's battle before. The rune mechanisms hidden in the puppets were impossible to guard against, and the main body was hidden among the puppets.

In any case, his previous enemy had not been able to find his true identity even after exerting all his strength and leaving the arena.

"Demon Vanquishing Hall, Jiang Li."

Jiang Li was the first to cup his hands and announce his name, and then he raised his head to look over as if he wanted to rely on his voice to find the main body that was about to speak.

"Mystic Gate Hall, Ban Chi." x4

However, these words were said by the four masked puppets at the same time.

Obviously, his opponent was similar to Jiang Li in that he had already cultivated the Five Senses Technique to the level of mastering all five senses. By relying on the "tongue", not only could the puppets speak, he could even utilize them to chant spells.

"Senior Brother, has Elder Weng Sanqi been well?"

Ever since he entered the sect, Elder Weng of the Mystic Gate Hall had been taking good care of him. When he met the disciples of the Mystic Gate Hall, he naturally had to ask.

"Hehe, hoho, haha, keke."

"Junior Brother, have you experienced the sourness, sweetness, bitterness, and spiciness of the mortal world~?"

The disciple of the Mystic Gate Hall paid no attention to Jiang Li's greeting. The four masked puppets emitted strange laughs respectively, and then they started to set up formations and play games.

This caused Jiang Li to be rather speechless. Wasn't it just a few puppets? Why did it seem like he was going to be sent to hell?

As such, Jiang Li relaxed the bones in his body and intended to play with the other party.

"Seriously speaking, Senior Brother, letting me know where your true body is is actually for your own good."

"Otherwise, the probability of death this time is 25%."

As the gong sounded, Jiang Li suddenly spoke in a sinister manner. As soon as he finished speaking, his robust figure had already vanished on the spot.


Countless wooden fragments flew everywhere. The masked man standing at the back had already been pierced through by Jiang Li's claws.

"What! How can he be so fast!"

The remaining three masked puppets were stunned by the sudden change in events. They hurriedly turned their heads to look at Jiang Li as if the three masks had terrified expressions under them.

Jiang Li, on the other hand, was calm. He withdrew his right hand from the chest of the puppet, and then his eyes swept over the remaining three masked men, causing Ban Chi's chest to constrict as if a palm would pass through it in the next moment.

"Senior Brother Ban Chi, your probability of death this time is 33%."

Jiang Li casually tossed the ruined puppet to the side, and then his figure vanished once more.

As he watched Jiang Li's figure vanish, the heart of the Mystic Gate Hall disciple seemed to have skipped a beat.

Crack! Crack!

A sharp voice sounded, and Jiang Li appeared behind another puppet. This time, he grabbed the puppet by the neck and directly tore its head off its body. He really did seem to have the potential to become a crazy murderer.

The disciple of the Mystic Gate Hall looked over and saw Jiang Li casually throw away the puppet's head. The sound of the wooden head hitting the ground made him feel dizzy.

If he was unlucky, then wouldn't he be the one whose head was torn off?

His neck felt cold. Ban Chi felt that it was extremely difficult to swallow his saliva. A large amount of cold sweat had already soaked through his clothes.

"Senior Brother, the probability of death is 50% now."

Jiang Li's words sounded faintly again. His 'naive' eyes swept across the remaining two masked puppets, preparing to launch another fatal attack in the next moment.

"Wait a moment! I admit defeat! I admit defeat!"

The disciple of the Mystic Gate Hall could no longer endure this feeling of imminent death. He no longer cared about showing off. He tore off his mask as quickly as possible and hurriedly admitted defeat.

However, in the blink of an eye, Jiang Li's figure had actually vanished once more. This scene caused him to feel as if his soul had left his body.


A hand landed on the disciple's shoulder as his face instantly turned pale.

"Sorry, sorry. I was just joking. Senior Brother, don't mind me."

Jiang Li's words sounded in the other party's ears. If not for his legs already turning soft, he would have jumped more than three meters high on the spot.

After a long time, he finally heard Jiang Li clearly. It turned out that Jiang Li was only joking and did not really want to kill him. However, his pale face still could not recover for a long time.

He wanted to cry but had no tears. If he had known earlier, he would not have acted mysterious. Now, he was frightened badly.

However, this Qi Refinement realm junior brother was also ridiculously powerful, right?

Jiang Li was naturally just scaring the other party earlier. No matter how similar the other party's puppet was, it was impossible for his heart to completely stop beating.

With the Bodhisattva Heart Sutra, such subtle sounds were no different from beating a gong. In fact, he had long identified the other party's actual body and had deliberately frightened him into admitting defeat.

After this battle, this senior brother of the Mystic Gate Hall did not even manage to unleash a single attack. Instead, he lost two puppets. This was indeed quite tragic.