After the third round of the Martial Competition, only 34 Qi Refinement realm disciples remained.

These 34 people could already be considered elites among the young disciples. Basically, everyone had tricks up their sleeves, and not many of them were really weak.

The following competition would only be even more intense, and Jiang Li's next opponent would be that lightning attribute disciple.

Jiang Li glanced at the other party and noticed that he was looking at him as well. A strand of lightning flickered on the other party's palm, and then he made a gesture to Jiang Li as if he was certain that Jiang Li would be defeated.

Lightning was an extreme yang attribute, so it was very effective against evil things in the world.

Not to mention ghosts and zombies, even ordinary ghostwood trees in the natural world would often be killed by lightning due to the characteristics of gathering yin qi.

Jiang Li, who had the Wood-Yin attribute, cultivated the Ghost Wood Art. In the laws of the cultivation world, it was roughly to the extent where he was "twice as weak to lightning".

At that time, Jiang Li still remembered the incident in Cloud Stream City where he was nearly struck to death by the tribulation lightning. He did not know how powerful that person's lightning was.

Jiang Li was slightly concerned about this, but he was not too worried.

If the other party was at the Foundation Establishment realm, Jiang Li might be a little troubled. However, if he was only at the Qi Refinement realm, even if this was a natural enemy, it would be very difficult to pose a substantial threat to him.

After leaving the venue, Elder He held a celebration party in the Demon Vanquishing Hall.

This was because, up until now, regardless of whether it was the Qi Refinement realm or the Foundation Establishment realm, the number of disciples in the Demon Vanquishing Hall was the largest.

Especially in the Qi Refinement realm arena, eight of the 34 people were from the Demon Vanquishing Hall. This number could be said to be outstanding among the halls.

This also allowed Elder He to feel proud in front of the elders in the Long Clear Hall.

However, Elder He also knew that once the next round passed, this number would probably plummet.

After all, the disciples of the Demon Vanquishing Hall were experienced in combat because they carried out missions to subdue demons all year round. They were skilled in using their Dao techniques, so they were slightly stronger than the disciples of the other halls.

They had given their blood and sweat to achieve this. The advantage was that their average strength was higher than the rest.

However, the cultivation world was not a place where hard work could change everything.

Talent, resources, and artifacts were far more important than hard work.

Although it sounded cruel, this was the truth. When the disciples of the Demon Vanquishing Hall faced other ordinary disciples, they naturally held the advantage without any reason.

But as the martial arts competition progressed, the remaining people were all elites, the treasures of the other halls.

In comparison, the resources and treatment that ordinary inner sect disciples of the Demon Vanquishing Hall could receive was definitely inferior to theirs.

Therefore, Elder He did not ask for too much from them. He very happily set the celebration party to today to let everyone enjoy in advance.

He would leave the rest to the geniuses. In any case, the Demon Vanquishing Hall was definitely going to take the first place in the Qi Refinement realm.

Regarding this, Elder He spoke kindly to Jiang Li, saying that if he did not obtain first place, Elder He would personally come and treat his broken leg.

As for why Jiang Li would have a broken leg, Elder He only left a mysterious smile.

The celebratory banquet ended very late and was very fulfilling. When Jiang Li returned to his small courtyard, he was in a drunken state.

It was just that the few of them had relatively faster metabolism. Otherwise, wouldn't this affect the battle the next day?

After Jiang Li skillfully activated the array formation, he pressed the status for five seconds and his drunken state was removed. His slightly dizzy mind instantly became clear.

After entering the chamber, he sat down cross-legged and connected to the parallel mind of the Shu Mountain Five Elements Peak.

Then, pieces of text appeared in his mind without any obstruction.

That was what he had learned from the Shu Mountain Five Elements Peak.

One of them was a wood attribute sword cultivation method that he had spent a lot of effort to obtain from that junior brother of his from the Wood Element Peak.

Jiang Li did not have a Sword Heart, so it was naturally impossible for him to change his cultivation method.

However, the Shu Mountain Five Elements Peak originated from the ancient Shu Mountain Immortal Sect. Some of the individual chapters in their cultivation methods and some of the secret techniques of Shu Mountain were still worth studying for Jiang Li.

However, the Shu Mountain Sword Technique was honest and peaceful. It was very rare to have sacrificial techniques. This made Jiang Li somewhat disappointed.

After handing a few more missions to his parallel mind, Jiang Li had a rare nap.

In his sleep, his consciousness seemed to have turned into a ghost again, floating around the courtyard and playing the treasure hunt game.


The next morning, Jiang Li and his senior brothers arrived at the venue.

He leaped onto the stage skillfully. There were many more ravines on the stage. It seemed that the battle situation these few days was quite intense.

"Demon Vanquishing Hall, Jiang Li. Senior Brother, please enlighten me."

Jiang Li stood on the stage and remained polite.

"Foreign Affairs Hall, my name is Ma Donggui. I don't dare to enlighten you. Senior Brother, I'll apologize to you in advance."

That disciple with the lightning attribute spiritual root had dark and rough skin. When he smiled, he opened his mouth wide, revealing a mouthful of yellow teeth. At a glance, he looked like an honest farmer. However, the lightning flashes in his hands from time to time still showed how extraordinary he was.

"Senior Brother, why do you say that?" Jiang Li gave him face and replied.

"I've seen your battle. Junior Brother Jiang Li, you're indeed very strong. If you didn't encounter me, you would definitely be able to smoothly enter the next round of the martial arts competition."

"That's why I have to apologize to you in advance."

This senior brother might look very honest and spoke politely, but he was really good at posturing.

"I see. Senior Brother doesn't need to worry too much about this. The next round of the Martial Competition is a ranking challenge. If Senior Brother loses today, there's still a chance for the next round."

Jiang Li comforted his opponent like this, indicating that he would definitely lose.

There was no harm in shooting their mouths off. The senior sister of the Rejuvenation Hall who was standing at the side had already heard so much these days that she was already numb to it.

The gong sounded, and the battle officially began!

Five Heart Lightning!

That lightning spiritual root cultivator, Ma Donggui, was really sinister. He had already formed a hand seal at some point in time. With a knock of the gong, he raised his hand and shot a bolt of lightning at Jiang Li.

Clap! Clap! Clap! Clap! Clap!

The Five Heart Lightning was released from his five fingers, and it struck wherever he pointed.

Five bolts of lightning instantly struck where Jiang Li was standing, and it instantly caused a burnt smell to arise. Moreover, the ground on the combat arena that had been reinforced by the talisman formation had been blasted into five pieces.

However, the lightning bolt's target was no longer there.

Ten meters away, Jiang Li stood loosely. He waved at Ma Donggui, gesturing for him to continue.

The speed of lightning was extremely fast. If Jiang Li wanted to dodge when the lightning technique had been activated, it would be extremely difficult.

However, no matter how fast the lightning was, the reaction speed of the person controlling it was limited.

Relying on the power of his lightning-attribute spell techniques, Ma Donggui had always focused on frontal assaults to take down his opponents. His previous opponents were only average in strength, and they were always directly taken away by his lightning techniques.

As a result, this guy's actual combat experience was ridiculously poor. He stood there like a statue while chanting incantations, and the thought of attacking was completely written on his face.

This allowed Jiang Li to predict his movements extremely easily.

Lightning flashed repeatedly on the arena, but Jiang Li's figure was like a phantom as he appeared and disappeared on the arena. He was always able to perfectly dodge his opponent's lightning strikes, and he seemed to be very relaxed.

Jiang Li even flashed to Ma Donggui's side and patted his back, almost scaring him out of his wits. However, for some reason, Jiang Li did not directly knock down his opponent.

Instead, he casually dodged as if he was playing a game.

"Do you only know how to dodge?!"

A few minutes later, Ma Donggui was already covered in cold sweat and gasping for breath, while Jiang Li was still standing perfectly fine. Not even the corner of his clothes had been scratched.

It seemed that the advantage of the lightning attribute spiritual root was that it was fast, but its weakness was also that it was fast. Was he about to collapse after such a short period of time?

Therefore, female cultivators had to be careful. They definitely could not find such a partner.

However, since he said so, Jiang Li did not dodge anymore. This was an opportunity to test how powerful this mutated spiritual root was.

In addition, Jiang Li also had a little thought. Lightning could refine the body. This was practically the consensus of all transmigrators. He also wanted to try it. Would this lightning attribute spell technique have the same effect?

Jiang Li no longer dodged. After circulating the Overlord Body Art, he stood on the spot and waited for the lightning technique to descend.

Clap! Clap! Clap! Clap! Clap!

When the senior brother with the lightning spiritual root saw that Jiang Li had actually stopped, he was immediately overjoyed in his heart. In the next moment, another five bolts of lightning flashed past and directly struck Jiang Li.

White smoke rose in spirals. Five areas of the white disciple uniform on Jiang Li's body were scorched black. It looked like the power was really not small.

It actually hurt quite a bit.

After enduring five bolts of lightning, Jiang Li silently felt the feeling of being electrocuted.

As expected of the lightning technique, its penetrating power was without question. Physical defense was useless against lightning.

After all, whether or not he channeled electricity had nothing to do with his physical toughness.

If he wanted to defend against lightning, he could only use spiritual qi.

On the other hand, Jiang Li's Wood-Yin spiritual qi was countered by his opponent. It required him to expend several times the energy in order to resist and wear down the five bolts of lightning formed by spiritual qi.

This already greatly reduced Jiang Li's defense against lightning.

Coupled with the fact that Jiang Li's Overlord Body Art had yet to mature, the five bolts of lightning that struck Jiang Li were not completely blocked. A portion of them still seeped into Jiang Li's body.

Jiang Li only felt that wherever the electric currents passed, it was numbing. Under the stimulation of the electric currents, his muscles were slightly injured and twitching.

A status called [Mild Lightning] popped up on the interface at the right time. This bit of intense electric current only slowed Jiang Li's body by about three percent.

However, due to his extremely powerful physique, this bit of electric current could not cause him any more injuries, nor could it strengthen him in the slightest.

Could it be that the intensity was not enough?

Jiang Li was unwilling to give up on the effects of lightning. He reduced the power of the Overlord Body Art and allowed more lightning energy to flow into his body. However, other than the slowing effect becoming stronger, there was still no strengthening effect.

Jiang Li frowned and was slightly disappointed by this.

However, it made sense. If it was so easy to train the body with lightning, why did this Ma Donggui not train his own body?

If the user could not use his lightning to train his own body, it was even more impossible for the enemy to do so.

What kind of talent would invent a spell that could make the enemy stronger?

After that, Jiang Li didn't want to continue wasting time with him, and he casually formed a seal before activating the arrangement he set up earlier.

Accompanied by a loud explosion, a flame suddenly swelled from behind the lightning spiritual root disciple, Ma Donggui, and he was ruthlessly sent flying.

The sudden explosion caused him to be utterly unprepared, and he flew to a place not far from Jiang Li. The clothes on his back was completely burnt, and he lay on the ground unable to stand up again.

It turned out that when Jiang Li approached the other party earlier, he had patted the other party on the back and placed a talisman on Ma Donggui's back.

Jiang Li had always been a cautious person. He would basically not do anything that he was not confident in.

After all, his spiritual root attribute was countered by lightning. Even if he wanted to use his body to test the lightning, in the event he was unlucky and lost, Elder He would not let him off.

Therefore, to be safe, Jiang Li pasted a talisman paper on the back of the other party.

That way, even if he was controlled by the lightning technique, he could directly detonate the talisman to win the battle.

Earlier, there were many disciples in the surroundings who had seen Jiang Li's little actions behind the other party. However, Ma Donggui clearly did not notice the changes in the audience's gaze. Perhaps when he woke up, he would not know how he had lost.