"I see."

Indeed, Shen Ruoshi had not used the Earth Dust Scripture against a mortal.

In the past, the opponents she faced were either demon beasts or cultivators. Which one of them did not carry spiritual qi? She did not expect that someone would use this trait to avoid being affected.

However, after hearing this, she gradually calmed down.

Just now, she was only a little nervous because of the Earth Dust Scripture's failure.

In her heart, the Earth Dust Scripture was simply a supreme holy scripture, so when she discovered that it was not so absolutely powerful, she lost her composure.

However, even though she was unable to take down Jiang Li until now, this junior brother of hers was unable to do anything to her.

Before her spiritual qi was exhausted, it was not time to admit defeat.

"Junior Brother Jiang Li, thank you for answering my questions. However, I'll still do my best from now on."

Shen Ruoshi adjusted her mood as her expression became serious. If someone familiar with her saw this, they would be shocked.

Shen Ruoshi, who was always smiling, had actually shown such an expression.

She formed hand seals and released the spiritual qi that even Jiang Li could clearly sense from her body. Clearly, she was preparing a powerful spell technique.

Jiang Li immediately rushed forward and threw a punch.

There was no surprise, it was still dust that scattered.

However, what surprised Jiang Li was that he was actually unable to interrupt his opponent's casting. What was up with this Earth Dust Scripture's escape technique? Was it really invincible?

If not for the fact that Jiang Li did not have an earth attribute spiritual root and could not cultivate the Earth Dust Scripture, he would have turned around and entered the Heaven and Earth Hall.

If he could use such a strange escape technique and coupled with his perpetual motion machine characteristics, he could at least wander around the Great Mountain Region safely.

Unfortunately, this was fate…

Jiang Li, who possessed the Beast Blood Diagram, was still jealous of other people's cultivation methods and secret techniques.

He shattered the other party's body a few more times, but it still did not have any effect.

The floating dust cloud also slowly changed.

Dust gathered together and formed small pieces.

Soon, a dirt ball formed in the dust. As it continued to gather, the dirt ball grew larger and larger. Finally, the five balls of dust formed five long earthen yellow spikes in the air that looked like they were made of rocks.

Looking at this situation, Jiang Li roughly understood the other party's thoughts.

Since she did not have enough mental power to control the dust in a large area, she would gather them together. She would move them in the same direction and control them like a piece of artifact.

From countless free particles to five complete earth spikes, wouldn't the difficulty of controlling them drop drastically?

"Senior Sister, no need to hold back. I'll also use my full strength."

Jiang Li's expression became very serious as he looked at the five floating earth spikes.

The thick and heavy spiritual qi emanating from them was really frightening.

The turbid air heavy earth refined by the Earth Dust Scripture was absolutely not ordinary.

A single dust particle was weak and powerless, and it could not even injure a mortal or even tear a piece of paper.

However, countless specks of dust gathered together, and countless tiny forces pushed in the same direction. The power produced would definitely be terrifying to the point of being unable to resist.

A clay ball the size of a marble could easily pierce through ten mortal heavy armor, and these five earth spikes were all as thick as a wrist and 30 centimeters long.

This was the Heaven and Earth Hall's cultivator, Shen Ruoshi. She had cultivated the Earth Dust Scripture for more than ten years to accumulate the turbid air heavy earth. Once she unleashed it, the power would definitely be extraordinary.

Whoosh! Boom!

Jiang Li's figure instantly appeared tens of meters away.

On his face, there was a bloody scratch. Something brushed past the skin as wide as a finger's length and half a centimeter of flesh below the skin.

Jiang Li's tough skin was actually unable to resist this kind of attack at all. This made Jiang Li, who always used defense to bully others, feel extremely uncomfortable.

He looked at the spot where he had originally stood. After the dust settled, a hole the thickness of a wrist appeared there. With Jiang Li's hearing, he could even hear the sound of wind coming from the hole.

His heart beat wildly a few times. The power of that earth spike just now actually directly pierced through the platform!

What an exaggerated attack!

Jiang Li thought to himself that it was a close call. Fortunately, he was not careless and dodged in time. Otherwise, he would have fallen to the ground and lost after the previous strike.

But it was not yet time to be relieved. The remaining four spikes turned and pointed at him.

Swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh!

Jiang Li tapped the ground with his foot, and his figure instantly vanished on the spot. With a speed that he could currently control, he moved at an irregularly high speed on the combat arena.

No matter how strong the attack was, as long as it did not hit someone, it was useless.


He shattered his opponent's body with another punch.

However, Jiang Li noticed that the dust that erupted from the other party's body was far less delicate than before. The earth attribute spiritual qi contained in it was also far weaker than before.

Clearly, according to the degree of refinement and nurturing, the turbid air heavy earth was also divided into grades.

The most powerful core portion had already been drawn out to form the five earth spikes.

Whoosh! Boom!

As soon as Jiang Li swung his fist, another earth spike suddenly shot down.

Sparks flew as hole was formed in the specially reinforced Foundation Establishment stage after the earth spike penetrated it.

The earth spike brushed past Jiang Li's waist, colliding with the Dragon Imprisoning Lock around his waist.

With just this collision, Jiang Li's waist seemed to have suffered a heavy blow. He suddenly felt a pain and was sent flying over a hundred meters away, almost falling off the stage!

Jiang Li rolled over and stood up. He did not dare to stay any longer and quickly left the spot, continuing to run at high speed. Even with Jiang Li's terrifying speed, as long as he paused for a moment, he would be caught and attacked.

This time, he did not dare to be careless. His body moved like a bolt of lightning, and his actual body could not be seen.

Not far away, Shen Ruoshi appeared again. However, she looked exhausted, it was obvious that the two spikes were a huge drain on her.

Moreover, the two earth spikes that had already shot out did not appear again.

It seemed that it was a one-time use attack that could instantly erupt the spiritual qi accumulated in the dust. Although it was powerful, she would lose a large amount of turbid air heavy earth. Even if she won in the end, she would suffer a heavy loss and her combat strength would be greatly reduced.

Moreover, judging from her current state, even if she was given more turbid air heavy earth, Shen Ruoshi would not have enough spiritual qi to condense more earth spikes.


As he ran, the Dragon Imprisoning Lock on Jiang Li's waist flew out and swept towards the three earth spikes in the sky, attempting to destroy the dangerous spikes directly.


Before the Dragon Imprisoning Lock could touch them, an earth spike was forced to change targets and strike the Dragon Imprisoning Lock. The thick, pitch-black chain was struck so hard that it fell to the ground.

With the toughness of the Dragon Imprisoning Lock, it was naturally not damaged. However, its body was already covered in dust that had yet to be cleaned. When it smashed onto the ground, the surrounding inferior-grade dust swarmed over, wrapping the Dragon Imprisoning Lock tightly.

As a result, it could not break free in a short period of time.

Jiang Li was slightly helpless. His Dragon Imprisoning Lock had actually only taken down one of the other party's earth spikes. This was truly a little too disappointing.

However, there were still two earth spikes left. As long as he dealt with them, Jiang Li would definitely win this battle!

While Jiang Li was running, he looked at Shen Ruoshi who was still standing in the middle of the ring.

The other party's face had long lost its calm. Her face was pale as paper and sweat poured down like rain. From the looks of it, she was definitely an arrow at the end of its flight.

She was unlike Jiang Li, who had a large amount of spiritual qi flowing out from his body at all times, allowing him to maintain his peak condition.

Shen Ruoshi had already used the Earth Dust Scripture twice in a row on a large scale. She was also affected by Jiang Li and had exhausted a lot of her spiritual qi.

Even a Foundation Establishment cultivator could not withstand such a battle of attrition.

These five earth spikes were her last bit of stubbornness. If she could not hit Jiang Li, then her remaining spiritual qi would not even be able to maintain the Earth Dust escape technique.

Thus, all of her hopes for victory rested on these last two earth spikes.

However, Jiang Li still had other methods.

As he ran, he muttered incantations while his hands formed a few simple wood attribute seals.

In the Scripture Storage Valley, it was not a profound spell technique. However, after combining it with one of the wood attribute secret techniques of the Shu Mountain Five Elements Peak, it could become extremely powerful, turning something useless into something magical.

He ran around Shen Ruoshi at high speed. When the other party could not grasp his movements, he released a large amount of wood-attribute spiritual qi to the outside world.

On the entire stage, there was something stirring.

In the Long Clear Hall, Daoist Wushe shook his head and said with a smile, "Little Ruoshi is going to lose."

Even he had not expected this to happen.

Most of the surrounding elders did not know why the Valley Master said this. Clearly, there were still two earth spikes left, and it was hard to say who would win. How did he come to such a conclusion?

Only the few Head Elders standing beside the Valley Master nodded. Clearly, they also saw some subtle things.

At that moment, there was a flash of vitality under Shen Ruoshi's feet. Something moved under her feet and raised it up.

Shen Ruoshi was shocked. She thought that she had fallen into a trap and wanted to escape.

However, what surprised her even more was that the Earth Dust escape technique, which had always been successful, actually failed at this moment!

How was this possible!

No! It was the layer of azure light beneath her feet that blocked the escape technique!

She started to panic, then calmed herself.

Shen Ruoshi wanted to run to the side immediately, thinking of leaving the area covered by the wood attribute spiritual qi.

Speaking of which, this was the first time she had moved on her feet since participating in the sect martial arts competition.

However, after running a few steps, she discovered that the entire arena had unknowingly been covered by a layer of azure light.

She actually had no place to stand!

When the green light dissipated, Shen Ruoshi finally saw what the soft thing all over the stage was.

This was… moss?

This thing that suddenly grew out and covered the entire arena was moss.

It was the moss that Jiang Li had created with his wood-attribute spell technique.

Previously, when the battle had just begun, the turbid air heavy earth was still in the dust form, and the entire arena was floating.

Jiang Li rampaged in the dust clouds. Apart from consuming the other party's spiritual qi, it was not as if he did not do anything.

Quietly, he scattered a large number of plant spores and seeds on the ground. Most of them were this type of "desolation moss".

It was said that this tenacious plant could even cover the area of the desert. Under the nourishment of Jiang Li's spell technique and the rapid provision of spiritual qi, it covered the entire arena.

Jiang Li did not know the profundity of his opponent's escape technique, but the five elements of metal, wood, water, fire, and earth complemented and countered each other.

Jiang Li also knew a little common sense. When executing the Five Elements escape technique, one had to rely on the power of the five elements. Generally speaking, Earth Escape had to come into contact with earth and water.

Wood attribute spell techniques happened to be something that countered earth attribute spell techniques.

Ordinary moss naturally could not isolate escape techniques.

However, when the moss on the ground was filled with Jiang Li's wood attribute spiritual qi, even Foundation Establishment cultivators would encounter considerable obstruction if they wanted to escape through the ground.

Perhaps it would only take a few seconds for the other party to tear apart the moss and escape again. However, with Jiang Li's speed, one second was enough to do many things.

He crossed dozens of meters and appeared in front of Shen Ruoshi in an instant. He held a spell in his hand and wanted to restrain the other party.


The talisman landed on Shen Ruoshi's shoulder. A large amount of ink climbed out of the talisman and spread all over her body. It was going to bind her completely.

This was the Spirit Locking Talisman that Jiang Li had spent a lot of spirit stones to purchase. Once it was pasted on, even Foundation Establishment cultivators would not be able to easily break free.

Although Jiang Li had an even more useful Dragon Imprisoning Lock on him, it was his main combat artifact and had to be used at all times. Naturally, he could not use it to tie people or demonic beasts for a long time.

Therefore, he bought this talisman paper to replace the Dragon Imprisoning Lock to restrain the opponent.

In the sect martial arts competition, it was not a life and death battle after all.

If he were to punch his senior sister, it was clearly not appropriate to hit her in the face or chest.

She was also the disciple of the Valley Master. He was afraid that if he went overboard, he would be asked to be responsible for his senior sister forever. Then, what about his freedom?

Thus, Jiang Li simply used the talisman paper to end this battle.

However, right at this moment, an earthen yellow stream of light instantly arrived.

The light flashed past his eyes and went through Shen Ruoshi's shoulder, tearing the talisman.

Subsequently, the aftershock did not stop at all. Jiang Li felt a chill on his left thigh and was directly pierced by the earth spike.

Immediately after, it pierced through the ring behind him. Only then did the earth spike exhaust all its strength. As it fell, it scattered into dust.

Shen Ruoshi's shoulder was badly injured. She fell forward and hit Jiang Li. The two of them slid back far away. A long line of blood was drawn on the ground.

Jiang Li's thigh was numb at first. After the numbness slowly dissipated, it became the terrifying pain of having his flesh cut out from his leg.

He gritted his teeth and controlled himself. Only then did he not spit out curses like "damn" out loud.

Shen Ruoshi, who was pressing against Jiang Li, was also trembling because of the pain. Warm blood flowed out of the wound on her shoulder and drenched Jiang Li's clothes.

Jiang Li smiled bitterly in his heart.

He had been careless. He had not expected his senior sister to be so ruthless.

Jiang Li did not attack in a random direction. At that time, he, Shen Ruoshi, and the two earth spikes overlapped.

Shen Ruoshi was in the middle so she blocked Jiang Li's from the earth spike's direction of attack. Only then did he dare to rush up and subdue the other party.

However, no one had imagined that an internal sect battle would actually result in such an attack that would cause mutual injuries to the user and target. It had truly exceeded Jiang Li's expectations, and this caused him to suffer this ruthless strike without much preparation.

At this moment, Shen Ruoshi, who was lying on Jiang Li's body, moved. She forced herself not to faint from the pain and supported herself with her other hand as she spoke with trembling lips.

"Your leg is injured. You can't run… I still have an earth spike left. Junior Brother… admit defeat."

Shen Ruoshi had to pause for a moment before she could finish her sentence.

The last earth spike had already floated above their heads. With a thought, she could instantly activate it.

Jiang Li really wanted to tell her that he could tear her apart more than ten times while she was talking to a body cultivator at such a close distance.

However, Jiang Li still did not do that. He only raised his finger and pointed at the floating earth spike, shattering his opponent's last hope.

"No, Senior Sister, you've already lost."

As soon as he finished speaking, the last earth spike suddenly shook and large cracks quickly appeared on it.

Soon, a few fresh green buds grew out of the crack. The green buds grew rapidly in the blink of an eye, directly bursting the earth spike from the inside.

Seeing this, Shen Ruoshi could not take it anymore. She fainted on top of Jiang Li's body due to her injuries and exhaustion.

That was why the Valley Master and the elders felt that Shen Ruoshi had lost.

From the beginning, Jiang Li had scattered large amounts of fine seeds in the dust.

When Shen Ruoshi condensed the earth spikes, Jiang Li controlled the seeds and sent them inside as well.

At the beginning, the density of the earth spike was too high. Even with Jiang Li's wood attribute spiritual qi, most seeds would be unable to grow.

Except that Jiang Li had discovered a kind of vine plant.

This colorful flower vine was also called the earth dragon tendon. It was a terrifying plant that could grow wantonly underground.

The root system covered an area of a hundred meters underground.

Even the rocks could be cracked by the force of its sprouting. Even the mountain could be completely occupied from the outside to the inside.

Jiang Li used it to destroy the earth spike.

After that, Jiang Li pushed Shen Ruoshi away and stood up to declare his victory.

However, the wound on his thigh was too big. There was a visible hole that got pierced. In the shadow behind him, there was even a spot of light where one could see a trickle of blood flowing out.

Even his thigh bone was grazed by the earth spike. A large number of cracks appeared, and it was almost broken into two.

With such severe injuries, Jiang Li was in so much pain that he nearly lost his footing.

It would take an hour to grow the missing piece of flesh.

Finally, after the outcome was determined, the few female cultivators from the Rejuvenation Hall who had been waiting for a long time hurriedly flew into the ring. Before they arrived, they had already struck the two of them with several spell techniques.

[Treated with the Hemostasis Spell. Added Status: Hemostasis.]

[Treated with the Bone Repair Spell. Added Status: Bone Repair]

[Treated with the Muscle Recovery Spell. Added Status: Muscle Recovery]